Charlie Sheen is not the victim here!

Some people are speaking out about “poor Charlie Sheen” and how he is the victim here, letting all those people take advantage of him just because he is rich.

I’m just dumbfounded that he’s the one being made out to be the victim when in fact he did so much to harm others and doesn’t want to own up and take any responsibility for it.

As a direct result of his bullshit, look at what his ex-girlfriend Bree Olson has to go through.

charlie seen lied

I’m sorry but that kind of shit is not okay.

She didn’t try and blackmail him. She didn’t even know he was HIV positive.

This kind of harassment is not okay and it pisses me off that the person directly responsible for it, won’t own up to it.

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi are Engaged

According to TMZ, Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has asked former Twistys contract girl Brett Rossi to marry him.

Three-time divorcee Charlie Sheen is hopping back on the marriage wagon … this time to former adult star Brett Rossi.

Charlie Sheen Brett Rossi Engaged

Sheen proposed Saturday morning after he flew Rossi to Hawaii on a private jet — then bragged about the proposal to a local photog who snapped some pics.

Sources close to Sheen confirmed the engagement is for real … but so far, no additional details.

Sheen was first married in ’95 to model Donna Peele but the couple split up a year later. In 2002, Sheen tied the knot with Denise Richards … but she surprisingly filed for divorce two years later while six months pregnant with their second kid.

Brooke Mueller got the lucky title of wife #3 in 2008 … but they were divorced in 2011 after a tumultuous relationship — including an incident where she accused Sheen of holding a knife to her throat on Christmas morning.

For what it’s worth … sources close to Sheen tell us they’re confident this relationship is different than the others — and he’s taking things incredibly serious this time.

Hopefully Rossi doesn’t get Kelly Preston’ed. (OR EVEN WORSE – END UP LIKE CHLOE JONES)

Source: TMZ

Kacey Jordan is back

Who remembers the porn star Charlie Sheen famous paid $30,000 for her personal attention? Well if you don’t her name is Kacey Jordan and apparently she is back and booking scenes through LA Direct Models. You can also follow her on twitter @misscnicole

Kacey Jordan – The very popular Kacey Jordan is back, and ready to shoot in LA full time. Kacey, who was thrust into the spotlight as a result of her tryst with actor Charlie Sheen, is looking as cute as ever.  The controversial performer will surely add an interesting element to any production. 

kacey jordan is back



What’s Kacey Jordan been up to lately?

You remember the porn star / hooker Kacey Jordan that Charlie Sheen paid $30,000 to? This is just before the big break down that we all heard about.

She’s still on twitter, only now tweets as @misscnicole. She is no longer in porn and now basically just escorts full time. She’s recently dyed her hair black (she was a blonde). She posted a video on YouTube talking about her attempts to clean up and her ex-boyfriend and her very public suicide attempt.

She looks clean and pretty good. She appears clean and sober but does address the ever present problem in her video, admitting that problem will always be there in her life.

She talks a lot about this ex-boyfriend of hers in Houston that she was hung up on and how fucked up she got over him and how her life is doing overall.

So how is she doing? Short answer is, she’s sober, she’s brunette and still a full time escort.

Capri Anderson signs with 101 Modeling

101 modeling announced today that they have added super star performer, Capri Anderson to their roster.

Capri Andrew needs no introduction, but in case you forgot she was the porn star locked in the bathroom in the New York City’s Plaza Hotel when Charlie Sheen lost it.  The media said he went on a drunken rampage and would be hospitalized for observation.  She filed a police report against Charlie sheen who turned violent against her.  He started throwing things, threatened to kill her and called her a whore.

Charlie Sheen later sued her for extortion.  The suit claims that actress Capri Anderson asked for $1 million to keep her story out of the press. It also claims Anderson stole a $165,000 watch from Sheen’s hotel room.

Capri Anderson stuck by her guns and wouldn’t back down.  Later TMZ would reveal that she was right all along, Charlie Sheen did in fact offer her a large sum of cash to “make it right”.

Capri Anderson:  “u trashed my brand new prada purse dude not cool – how u managed to rip the strap off and put 2 holes in it is beyond me.”

Charlie Sheen:  “All I need is an Acct number etc and I will wire u 20k if u think that will cover everything … I really feel bad, u are as cool and sexy and as sweet and fun and friendly as they get!”

Charlie Sheen:  “Don’t worry about our mutual friends, deal with me directly and I promise u kind lady, all will be restored and set straight.”

Capri Anderson:  “Yes u can call me.  I don’t have a bank account believe it or not.”

Charlie Sheen:  “Oh, well in that case, lemme put together a plan to get u square and flush. Can u tok (sic) for a sec now sweetie?”

Charlie Sheen:  “Good news!  My asst Rick is good friends with a cat named Mark (last name redacted) in NY, he will get the wire, cash that bitch, and deliver it to u where ever it’s convenient … I’ll get the ball Rollin in am, and have data for u asap after that…☺”

At the time all of this took place Capri Anderson wasn’t really all that well known but as you can imagine, soon after her career took off and she was signed to an exclusive contract as a Vivid girl.  However she is now a free agent.  With her natural beauty, awesome body and star studded reputation, Capri Anderson is a great choice for any project.

Those interested in booking Capri Anderson for work can click here to visit her 101 modeling profile page.


Charlie Sheen has a new Porn Star

What’s a lesbian porn star to do who loves to travel and drink a lot?  Date Charlie Sheen of course.  No no he’s not back to Bree Olson or Capri Anderson, or porn star turned full time call girl Kacey Jordan.  Gossip guru Perez Hilton is reporting that Charlie Sheen and Georgia Jones have been mighty close lately in Cabo where he is also opening up a bar.  [source]


Georgia Jones

You can follow Georgia Jones on twitter @xoGeorgiaJones

Charlie Sheen’s New Porn Star GF Tugs On His Tijuana Tickler In Mexico! The warlock is keeping busy!

While simultaneously opening a bar in Cabo and yelling hateful slurs at his fans and customers, Charlie Sheen also managed to squeeze his penis time into his super busy porn star girlfriend’s vagina schedule to cuddle up with his new lover!

Charlie and adult film star Georgia Jones were the sexiest new couple in Cabo San Lucas over the holiday weekend, and they certainly weren’t shy about canoodling for the cameras!

And why should they blush in front of the paparazzi? One is paid to be wild and raunchy for the cameras and the other just does it for fun!

We admit, Charlie and this young lady are a genuinely adorbs couple…

But so were he and Brooke Mueller, Denise Richards, Capri Anderson, and Kelly Preston!!

This Anger Management star has an abhorrent history of alleged violence against women; we sincerely hope Mrz. Jones knows what she’s doing.

Winning! Charlie Sheen Porn Party This Friday

(Hollywood, CA) ‘Winning’ will fill the air as X-Play, OC Modeling, King Ryan, and PornStar Tweet team up to throw a deliciously dirty Charlie Sheen XXX Porn Party this Friday, March 25th at R-Lounge in Studio City, California.  The entire adult movie industry is invited to attend and because everybody will be drinking tiger blood or banging 7 gram rocks, the night is sure to bring plenty of excitement as X-Play and director Will Ryder celebrate the runaway success of their latest blockbuster DVD Not Charlie Sheem’s House of Whores XXX.


Starting at 10PM the bash will be everything Charlie Sheen and sexy women are encouraged to strut their stuff on the plush red carpet and win all night long as hundreds of porn stars, directors, producers, wannabees and others in the porn movie industry will party until 2AM.


“This is going to be a really fun Friday night and we’re expecting an amazing crowd of beautiful women showing up and taking over the entire upstairs area including the big outdoor patio,” stated Hollywood porn event promoter King Ryan.


Given Charlie Sheen is enamored with WINNING on Twitter — it only makes sense for to be co-hosting this event; the leader in all things Adult Entertainment on Social Media.  PornStarTweet recently listed Charlie Sheen as a Honorary Porn Star on their list of more than 1000 Porn Stars on Twitter.


“Charlie has been great for the adult business”, said Pete Housley CEO of PornStarTweet.  “We consider him an honorary porn star only because although he’s yet to appear on film he’s shared his “Tiger Blood” with so many porn stars; he should be getting paid.   Charlie has been awesome to watch on Twitter where he’s just reached over 3 million followers — now that is WINNING!”


OC Modeling is one of the main sponsors of the party and will be bringing a large group of their beautiful actresses and models to R-Lounge.


“We’ve been forced to expand the size of this party because we are inviting all of the girls that have had any type of sexual contact with Charlie Sheen,” Will Ryder joked.


“Because there are so many that fit this category if needed, we will knock down a wall or two to accommodate the overflow plus Phil Mack is coming and he always brings dozens of hot girls.”


Actually, Charlie Sheen has been a nice sales boost to the porn industry this past month with his national media circus that has helped push sales of porn movies featuring his girls, whores and goddesses.  Bree Olson and Kacey Jordan have both been invited to co-host this bash at R-Lounge as they have really helped sales of not only Not Charlie Sheem’s House of Whores XXX but also Not the Bionic Woman & the Six Million Dollar Man XXX due to their relationships with Charlie Sheen.  There is no word yet if either lady has accepted the invitation.


Some of the other girls that star in the movies have already confirmed that they will be attending plus over 100 porn girls are expected.


It is important to know that this party is a sexual parody bash poking fun at Charlie Sheen and the actual girls he has banged or has yearned to be with.  CBS Television, Warner Brothers Television, Two and a Half Men, Chuck Lorre and/or Charlie Sheen in no way authorize, endorse or sponsors this party but they are all invited to come and drink some tiger blood. 7 gram rocks will not be allowed inside the club but Kid Rock will.


Jada Stevens and Dani Daniels of OC Modeling will be the sacrificial party hostesses as appointed by Phil Mack.  Join X-Play, OC Modeling, King Ryan, and PornStar Tweet for the best night of the year.


Love him or hate him the Charlie Sheen Winning Porn Party will take place this Friday, March 25th 10PM at R-Lounge 11608 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, California 91604.  Valet and some street parking available.


RSVP with King Ryan at

Charlie Sheen and his 2 1/2 porn stars

It seems Charlie Sheen has himself 2 1/2 porn stars and this time they aren’t the ones having sex with him.  Recently Charlie Sheen began a search for a paid internship through none other than  He sent out a single tweet looking for applicants and it is said some 74,000 people applied.  From there they narrowed it down to those they were actually interested in and asked for more information – this would be round 2 and included some very basic questions like education and previous job history.  This round ends on Wednesday, March 16th at midnight.

While TMZ may have already reported that Isis Taylor has advanced to round 2 of the Charlie Sheen Internship search, what they didn’t report is that she isn’t the only porno in the running.  Turns out popular stunt cock James Deen also made it to round 2 as well as Kelli from Klub Kelli.  The one thing all three seem to have in common is their background in pornography.

From TMZ : Charlie Sheen narrowed his Tiger Blood Intern search down to the second round today … and one of the lucky applicants moving on is — SHOCKER — porn star Isis Taylor. Isis was among the 74,000 people who applied last week for the job with team Sheen … and today she tweeted that she got an email informing her she’s moving on to the next round. We know what you’re thinking — and you’re probably 100% right — but Isis tells TMZ she’s actually qualified for the gig. Isis says her application included this powerful promise … “I’ll do your social media right.” Isis says she also added something about prior relations with “goddess” Bree Olsen … just for good measure.