Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi are Engaged

According to TMZ, Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has asked former Twistys contract girl Brett Rossi to marry him.

Three-time divorcee Charlie Sheen is hopping back on the marriage wagon … this time to former adult star Brett Rossi.

Charlie Sheen Brett Rossi Engaged

Sheen proposed Saturday morning after he flew Rossi to Hawaii on a private jet — then bragged about the proposal to a local photog who snapped some pics.

Sources close to Sheen confirmed the engagement is for real … but so far, no additional details.

Sheen was first married in ’95 to model Donna Peele but the couple split up a year later. In 2002, Sheen tied the knot with Denise Richards … but she surprisingly filed for divorce two years later while six months pregnant with their second kid.

Brooke Mueller got the lucky title of wife #3 in 2008 … but they were divorced in 2011 after a tumultuous relationship — including an incident where she accused Sheen of holding a knife to her throat on Christmas morning.

For what it’s worth … sources close to Sheen tell us they’re confident this relationship is different than the others — and he’s taking things incredibly serious this time.

Hopefully Rossi doesn’t get Kelly Preston’ed. (OR EVEN WORSE – END UP LIKE CHLOE JONES)

Source: TMZ

Did Charlie Sheen Kill a Porn Star?

According to a story posted on Adult FYI, actor Charlie Sheen may very well had a hand in the death of porn star Chloe Jones.

What amazes me so much about this new Charlie Sheen story with his newest wife is that it happens so much.  What the fuck is wrong with woman?  Why the fuck are they so stupid to think it won’t happen to them.  I’m going to share a little secret with all of you chicks out there.


If a man cheats on his wife with you, he will fucking cheat on you.  If a man beat his last wife up, eventually he will beat you up too.  Trust me.  Men don’t change.  We are what we are and no matter how much we say we are going to change, we don’t.  Stop being fucking stupid victims.  Fucking pisses me off how stupid some woman are.

Eva Angelina left her husband Danny Mountain, after he beat her up.  Good girl.  However recently the rumor is he was dating someone new in the industry.  Really??  I don’t know who she is but does that dumb bitch really think he is somehow magically going to change?  That he’s not going to get drunk one day and beat the fuck out of you too?

As far as Charlie Sheen goes, he beat the fuck out of his last wife, why would you be surprised that he beat this one up too?  Men don’t change.  If he cheated on his last wife or girlfriend, he will cheat on you too.   Why is this such a fucking confusing concept with so many woman?

Story from Adult FYI – Former New Sensations contract girl Chloe Jones died in 2005 supposedly of liver failure caused by years of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. There was always a suspicion that wasn’t the case and that she had been a victim of foul play. Match this with a NY Daily News reported [veiled] death threat aimed at former spouse Denise Richards and then Sheen allegedly telling current wife Brooke Mueller he knows people who could make her disappear. What do you think?

from the NY Daily News, April 25, 2006- Denise Richards fears her estranged husband, Charlie Sheen, may have had a hand in the death of a porn star and alleged hooker [Chloe Jones] who ratted him out to a tabloid last year, court papers reveal.

In a bombshell sworn declaration, ex-Bond Girl Richards says she flat-out asked Sheen, 40, if he had anything to do with sex star Chloe Jones’ death — and he didn’t deny it.

“He said that he had ‘no comment,'” Richards states in her papers. “This scared me. [Sheen] threatened me again ‘that if I do not agree with his request for joint custody, that I would never make it to court.'”

In March 2005, the 32-DD Jones, 29, sold a story to The National Enquirer, claiming Sheen paid her $15,000 for sex. Shortly after the story hit, Richards, 35, who was pregnant with the couple’s second child at the time, filed for divorce.

On June 4, 2005, Jones was found dead in her bed in Houston home. The Daily News has learned the Harris County, Tex., coroner later ruled the death an “accidental” overdose of prescription drugs.

Jones’ best friend, Karen Struble, says the drugs were prescribed to treat Jones’ epilepsy. “There was no foul play,” Struble tells The News’ Michelle Caruso. “Charlie had nothing to do with it.”

Struble added that Jones hadn’t had any sexual contact with Sheen since the late 1990s. Richards said in court papers she went for an HIV test after hearing of Sheen’s relations with a prostitute.

The “Wild Things” actress also claims Sheen frightened her with grisly photos of O.J. Simpson’s slain wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. Richards also provided the court with transcripts of six F-word-laced phone messages from Sheen in which he referred to her as a “pregnant c—.”

Sheen, who has been ordered to stay at least 300 feet away from Richards and their daughters, has denied all the actress’ allegations, calling them a “smear campaign.” Beyond that, Sheen’s rep said they wouldn’t address these allegations specifically.