Tori Black Announces Pregnancy

Tori Black recently announced some big and very personal news.  She’s  now about 4 months pregnant with her second child.   I hope that you all join me in wishing her a huge congrats.


Hey guys, so if you missed my live show on, I’m pregnant with baby number 2!!! I’m 4 months along, yes I’ve known for a while but I was waiting for the right time to tell you all.

We’re very excited, blessed, ecstatic, nervous, all of the above! But more than anything we are appreciative that we’ve been given another beautiful and healthy baby.

We’re a little nervous about them being so close together but as they get older it will get easier. Hopefully they will be BFFs!

Much love to you all, thanks for all of your support.

And I will continue to do live shows, however the will most likely just be chat shows!


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