Nica Noelle trashes the adult industry and more!

On September 8, 2015 Nica Noelle did a podcast with Dragon’s Lair with Colleen’s Dragon.

Dragon’s Lair with Nica Noelle 8 Sept 2015

In the many years I’ve been in this industry I don’t think I’ve seen a single person who is actively working in porn go out of their way to so openly trash every single aspect of it and be just such a negative person in a single interview.

I couldn’t help but wonder just how fucking sad this person’s life must be that they could drone on and on, subject after subject with such negativity. It really didn’t matter what the fuck this chick talked about, it was negative.

When asked about LA Nica Nolle had this to say … “same weather all the time”, “same scenery all the time”, and “all the shoot houses are shot out”. Of course those are just some of the highlights of the negativity towards LA.

Next she made mention about the people who are in adult movies, you know the porn stars who make her living of making movies fucking possible. This chick had this to say “the performers are uneducated”.

What about the industry as a whole “we aren’t responsible in the adult industry”.

She also hates on the entire female gender and the political movement on feminism. She goes on about how women shouldn’t complain about being held back because they are women, that it wasn’t really the reason they were being held back.

Clearly the whole gender equality thing at work was just fucking pretend. I mean forget the fact that it’s proven that women make $.76 per hour for every $1 per hour a man makes for the very same job. But hey, fuck women and their demands to be treated equal, right?

She actually said, “we don’t really want equality — women want to oppress men out of revenge.”

I fucking am not making this shit up.

But what are her thoughts on the industry as a whole?

“Porn is completely racist”. Now just 60 seconds to this statement, she mentions how you should be able to think what you want. You should have the freedom to have your own thoughts of opinions. But apparently that doesn’t apply to her.

Because then she calls any female who doesn’t want to do something for whatever reason, wrong.

She calls out all females who don’t want to have interracial sex as racist. This goes completely against what she just said regarding feminism in porn.

How dare a women decide who she does or doesn’t want to sleep with. What the fuck is wrong with a girl for making her own decisions? Fuck her.

She also supported the concept of shaming girls into making them do interracial. Let me repeat that. She supports shaming people into doing something they don’t want to do.

How about another great Nica Nolle soundbite – “Porn is very unapologetic for showing the worst in human nature”.

Again this is someone who makes their living in porn. She’s biting the very hand that feeds her.

I can’t help but wonder why someone who hates so much about her job and the industry as a whole, why the fuck is she even doing it?

is there nobody she even likes?

How can one person be so fucking negative?

When talking about making porn she said … “Having to put sex in the movie, holds us back. ”

I had to #FacePalm myself on that one. I mean what the fuck is a porno without fucking?

The host of the pod cast went down a list of porn stars to get Nica Noelle’s thoughts.

  • She personally doesn’t get along with Julia Ann.
  • Jessie Andrews is so adorable it’s creepy and as the conversation went on Jessie Andrews somehow got compared to Bride of Chucky. WTF?
  • Lexi Belle she called another menacing cute little blonde and she apparently wasn’t happy with her performance, saying she is a little porno. Seriously? A porn star performing in a porno is a little porno?  Fucking duh! WTF is she supposed to be like?
  • About Nick Manning, she said “I had this impression of him being a super over the top cartoon” after claiming her “begged” her for work. He however was I think one of the few people she didn’t trash. She said he ended up being a great performer and that her initial impressions of him were wrong. I happen to know Nick Manning and he doesn’t book his own work. You have to book him through his agent LA Direct and he’s always pre-booked well in advance so I have a hard time believing he had to beg her for work. Anyone who knows how LA Direct works knows that they have a very strict can’t book your own shit policy. In fact, I called LA Direct to book him for a b/g scene in early July and he was fully booked for the whole fucking month, so I really doubt the legitimacy of her story. In the end she did have this to say about Nick Manning, “He was fantastic and I went on to use him in so many movies. I just loved him.”
  • About Seth Gamble “I love him. I love Seth Gamble.” Shockingly she was so positive about someone.

This fucking interview goes on for nearly two fucking hours. After so much negativity I just couldn’t finish listening.

When she said “Everyone is a cartoon in porn”, and then “There are a lot of reprehensible things that go on in porn”, I just gave the fuck up. I couldn’t continue listening to her ranting on and on about how much she hates porn, she hates LA, she hates porn stars, she hates everything.

WTF are you even doing in porn then Nico Nolle? Seriously? FFS do yourself a favor and find a new fucking job already, clearly you aren’t happy with the one you have.





Scam Alert Regarding Nick Manning

It has recently come to my attention that like others in our industry. including Axel Bruan and Dana Vespoli, there is someone out there impersonating me, booking shoots or attempting to book shoots with girls and then not paying for services rendered.

I am told that a few people specifically on the east coast have been approached by someone claiming to be me. This is 100% not me. I am not booking for any content shoots and even if I was, I wouldn’t be doing so on the east coast. I live and work exclusively in the LA area.

While I do some content trades for my official site NickManningOnline, I always book them directly or with the help of my friend Kelli Roberts and always with people that know me already. If we go outside my circle of friends it’s always with a licensed and bonded agency like LA Direct Models or Kelli’s favorite, OC Modeling.

I’m sorry for anyone who has been taken advantage of by this scam artist, but in the future if you show up on the set and see obviously the person in question isn’t me, you shouldn’t stay for any reason.

In addition, you should verify in advance any shoot you book. You can tweet me @realnickmanning and I’d be happy at any time to verify a booking someone claims they have with me.

Just remember when it comes to your safety and well being, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So take just a moment before heading out to meet anyone you are unsure of and check the facts.

Thank you for your time and for helping me get the word out.

Nick Manning Announces First Live Show at his Official Site

It’s been a busy year for Nick Manning. Besides being recently being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, he also launched his official site ( where his fans get an up close and personal access to the star.

Nick Manning LIve Show

Besides watching his XXX videos and getting exclusive access to his biopic, Dropping’ Loads – The Legend of Nick Manning.

Nick Manning is also offering his fans two free live shows a month with various hot chicks. And unlike other live webcam shows, Nick Manning’s shows will be 100% free, no tipping required. Nick Manning told us that he wants to offer his fans a hands on approach when it comes to directing him in action. He’ll even be letting the members of his site have a say in who he will be doing the live shows with.

His first show is scheduled for Wednesday May 12th at 7 pm PST and it will be with porn star Amanda Blow.



About Nick Manning: Nick Manning is more than just a porn star, he’s a true legend. He has appeared in over 2,000 scenes in the last 14 years and has always said that he wants nothing less than to be the best adult film star of all time. Without a doubt he has begun the journey to make that goal come true. Even if you don’t know the name, chances are you know his appearance or have heard his infamous catchphrase, “Droppin’ Loads”.  He has been nominated for countless awards, far too many to even dream of listing and in January of 2014 Nick Manning was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. You can follow Nick Manning on Twitter @RealNickManning ( or visit him on the web at his official website

About Amanda Blow: The hot blonde MILF Amanda Blow began her career in porn in 2010 and in that time has starred in over 240 films including the award winning movie Not South Park XXX. You can follow Amanda Blow on twitter @AmandaBlow (


XRCO Award Winners

Last night was the XRCO Awards and it was quite a packed house. Congrats to all the winners!


Nikki Benz with Bonnie Rotten, Kaylani Lei and Jenna Marie Jaen


TarantinoXXX with Melissa Hill and Nick Manning


Miya Stone with Harley Dean


Female Performer of the Year: Remy LaCroix

Male Performer of the Year: Manuel Ferrara

New Starlet: A.J. Applegate

New Stud: Tyler Nixon

Unsung Siren: Vicki Chase

Unsung Swordsman: Johnny Castle

Cream Dream: Mia Malkova

Superslut: Bonnie Rotten

Orgasmic Oralist: Vicki Chase

Orasmic Analist: Jada Stevens

MILF of the Year: Francesca Lé

Best Cumback: Sunny Lane

Mainstream Adult Media Favorite: James Deen

Best Release: The Submission of Emma Marx, New Sensations Erotic Stories

Best Epic: Underworld, Wicked Pictures

Best Parody (Comedy): Grease XXX: A Parody, Adam & Eve Pictures

Best Parody (Drama): OMG … It’s the Leaving Las Vegas XXX Parody, Septo/Paradox/Exquisite

Best Parody (Comic): Man of Steel XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, VividXXXSuperheroes

Best Gonzo Movie: Remy LaCroix’s Anal Cabo Weekend, LeWood/Buttman/Evil Angel

Best Gonzo Series: Wet Asses, Jules Jordan Video

Best Girl/Girl Series: Women Seeking Women, Girlfriends Films

Best POV Series: POV Pervert, Mike John/Jules Jordan

Best Ethnic Series: Asian Fuck Faces, Jonni Darkko/Evil Angel

Best Director (Features): Jacky St. James

Best Director (Non-Features): Mason

Best Director (Parody): Will Ryder

Best Web Director: Greg Lansky, Reality Kings

Best Actress: Remy LaCroix, The Temptation of Eve, New Sensations Erotic Stories

Best Actor: Richie Calhoun, The Submission of Emma Marx, New Sensations Erotic Stories


XRCO Hall of Fame:

  • Brigitte Lahaie – Film Pioneer
  • Axel Braun – Director
  • Rebecca Bardoux – Actress
  • Tera Patrick – Actress
  • Stormy Daniels – Actress
  • Taylor Wane – Actress
  • Mark Wood – Actor
  • Tony Montana – Actor
  • Slave to Love, Rosebud; directed by Alex DeRenzy – Winner of Best Movie (1993)

This week in retirement news ….

Lots of retirements lately. Of course we’ve already reported on Mark Davis this week but also add to that the Nick Manning who XBIZ reported on his retirement from porn and move into mainstream.

Today Lukeisback announced that Molly Cavalli from Molly’s life is calling it quits too.

Good luck to them all in whatever their future endeavors may be.

Nick Manning is Hung, Hard and High

A mainstream Nick Manning documentary is in the works and has recently been posted on the Kickstarter website allowing regular folks like me and you to be a part of it.  SEE MORE HERE.  You can also follow the movie in the making on twitter @HungHardHigh

Hung, Hard & High: The Nick Manning Story is a year-long journey centered around one of adult film’s most famous male stars – and arguably its most infamous.  Our documentary takes an intimate look into Nick’s everyday life and focuses on his primary conflict in life:  a prolific career in porn versus his deep-rooted love of God and Jesus.   While Nick deals with typical issues and daily struggles to which we can all relate, he tells his life story and how he went from exceptional athlete, to corporate VP on Wall Street, to Miami model, to porn’s illustrious “AVN Male Newcomer of the Year.”  He gives us an unprecedented look into the mind behind the man who wants nothing less than to be known as the greatest male porn star in history… followed by eternity in Heaven.



Fayner Posts: I got some funny information over the weekend about everyone’s favorite Latin Lover, Nick Manning.

It seems the long-haired freak has decided to go into the Ringtone business.

No, seriously, I’m not kidding.

Go to his site and see how amazingly silly the man is by going to the ringtone page and listening to all the different things he says after his trademark “Dropping Loads!” scene finale.

The multi-talented Manning will drop loads on your cellphone, on your text messages, even on Rudolph’s nose for some strange reason or another.

The Nick Manning ringtones cost $1.99. They are ridiculous and childish and anyone who uses one of Manning’s sayings as their ringtone should be hanged, drawn and quartered.


What’s next on the Ringtone horizon? Jenna saying “I’ll never spread my legs in this business again!”? Max Hardcore’s classic “Not guilty” plea from one of his many court appearances? I don’t know.

Just wondering if anyone has actually purchased one of these ringtones of Nick Manning, ’cause it is one thing to offer them up for sale but an entirely different thing to buy one or all, and I’m scared just thinking about any of this anymore.

Me? What do I have on my ringtone? I have Joey Lawrence from Blossom doing his classic line “Whoo!”

Wait, I just got a great idea: Nick Manning and Joey (I think he goes by Joe now) Lawrence doing a duet of their catch phrases. “Whoo! Dropping Loads! Whoo!”

Now that is a ringtone I would buy for two bucks.


Fayner Posts: I caught wind that inked-to-his-dink porno web nerd Tony “The Testacle” Testa found himself unable to please his girlfriend sexually during a recent trip to Europe, and apparently has been attempting to contact super-stud Nick Manning in hopes he’ll do what Tony has been inept in doing….making his woman orgasm.

Calling Testa to confirm this rumor, he first denied then proceeded to ask for Manning’s phone number and a ballpark figure of what it may cost to hire the man I call “The Most Handsome Man on Earth.”

Taking into consideration the time they’ve been a couple and the number of times they’ve had sex, I concluded that Tony doesn’t have nearly the amount of money it would take to please his girlfriend using a scrub like Corey Feldman, let alone a top-notch sexpert like Manning.

Testa refuses to give up, and is currently strolling his gay neighborhood in San Diego in hopes of sucking some dick for money.

We wish him good luck.


Update On The Nick Manning Carjacking

Fayner Posts: I got word that Nick will be fine following an failed carjacking in which he was stabbed in the neck with a pen. Good news.

But there may be some bad news coming soon, which can be filed under “Only in America” if it happens.

You see, the man who tried to steal Nick’s Jaguar but ended up jabbing a Bic into his throat may be filing a lawsuit against the male sex God for a reason not yet known.

Criminals like that guy should have their hands cut off as punishment. Some Countries administer sentences just like that and reap the rewards of a crime-free community. Some call this barbaric. Some call this punishment fitting the crime. I for one am all for a felon getting his just-desserts if found guilty by a court of law and presuming the offense is bad enough.

A rapist deserves a hatchet to the balls, not three meals a day and a fluffy pillow to rest his sick head every night cost-free. I’d be hard-pressed to believe anyone going through the agony of their sack being sliced off would ever think about repeating their crimes, and not just because they’re scrotum-less.

It will be a sad day if Nick gets sued by some crook attempting to swipe his property, fails miserably then finds some loophole in the law that makes him the victim.

One wonders how pathetic a thief must be if he can’t even steal a knife for his robberies.