Update On The Nick Manning Carjacking

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Fayner Posts: I got word that Nick will be fine following an failed carjacking in which he was stabbed in the neck with a pen. Good news.

But there may be some bad news coming soon, which can be filed under “Only in America” if it happens.

You see, the man who tried to steal Nick’s Jaguar but ended up jabbing a Bic into his throat may be filing a lawsuit against the male sex God for a reason not yet known.

Criminals like that guy should have their hands cut off as punishment. Some Countries administer sentences just like that and reap the rewards of a crime-free community. Some call this barbaric. Some call this punishment fitting the crime. I for one am all for a felon getting his just-desserts if found guilty by a court of law and presuming the offense is bad enough.

A rapist deserves a hatchet to the balls, not three meals a day and a fluffy pillow to rest his sick head every night cost-free. I’d be hard-pressed to believe anyone going through the agony of their sack being sliced off would ever think about repeating their crimes, and not just because they’re scrotum-less.

It will be a sad day if Nick gets sued by some crook attempting to swipe his property, fails miserably then finds some loophole in the law that makes him the victim.

One wonders how pathetic a thief must be if he can’t even steal a knife for his robberies.

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