Fayner Posts: I got some funny information over the weekend about everyone’s favorite Latin Lover, Nick Manning.

It seems the long-haired freak has decided to go into the Ringtone business.

No, seriously, I’m not kidding.

Go to his site and see how amazingly silly the man is by going to the ringtone page and listening to all the different things he says after his trademark “Dropping Loads!” scene finale.

The multi-talented Manning will drop loads on your cellphone, on your text messages, even on Rudolph’s nose for some strange reason or another.

The Nick Manning ringtones cost $1.99. They are ridiculous and childish and anyone who uses one of Manning’s sayings as their ringtone should be hanged, drawn and quartered.


What’s next on the Ringtone horizon? Jenna saying “I’ll never spread my legs in this business again!”? Max Hardcore’s classic “Not guilty” plea from one of his many court appearances? I don’t know.

Just wondering if anyone has actually purchased one of these ringtones of Nick Manning, ’cause it is one thing to offer them up for sale but an entirely different thing to buy one or all, and I’m scared just thinking about any of this anymore.

Me? What do I have on my ringtone? I have Joey Lawrence from Blossom doing his classic line “Whoo!”

Wait, I just got a great idea: Nick Manning and Joey (I think he goes by Joe now) Lawrence doing a duet of their catch phrases. “Whoo! Dropping Loads! Whoo!”

Now that is a ringtone I would buy for two bucks.

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