Fayner Posts : So yesterday I wrote how I think Kevin Moore is running . Basically it was just what people have been telling me. But Kevin doesn’t believe he is running the site now, as you will see if you read the below email he sends me


First I’m a child molester and now I own your competitor. I guess you should also expose that I’m the third gunmen on the Grassy Knoll. I didn’t realize buying ads (cheaply) makes me an owner.

So if I advertise or skin your site does that mean I own LukeFord.Com as well?

The affiliate manager for MoleCash buys all the ads and bought the ads directly from Luke. I guess Luke is trying to sell the site because of some real job he wants to get. That’s what I understand. Maybe you should buy the site. You could own them both.

Fayner Continues: So there we have it. I suppose it’s now down to me and Dave Navarro as the two suspects. Unless Kevin is lying. That is always a possibility. Not with me, though, I never lie.

And for the record, I never called Kevin a child molester. I just said he looks an awful lot like one.

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