Fayner Posts: Because in a recent post about Eva I mentioned how Jonni Darkko just shot a movie about her and I couldn’t get a copy ’cause getting Jonni on the phone has become harder than the fucking President of these United States. And sure, I’m well aware that the Prez only uses one of them children’s play phones by Mattel where you get to talk to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, but you get the picture: Darkko doesn’t answer his phone.

But then following the post I got an email from Jonni asking for my address so he could overnight me a copy of E for Eva. I gave it to him.

I watched it just now, and damn! Let me tell you I think its actually dirtier than Jenna Haze’s Darkside if you forget about the whole sick priest/bad slut vibe.

‘Cause Eva is one fine slut. She does a boy/girl, a 4-way girl scene, a blow bang (Tony Testa’s favorite fetish), solo, gang bang, anal, DP and some black dude with a large penis.

Although I find Eva to be quite delectable in so many ways, I must point out that this movie would not have been nearly as good if not for Jonni’s superb camera work, wardrobe and imagination. Sure, the guy never picks up his phone, but when you think about it did Einstein ever pick up his? Or George Washington? Or Neil Armstrong? I don’t think so. I guess all true geniuses stand clear of the telephone.

I don’t recommend much to you all, but if you like hot chicks doing extremely dirty things sexually then I must insist you go out and buy this or download it or whatever the kids are doing these days.


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