Fayner Posts: I’m the first to admit I enjoyed reading TheRealLukeFord while Luke was still at the helm. He said the things about my friends I was never allowed to say because, well, they’re my friends.

But as many already know, TheRealLukeFord ain’t writing for the site anymore (well, I think "writing" is the wrong word to use, as it is mostly just copy and paste). I think it’s quite obvious.
It was hot-or-miss for a while there since the posts were so few and far between and mostly were just copy and paste so it was hard to figure out who was doing the writing, but when I read "Luke" saying something about his "fellow tribesman" Gene Simmons I knew there was an imposter at the wheel.
First off, Luke isn’t even Jewish. I’m still not sure why he still believes he is. Jewish people have Jewish blood in their veins. I don’t care how much you studied the Torah if you ain’t got the blood you are not one of us. And I hardly think TheRealLukeFord would ever say "fellow tribesman"…
There are a few people I’ve been told could be running things over at . Here is my list.
Kevin Moore – There were whispers about this from the start. But why? I don’t know. I do believe the MoleCash skin plastered on luekisback is owned by Kevin, which would make perfect sense, right. I don’t know.

Dave Navarro – The ex-Jane’s Addiction guitarist has ruined everything in porn that his slimy fingers has touched, so this makes perfect sense to me that he now runs lukeisback.

Scott Fayner – I only had two on the list, and since a list should be three or more I decided to throw my name into the hat. I mean, didn’t I own PornoGossip, too? Oh, no wait, that was T.J.

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