FreeOnes announces their most searched for 2010

FreeOnes recently announced their list of most searched for porn stars for 2010. Although not exactly aligned with real world search engine searches, it is rather interesting to see the distinct tastes and pleasures of the FreeOnes community. What I find most unusual is how someone like Jayden James appears so high on their list yet when it comes to actual Google searches, she’s almost non existent on the list of popularity. And then you have someone like Eva Angelina who consistently has the most searches in terms of major search engines, barely ranks in the top 10 for FreeOnes and not even mentioned on the list is Nikki Benz who outside of the FreeOnes community is having a stellar year with award nominations left and right, being named Penthouse Pet of the year, several mainstream projects and well …. she doesn’t even seem to be on the radar for the fans of FreeOnes.  Interesting to say the least.  I love stats and lists like these are a lot of fun for me.

The ultimate babe site,, announces that Lisa Ann is the most searched for babe of 2010 with more than 1 million searches through the year.

Lisa Ann also was awarded 3rd place in the 2010 Miss FreeOnes contest and made it to the final round of the 2011 contest. It is currently not known how Lisa did in the contest as the winners will be announced this weekend at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Lupe Fuentes came in at number two (more than 903,000 searches) in the 2010 Top10 list. She launched her new site which was a hit with FreeOnes visitors.

The third place girl in the FreeOnes Top10 is Tori Black (more than 901,000 searches). More than likely people were looking for glimpses of her first DP scene in the sequal film, Tori Black is Pretty Filthy 2.

And following the top three places in order is Gianna Michaels, Shyla Stylez, Aletta Ocean, Jayden Jaymes, Sasha Grey, Sara Jay and Eva Angelina.

“There are a few things to note about the Top10 of 2010,” said Roald, business manager for “The first is the fact that Tori Black made it to our number 3 girl without the typical enhanced boobs. If you look at the rest of names in the Top10, outside of Sasha Grey who is taking the mainstream world by storm, all of the girls have big breasts.”

“Something else that is noteworthy is that once again Jayden Jaymes is in our Top10. For the past 2 years she hasn’t missed a month in the toplist even though some of the other girls, including Lisa Ann, may have missed a month.”

“And the last thing that is interesting to note is some of the girls that was on the 2009 Top10 are missing from this one. You would have thought girls like Phoenix Marie, Audrey Bitoni, or Kagney Linn Karter would have managed to get on the 2010 toplist. However, they’re surprisingly absent. It looks like our visitors’ tastes are changing once again!”

Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

I’m going to share a little secret with you today, as much as it sucks there are more people in this world that are more important to you.  And there are people in this industry that are far, far more important than you.  Even if you are the biggest named porn star in the world, there are still people far more powerful than you, so the last thing you should do is go around on your twitter page and talk shit about them, especially if “them” is a big named company like Vivid and “you” = a porn star who depends on bookings from said company or from companies they might be associated with or friends with.

WARNING – What I’m about ot say will no doubt offend a lot of people here.  But you know what?  I don’t fucking care – SOMEONE HAS TO FUCKING SAY IT.  So consider yourself warned.  Everything from this point of the post on will be highly offensive to people, but it is also the truth so fucking deal with it and move on.

Certain porn stars are let’s call “A” list stars like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick.  They are very famous and if you put Jenna Jameson’s ass in a movie it WILL sell.  I don’t fucking care how bad the movie may suck, that bitch sells movies, PERIOD.  It could be the worst movie to ever exist but that doesn’t matter, if Jenna Jameson is in it, that movie is going to sell.  But in the end you can’t typically afford to book these girls because they know they are the shit and easily bring in $25,000 a scene.  Seriously.  These mega stars can easily make that kind of money.   These type of A list porn stars or power houses are far and few between.  In fact, there are so few of them you could probably count them on one hand and still have fingers left over.

Next we have what we’ll call the “B” list stars.  These girls are still very popular and no doubt are making money hand over first because everyone wants to book them.  They are hot as fuck and their fans love them.  If you are a studio and you want your movie to win awards, be loved by fans and sell well these are the girls you want to book.  In this category you have your Sasha Grey’s, Eva Angelina’s, and so on.

Next we have a category called the returning stars.  These are girls who made their mark in porn years ago but have recently returned to the business for one reason or another, mostly to make money.  These girls aren’t trying to be the next Jenna Jameson or whatever.  They are here to make money, period.  They are hot and experienced and know how to do their “JOB” without all the drama and hassles.  Studios typically like working with these girls because they are responsible, show up to the set on time, do what they are told to do and don’t cause any real problems.    Girls in this category would be like Raylene.

Next we have what we’ll call the “C” list stars.  These girls are pretty hot but not quite yet super famous.  They may be rather new or just haven’t peaked in terms of fame yet for one reason or another however they clearly have the potential to be the hot shit.  These girls are like Kiara Diane.  She’s hot, does great scenes but she’s still new enough that she’s not quite super famous – just yet.  Other pornstars in this category are like Brynn Tyler, Tanner Mayes or Madelyn Marie.

Last but not least we have what we call the “D” list stars or the extras.  These are the girls who work in porn but let’s face it, they are never really going to be super famous, despite the fact that they may be in two or even three times as many movies as any of the girls in the other categories.   Some may call these girls the work horses of the business.  They work hard and often times daily because they studios can book them for less money than one of the hotter chicks.  I don’t want to name any names or hurt any one’s feelings but let’s be real, we all know the girls I’m talking about.

Now in reality companies book these girls for one very good reason and that is because they are cheap.  To make a movie you have to have more than one girl but there is no reason to spend a ton of money you don’t have to on girls to fill in the scenes when you already have your “star”.

So now that we have the classification of porn stars out of the way let’s go back to the story at hand …. There is a porn star out there who for whatever reason thought it would be a great idea to name herself after the infant child of a pop star.    She did so during the height of the Britney Spears – K-Fed drama.  Her name is Jayden Jaymes.

Jayden Jaymes is, well let’s be honest here never going to be the next Jenna Jameson or even Tera Patrick or Jesse Jane.   It’s nothing personal, she just doesn’t have the look.  Nice tits sure, but there has to be more than just a pair of double D’s to be a mega star.  However someone forgot to tell Jayden James that she’s not Jenna Jameson because she’s getting one hell of a super star ego on her.  Today is a good example of that.

There are girls lined up begging to be cast in feature films.  Sure there is some web work out there in porn right now but to be cast in a movie isn’t quite as easy as it used to be so you would think if you got that opportunity you would be at least a little grateful, right?  Apparently not.   Jayden Jaymes is booked to appear in a upcoming Vivid feature film.  She announces the night before via twitter that she didn’t even bother to read her script or learn her lines, the night before.  Actually here is a copy of what she said ….

16 hours ago she said she knew she had a big day on the set of a Vivid movie.  Then 4 hours ago she mentions that she didn’t bother to learn her lines and call time is apparently an hour later where we learn they are asking her to do an extra 15 minute dance, but don’t want to pay her more, I can only assume because well, she didn’t bother to learn her lines in the first place for the first job they paid her for so what is the big deal about asking for another 15 minutes of her time?

We aren’t talking hours here or even her to do any sort of sexual act.  All they are asking her to do is dance around for 15 minutes while they film it.  15 minutes is nothing compared to the extra time they have to spend filming her today since she didn’t bother reading her script.

Next problem – Jayden Jaymes calls Vivid out on Twitter trying to make them sound like the bad guys.  She publicly talks shit about a very big company in this business.  Interesting.  Then she acts like her time is so much more valuable then theirs.  I mean fuck she already admitted that she didn’t do what they paid her to do in the first place.  Who the fuck does this person think she is?

“I was already doing them a favor” is what she said.  Really?  I think the one doing the favor is Vivid for hiring your ass in the first place.  How are you doing them a favor when they are paying you to be in their movie?

What the fuck is wrong with these girls?  Do they not understand how bad things are right now and that they shouldn’t fucking bite the hand that feeds them?

Someone seriously needs to tell Jayden Jaymes that she barely ranks in the top 100 porn stars and that she needs to kiss all the ass she can before the word gets out that she is a problem to work with and people stop calling to book her.  So how is that little favor?

Oh and while you are at it, someone might want to tell her that tweeting and talking shit about one of the biggest companies in the industry, also not a good idea.

Charley vs Charlee vs Charlee

There is always some porn star who doesn’t think her name through.  She doesn’t do the leg work and see if the name is already in use or thinks it is cute to use a name similar to another famous person.

Case in point, why would any person involved in porn think it was a good idea to take the name of Britney’s Spears infant son as their porno name?  Why anyone ever thought it would be okay to profit from porn off of the notarity of a child’s name is beyond me.

The good news is, Britney Spears is way richer and has way bigger and more bad ass lawyer than any porn star ever will and well, that means that one day her lawyers will come after the porn star in question and everything they have ever worked for to identify themselves will be lost.  They will have to to start over with a new name and it will hurt their career because when it comes time to book said porn star, a booking agent who doesn’t keep up with the news will go <new name pornstar> who?  We don’t want to book some chick we’ve never heard of in our movie.

It’s kind of like the porn star Toyota Jones. Have you ever heard of her? Well of course not. There is no porn star who could use that name simply because the car company owns that word.  If you use it, they will sue you.  So if you are smart enough to know that, then what makes you think it’s okay to use other people’s names?

But using other people’s name isn’t the only problem.  There is also the issue of using similar names such is the story with Charley vs Charlee vs Charlee Chase.

Charlee Chase (@charlee_chase)  has been in the business since 2005 but despite how active she is on Twitter, she doesn’t seem to have made any movies since 2008.  In all IAFD shows she has done less than 10 movies throughout the entire span of her career, however she does seem to have done a lot of web work.

Charley Chase (@TheCharleyChase) started in the business in 2007 and has made over 100 movies in the last two years.  She is still active but her name is often confused with the “other” Charlee Chase.  In fact, she previously has gone by the name Charlie Chase, making it even more confusing.

Turns out there is actually a 3rd person using the name Charlee Chase.  On December 5th the 1st Charlee Chase tweeted about the subject.  What she said was ….

I wrote the “other” Charlee Chase today & she deleted it. Laughing my ass off over that one! Little does she realize, I OWN the name so now she’s no longer able to work under my name any longer. Gotta love it 🙂 Merry Christmas to ME!

Having three porn stars use almost the exact same name is crazy.  Not only does it cause confusion for marketing them, and with bookings but it can also hurt them when it comes to things like search engine optimization and braidings.  If one person trademarks the name, then she can go after any other person using any names similar to hers and that means all the time, money, energy and effort put into building up a fan base under said name is now out the window.

So the question is, who is in the right?  Although I’m not a lawyer, I would say first come first serve in a situation like this.  If you were in the business first and you have clearly been in several movies under this name, it should be yours.  Such as the case with Lacey Love of the Love Twins.  Why is there now some other chick, actually two other chicks using the name.   Lacey Luv and Lacey Love (not of the Love Twins).  This causes a HUGE problem when it comes to marketing and quite honestly, it could also cause them jobs because of the marketing problems, some companies would rather just bypass booking them all together then to deal with the potential problems using that girls name may cause them.

I guess the lesson here is don’t be a dumb ass.  If you want to be a porn star RESEARCH your name.

Go to, or or  Search the name in question and see if you can find another girl in our industry with the same or remotely similar name.  If so then avoid it and move on to the next name.

Nikki Benz and Jayden James to host Babes in Toyland

Babes in Toyland

This event will be held at Lucky Strike at Hollywood and Highland.  This is a toy drive benefiting the LA Children’s Hospital hosted by Nikki Benz and Jayden James.

Friday December 4th at 8 pm – Bring a brand new unwrapped toy in lieu of a cover charge.


2010 AVN Nominees JAYDEN JAYMES And NIKKI BENZ Announce BABES IN TOYLAND Toy Drive To Benefit L.A. Children’s Hospital

Los Angeles, Calif. – (DECEMBER 1, 2009 ROADS TO MOSCOW) – 2010 AVN Award Nominees Nikki Benz and Jayden Jaymes are pleased to announce that they are hosting Babes In Toyland, a toy drive to benefit L.A. Children’s Hospital this Friday, December 4th, 2009. The event begins at 8pm and is being held at LUCKY STRIKE Lanes & Lounge, located at Hollywood & Highland in the heart of Hollywood California.

All attendees bringing a new unwrapped children’s toy will gain free admission to the infamous Hollywood hotspot, and will be able to eat, drink, and knock down bowling pins with celebrities in an intimate atmosphere complete with lane-side food service and relaxed lounges. A truly modern bowling alley, Lucky Strike has Hollywood roots that are thoughtfully reflected in the decor, food, and entertainment. In short, it will provide the perfect atmosphere and backdrop for spending an evening with Jayden and Nikki.

When asked about the genesis of this ambitious night, Jayden revealed, “I love doing charity work, especially when it comes to children. I feel it’s the least I could do, and it makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping a child out there and putting a smile on their face by giving them a brand new toy.”

Nikki shares Ms. Jaymes’ enthusiasm for the project, observing, “when Jayden approached me to do this toy drive for L.A. Children’s Hospital I couldn’t wait to participate. I went out and bought a bunch of toys that I will bring with me to Hollywood. I encourage everyone to do the same. This is a great charity and I hope everyone can come out and support such a good cause.”

Other celebrities confirmed to be participating in the toy drive Friday evening include Ultimate Fighting Championship Light Heavyweight champion and Dancing With The Stars regular Chuck Lidell.

“Bring a new unwrapped children’s toy Friday night and bowl with us,” is the standing offer from Jayden Jaymes and Nikki Benz, two new millennium superstars who are lending their names and time to a most worthy cause.

Evil Angel Unprofessional?

Porn Star Jayden James called out Evil Angel for their unprofessional behavior on the set of their latest production, on her official blog and while normally I would just scan the story she posted  and go on about my business, there has been a lot of news lately about porn companies and how shitty and unprofessional they are in business.   Either they aren’t paying, beating up the girls, treating them like shit and now this …. It’s like they forgot the BUSINESS side of the adult business.  Sure they want girls to work for less and less money per scene nowadays but what do they give in return?  Do they treat the girls better? Apparently not.  Do they act more professional?   Bother to show up to shoots on time?  Apparently not.  So what the fuck is the problem?  While it’s true times are tough right now, keep this kind of shit up and it’s only a matter of time before you are left shooting with no name, fat whores because the A list girls don’t want to work with the likes of you.  Girls talk and stories get around.  Nobody wants to work for jack asses and when times get better and we all know eventually they will get better, these girls will remember what dumb fucks you are and I promise they will tell everyone they know so the next time you come calling, asking them to be in one of your new DVDs they may not be so quick to say yes.

Jayden James

I spent my Saturday (yesterday) on set. Ugh! I HATE to work Saturdays, but it was for Evil Angel and I don’t turn down DVD shoots. (My goal for the year was to shoot more DVDs.) But, I probably should’ve turn this one down. Originally, I was hoping I’d have an early call time of 9am or so, but my call time ended up being 1pm! Okay… so I was hoping the other girl would already be there and ready so we could be out of there earlier. Nope. I was the first one there. Whatever. The makeup artist got there soon after I did and she got to work on my face. By 1:30 or so, the director got there with the other female talent (it was a girl/girl scene) who, apparently, is his girlfriend. First thing they starting doing: Rolling joint, packing bowls, opening beers… WOW!!! For such a big named company, this was sure a lack of professionalism. Don’t get me wrong, smoking is relaxing sometimes, but this is WORK, not a PLAY DATE! I was PISSED! After my makeup was done, I stepped out side to get some FRESH air. I called my agent and complained while I was at it. They made a call to the director about my complaints and he said they’d tone it down and get to work. Yeah, right! After apologizing to me, they continued! It took almost 5 hours for 2 girls to go through makeup and take pictures! It should’ve have taken more than 3 1/3 hours. I just sat there, grumpy, not talking to anyone. But, when it came time to shoot the scene, I fucked the shit out of that girl! Funny, the director kept telling me how much she loves girls and everything, and she was soooooo QUIET during the scene! Even when she ‘came’… hardly a peep! Whatever. I rocked it! Then I packed up my things and got the hell out of there!

LA Direct Models Parties this Friday at LAX

LA Direct Models, Fireworks and BJC Events presents Hawaii 5-0 versus Bass Drop Friday at LAX.  The party will be this Friday, August 22, 2008.

Spinning will be DJ IMG, the turn table idol and the special guest hosts of the party with be adult starlets Jayden James, Britney Brighton, and Scarlett Fay.

There will be a fashion show at midnight by Young & Rich apparel.  Bring your friends and come dance your ass off.  Bottle discounts $200 – $375 each depending ont he brand.  $MOET at $150, Express VIP entry.