Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

I’m going to share a little secret with you today, as much as it sucks there are more people in this world that are more important to you.  And there are people in this industry that are far, far more important than you.  Even if you are the biggest named porn star in the world, there are still people far more powerful than you, so the last thing you should do is go around on your twitter page and talk shit about them, especially if “them” is a big named company like Vivid and “you” = a porn star who depends on bookings from said company or from companies they might be associated with or friends with.

WARNING – What I’m about ot say will no doubt offend a lot of people here.  But you know what?  I don’t fucking care – SOMEONE HAS TO FUCKING SAY IT.  So consider yourself warned.  Everything from this point of the post on will be highly offensive to people, but it is also the truth so fucking deal with it and move on.

Certain porn stars are let’s call “A” list stars like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick.  They are very famous and if you put Jenna Jameson’s ass in a movie it WILL sell.  I don’t fucking care how bad the movie may suck, that bitch sells movies, PERIOD.  It could be the worst movie to ever exist but that doesn’t matter, if Jenna Jameson is in it, that movie is going to sell.  But in the end you can’t typically afford to book these girls because they know they are the shit and easily bring in $25,000 a scene.  Seriously.  These mega stars can easily make that kind of money.   These type of A list porn stars or power houses are far and few between.  In fact, there are so few of them you could probably count them on one hand and still have fingers left over.

Next we have what we’ll call the “B” list stars.  These girls are still very popular and no doubt are making money hand over first because everyone wants to book them.  They are hot as fuck and their fans love them.  If you are a studio and you want your movie to win awards, be loved by fans and sell well these are the girls you want to book.  In this category you have your Sasha Grey’s, Eva Angelina’s, and so on.

Next we have a category called the returning stars.  These are girls who made their mark in porn years ago but have recently returned to the business for one reason or another, mostly to make money.  These girls aren’t trying to be the next Jenna Jameson or whatever.  They are here to make money, period.  They are hot and experienced and know how to do their “JOB” without all the drama and hassles.  Studios typically like working with these girls because they are responsible, show up to the set on time, do what they are told to do and don’t cause any real problems.    Girls in this category would be like Raylene.

Next we have what we’ll call the “C” list stars.  These girls are pretty hot but not quite yet super famous.  They may be rather new or just haven’t peaked in terms of fame yet for one reason or another however they clearly have the potential to be the hot shit.  These girls are like Kiara Diane.  She’s hot, does great scenes but she’s still new enough that she’s not quite super famous – just yet.  Other pornstars in this category are like Brynn Tyler, Tanner Mayes or Madelyn Marie.

Last but not least we have what we call the “D” list stars or the extras.  These are the girls who work in porn but let’s face it, they are never really going to be super famous, despite the fact that they may be in two or even three times as many movies as any of the girls in the other categories.   Some may call these girls the work horses of the business.  They work hard and often times daily because they studios can book them for less money than one of the hotter chicks.  I don’t want to name any names or hurt any one’s feelings but let’s be real, we all know the girls I’m talking about.

Now in reality companies book these girls for one very good reason and that is because they are cheap.  To make a movie you have to have more than one girl but there is no reason to spend a ton of money you don’t have to on girls to fill in the scenes when you already have your “star”.

So now that we have the classification of porn stars out of the way let’s go back to the story at hand …. There is a porn star out there who for whatever reason thought it would be a great idea to name herself after the infant child of a pop star.    She did so during the height of the Britney Spears – K-Fed drama.  Her name is Jayden Jaymes.

Jayden Jaymes is, well let’s be honest here never going to be the next Jenna Jameson or even Tera Patrick or Jesse Jane.   It’s nothing personal, she just doesn’t have the look.  Nice tits sure, but there has to be more than just a pair of double D’s to be a mega star.  However someone forgot to tell Jayden James that she’s not Jenna Jameson because she’s getting one hell of a super star ego on her.  Today is a good example of that.

There are girls lined up begging to be cast in feature films.  Sure there is some web work out there in porn right now but to be cast in a movie isn’t quite as easy as it used to be so you would think if you got that opportunity you would be at least a little grateful, right?  Apparently not.   Jayden Jaymes is booked to appear in a upcoming Vivid feature film.  She announces the night before via twitter that she didn’t even bother to read her script or learn her lines, the night before.  Actually here is a copy of what she said ….

16 hours ago she said she knew she had a big day on the set of a Vivid movie.  Then 4 hours ago she mentions that she didn’t bother to learn her lines and call time is apparently an hour later where we learn they are asking her to do an extra 15 minute dance, but don’t want to pay her more, I can only assume because well, she didn’t bother to learn her lines in the first place for the first job they paid her for so what is the big deal about asking for another 15 minutes of her time?

We aren’t talking hours here or even her to do any sort of sexual act.  All they are asking her to do is dance around for 15 minutes while they film it.  15 minutes is nothing compared to the extra time they have to spend filming her today since she didn’t bother reading her script.

Next problem – Jayden Jaymes calls Vivid out on Twitter trying to make them sound like the bad guys.  She publicly talks shit about a very big company in this business.  Interesting.  Then she acts like her time is so much more valuable then theirs.  I mean fuck she already admitted that she didn’t do what they paid her to do in the first place.  Who the fuck does this person think she is?

“I was already doing them a favor” is what she said.  Really?  I think the one doing the favor is Vivid for hiring your ass in the first place.  How are you doing them a favor when they are paying you to be in their movie?

What the fuck is wrong with these girls?  Do they not understand how bad things are right now and that they shouldn’t fucking bite the hand that feeds them?

Someone seriously needs to tell Jayden Jaymes that she barely ranks in the top 100 porn stars and that she needs to kiss all the ass she can before the word gets out that she is a problem to work with and people stop calling to book her.  So how is that little favor?

Oh and while you are at it, someone might want to tell her that tweeting and talking shit about one of the biggest companies in the industry, also not a good idea.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You

  1. This chick really is a dumb ass. She’s lucky to even get DVD work. Clearly this chick is website quality only and she fucking refuses to do an extra 10 to 15 minutes of work because they won’t pay her more? Seriously? I think Ryan was right in pointing out that the bitch cost the company far more than 15 minutes by not learning her lines so she couldn’t do them the fav of fucking dancing for the cameras for 15 minutes to make it up to them? Dumb whore. Seriously.

  2. I have read about her before a few times on other sites saying very similar things about her.

  3. She actually got praise for the situation from the #1 agent in the biz that agrees what Vivid did was wrong:

    (From her blog:

    Yesterday, I was supposed to shoot for Vivid. My call time was 3:00pm and I was shooting a boy/girl/girl scene with Mick Blue and Vivid’s newest contract girl Lia. After reading through all of my shoot information and scanning the script, the wardrobe that I was told to bring didn’t really match up with the script, so I texted the director to see if he had anything specific in mind. He gave me some ideas, then said, “You also need to do a strip tease for mobile and you can’t wear thongs for that.” Exactly what went through my head: “Wait! I’m getting paid $300 less than my usually rate and now they want me to do more work for them?!?!?”

    Remember when I had a huge problem with The Erotic Networks and them wanting to shoot all kinds of content and not compensate me for it? Well, it’s just about the same deal here. With most of these big companies your day is pretty much this: Hair/Makeup, Pretty-Girl Stills, Dialogue, Hardcore/Softcore Stills, Hardcore Scene, Softcore Scene, the Popshot and then you go home. It’s the same with shooting for a company like Brazzers, minus the softcore. Companies will either have a script and do a bunch of dialogue, or they’ll shoot a tease (i.e. rub oil all over your tits and ass and tease the camera for a few minutes) and get right into the sex. So, not only was I supposed to do all this normal stuff for Vivid for less than my usual rate (which, I’ll admit, is still a little higher than most girls), but they now wanted me to shoot a 15 minute strip tease, too! Not only that, for a MOBILE APPLICATION… It wasn’t even part of the scene! It’s for a totally different thing!!! HELL NO!!!

    I got right on the phone with my agent and explained the situation. I guess when he called the production manager, he said he had no idea what I was talking about as far as the mobile app thing and the tease was for the beginning of the DVD. Ha! Yeah, right! It took a few phone calls, but I guess they finally admitted it was for a mobile application.

    I know it sounds silly, and most people would probably think, ‘why wouldn’t you just shut up and do it! You’re getting naked anyway, just suck it up and do the strip tease for 15 minutes and get over it!’. My problem was that Vivid was not only unable to pay me my full rate so they were already low-balling me, but now they were trying to squeeze in more content, not pay me for it, but make money off of it themselves. I understand that the state of the economy is bad and everyone is hurting, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I know that Vivid is fully capable of paying my full rate (it was only an additional $300!), so when they tried to pull that, I was pissed. All I wanted was an additional $100. I know that it’s just $100 and probably not worth the whole situation, but it’s the principle of it. Too many people are trying to get freebies from girls and, sadly, most girls, once on set, would be too afraid to say anything because (*sarcastic gasp*) IT’S VIVID, so they do it anyway.

    Well, Vivid ended up canceling my scene. The production manager first told my agent, ‘She doesn’t have to do it if she doesn’t want to’, but then turned around and just didn’t want me there. Oh, and then someone actually brought up my blog and didn’t want me to go and talk about them. OMG! I’m sorry, but I say this to everyone who gets mad over my blog… DON’T DO ANYTHING THAT’S GONNA GET YOU IN IT! Be straight up with me and don’t piss me off. I just told my agent last night: Those who get mad at my blog are getting mad because it’s true and now they’re exposed! Though shit!

    I’ve said this before, but I really wish other girls would learn to stand up for themselves and use their brains and only do what their agent has explained to them as far as their scene goes. ANYTHING outside the norm should not be done without greater compensation. Instead, girls are too fucking stupid and scared, then the bitch Jayden Jaymes comes to set and suddenly all hell breaks loose and my label as a fucking cunt grows… all because I know what’s right and what’s wrong!

    I don’t come on her and rant about companies because I want to piss people off and be completely blackballed from this business. I do it because it needs to be exposed to others within the industry so they can see what’s going on!

    That being said, back to the whole Derek thing…

    As much as Derek and I have had our issues in the past, it put a BIG smile on my face to receive the following email from him this morning, actually backing me up! For a man like Derek to side with me in a situation like this, I again feel like I’m doing something right. Here’s what he had to say:


    Whatever differences we have between each other – please set them aside for a moment,

    Twice now – it has come to my attention that you have had issues on set where producers have asked you to shoot additional content for no compensation, and you have refused, and then made the issues public,

    The Erotic Networks and now Vivid,

    In both cases we at Direct Models learned of this – thanks to your whistle blowing and on both occasions we were not previously aware of it,

    In the first case – this has now resulted in our models being compensated fairly for the work that is being asked of them from Erotic Networks.

    In the second I don’t know what the outcome will be – since I am only told now, that Vivid has been asking models for several months to shoot mobile content, something they had never told us – (nor had any model). So this will be discussed in the next few days,

    I don’t know whether other models just don’t understand they should only do what they have been booked for, or lack the chutzpah to blow the whistle when they are coerced to do so.

    Whichever it is – you are right to do so – and I wanted to tell you so.

    So thanks for doing it because it benefits all models and agents to know when this is taking place,



    I know that Derek or someone from his office is going to read this and probably be a little hurt that I put everything on blast, but I felt a great need to do so. Derek and I do not get along, obviously. But, in such a situation, it felt so good to hear that I’m in the right from someone I have such issues with. And also, hopefully other girls read this and Derek’s email to me and it somehow triggers something in their little brains and they start standing up for themselves. That’s the whole point behind me putting companies on blast like that! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

    On another note, I don’t think badly of Vivid (or the Erotic Networks, or any company that has tried to pull something like this). Everyone screws up. I just hope that it’s something that is not used against me, or even used against them. But, it is something that needs to be handled correctly and fixed! I had never shot for Vivid before and I was actually a little excited to go to set and prove to everyone that I’m not the big bitch that they’ve all heard about, but, as luck would have it, something happens and that strong side of me comes up and I have to handle the situation properly. Apparently the production managed already told my agent that he’d re-book me for a movie early next year and get me my full rate… I hope so… I think that having a good day on set for Vivid would mend the situation for both of us.

    (And a side note… She was modeling under the name Jayden JAYMES before Spears named her kid Jayden JAMES.)

  4. Oh really? Because according to the IAFD Jayden Jaymes started in the business in 2007 while Britney Spears’ son was born in 2006.

    Actually Wikipedia says she started her adult career in November of 2006, that puts the start of her career just months after the birth of Jayden James.

    But all of that aside, she even admits in her own blog that she has never had the opportunity to shoot with Vivid before and was excited yet she couldn’t bother to learn her fucking lines before showing up on the set?

    How much time did that bitch cost them for not bothering to learn her lines? I assure you way more than the 15 minutes they asked her to perform a dance.

  5. Ryan, according to your defintion, which current active girls do you consider “A list” ? You have Tera and Jenna there, everybody will agree with that but they aren’t active anymore. You raised the bar so high by having Sasha in the B list that I’m very curious to see who made your A list.

  6. Did she have permission to print Derek’s email? Did he write that email or an assistant? I find it hard to believe Derek is siding with her and didn’t know about the mobile content considering he and Steve Hirsch are great friends. Hirsch did help out Derek in a major way, sticking out his own neck in the process, after Derek was arrested almost three years ago.

  7. I spent many years working in this industry todays girls must think they are smart or something. First off your in a disposable industry your time in this industry if your lucky might be 1 day to 10 years. Most women last like 2 months maybe. Second are these girls so dumb to forget there is a recession, product not selling well, everyone is doing a bit extra and still struggling to make money.

    Next this girl is marginal at best. She is a web content girl that will get chucked in 18 months if she lasts that long because she is a complainer and will do anything for money.

  8. JJRawlings – As to A list girls.

    In all honesty Sasha Grey and maybe two others in the industry can claim this title in my honest opinion these days.

    If Jenna and Tera where still working obviously. Maybe Stormy for 60-70% of her work. Jesse Jane really is not all that great and in all honesty is losing her hold if she had any.

    Bree Olson isn’t really on this plain either.

    Some of the issue is too many girls these days are encouraged to do everything right off the bat. Second probably 1% of these girls actually do any research and formulate a game plan before they come into the industry. The you have the issue of looks. Look back at all the women that are considered A-list talent. Most of them could of been real models or very close. Second they had a PR machine behind them such as Jenna had back in the day act Wicked.

    The other real issue is that the cost to make a A-list star is just not there any more. With the web most of the girls smart enough to be an A-list girl choose to do their own website where they have 100% control and gain 100% of the income or a good portion of it.

    Look at women such as Naughty Allie, Sammy4u, Raven Riley, yes some of these are a bit older names or have retired but these women where making well over 100k a month. No porn star is making anywhere close to that for 4-6 scenes a month. Plus time bullshitting with the members.

    Just my 2 cents.

  9. It’s funny what you said about the girls thinking they are so fucking smart. I was watching sex lives on playboy last week and Morgan Dayne who Digital Playground was saying is so smart and wants to be an entrepreneur, yet she couldn’t read the word PERFECTIONIST. Seriously. She got the word PERFECTIONIST wrong.

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