Sunny Leone likes her famous men

In January we can flash back to pictures that were showing up everywhere of Sunny Leone cozying up to Mind Freak Criss Angel. Although most wrote it off as a chance encounter and nothing beyond the few publicity shots were taking, rumors were abound by industry insiders that they were were getting pretty hot and heavy at a party later on.

Then the next thing you know you hear about Sunny Leone and Dave Navarro. I know that he’s been hanging out with Tera Patrick an unusual amount but it turns out it may not be Tera Patrick that he’s got a secret thing going on with. Two weeks ago he was spotted by an industry insider, a lesser named porn star who wishes us not to reveal her identity in fear of reprisal from Vivid with whom she desires to continue working with, but anyway, this little starlet tells us ….

Last week I seen Sunny Leone with Dave Navarro at this restaurants near where I just got finished shooting. They were so fucking high. It was crazy. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I don’t really keep up with who’s fucking who in celebrity circles but I admit I was quite surprised to see Sunny Leone with Dave Navarro. They just don’t seem on the surface like they would be a likely couple but I guess so. Well even if they aren’t together like that, they were sure fucking liking being together that day.

Then I see this little article over at AVN in which is tells how Tera Patrick is set to direct this new Vivid movie featuring all six Vivid girls; Briana Banks, Savanna Samson, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander. The article says very clearly that Tera Patrick is the director (and co-starring in the movie) and has no mention of Dave Navarro working on the project. So what would a world famous rocker be doing spending his free time hanging out on the set of a movie he has nothing to do with? Sure it could be as AVN reported that he wanted to hang out with his friend Tera Patrick. Or could it be there is some truth to the rumors that he has a secret, yet very hot and heavy thing with Vivid Girl Sunny Leone?

Photo source: AVN. Shown in this photo are Dave Navarro, Monique Alexander just below him and Briana Banks to the right. Far off in the right corner you can see Vivid’s newest starlet, Meggan Mallone.

Here we have a picture of Sunny Leone with Dave Navarro together at Tommy Gunn’s Birthday Party on May 13, 2008 (from AVN). Although I should point out, the fine folks over at AVN sometimes call her Sierra Leone in some of the pictures. However in reality it is not “Sierra Leone” but instead SUNNY LEONE.

Sunny Leone and Dave Navarro

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  1. It’s nice seeing these photos of what things look like on the set from behind the scenes. You should show more like this. I don’t know. I find it interesting for some reason.

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