Jesse Jane, Jessica Drake, Dave Navarro to host Red Carpet

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The 27th annual AVN Awards ceremony in January will be preceded by a fast-paced and star-studded AVN Red Carpet Show co-hosted by adult stars Jesse Jane and Jessica Drake along with rocker Dave Navarro.

The Red Carpet festivities will be filmed for a worldwide, tape-delayed broadcast on Showtime in the spring of 2010. Winners in 125 categories will be announced at the gala event on Jan. 9 that for the first time will be held at the Pearl Concert Theater inside the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Jesse Jane, the Digital Playground exclusive who is a 2010 nominee for Female Performer of the Year, has been a regular contributor to the AVN Red Carpet Show.

“I am super excited to host the red carpet for AVN this year. I love Dave Navarro. He rocks. And Jessica is super awesome. I’ll help make sure this is the best Red Carpet Show AVN has ever seen,” Jane said.

Wicked Girl Jessica Drake told AVN she was thrilled to usher in a new era of the Awards Show at the Palms.

“As the 2010 AVN Awards Show moves into its new, innovative venue The Pearl, it promises to be an amazing evening!” said Drake, who is nominated for AVN’s Best Actress honor, among other awards. “I’m delighted to have been chosen to host the AVN Red Carpet show along with the gorgeous Jesse Jane and Dave Navarro. It means so much to me to be able to represent Wicked while I’m covering all the latest news from the red carpet. I’d like to sincerely thank both AVN and Wicked for this and most every amazing opportunity I’ve had in the business!”

Industry veteran Bill Fisher returns for his fifth straight year to produce and direct the program. Under Fisher’s direction, the AVN Red Carpet Show has even gained the attention of the mainstream entertainment industry.

“I decided to do a show that could compete with the others on Hollywood Boulevard,” Fisher said. “We got a write-up about it in [the Hollywood trade magazine] Variety saying ‘the Oscars should take note.’ That was the second year I worked on it.”

Fisher this week traveled to Las Vegas to scout the location.

“The new venue at the Palms opens up many new visual opportunities for the red carpet this year,” he continued. “I’m excited about our hosts Jesse Jane, Jessica Drake and Dave Navarro. There is a fashion podium and room for the fans to get close to the red carpet action this year, so it’s sure to be a great event. This year’s theme is ‘fashion.’”

Navarro is no stranger to the pre-show broadcast as he has hosted for four consecutive years.

“I am looking forward to co-hosting the carpet again this year,” Navarro told AVN. “I have been to many award shows in my time, but none compare to the AVN Awards. The event is fun, exciting, yet relaxed and it celebrates and honors the people that have the audacity to do publicly what we all privately imagine.”

The Awards Show highlights Saturday’s activities during the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo which is scheduled for Jan. 7-10 at the Sands Expo Center at the Venetian Hotel.

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Sunny Leone likes her famous men

In January we can flash back to pictures that were showing up everywhere of Sunny Leone cozying up to Mind Freak Criss Angel. Although most wrote it off as a chance encounter and nothing beyond the few publicity shots were taking, rumors were abound by industry insiders that they were were getting pretty hot and heavy at a party later on.

Then the next thing you know you hear about Sunny Leone and Dave Navarro. I know that he’s been hanging out with Tera Patrick an unusual amount but it turns out it may not be Tera Patrick that he’s got a secret thing going on with. Two weeks ago he was spotted by an industry insider, a lesser named porn star who wishes us not to reveal her identity in fear of reprisal from Vivid with whom she desires to continue working with, but anyway, this little starlet tells us ….

Last week I seen Sunny Leone with Dave Navarro at this restaurants near where I just got finished shooting. They were so fucking high. It was crazy. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I don’t really keep up with who’s fucking who in celebrity circles but I admit I was quite surprised to see Sunny Leone with Dave Navarro. They just don’t seem on the surface like they would be a likely couple but I guess so. Well even if they aren’t together like that, they were sure fucking liking being together that day.

Then I see this little article over at AVN in which is tells how Tera Patrick is set to direct this new Vivid movie featuring all six Vivid girls; Briana Banks, Savanna Samson, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander. The article says very clearly that Tera Patrick is the director (and co-starring in the movie) and has no mention of Dave Navarro working on the project. So what would a world famous rocker be doing spending his free time hanging out on the set of a movie he has nothing to do with? Sure it could be as AVN reported that he wanted to hang out with his friend Tera Patrick. Or could it be there is some truth to the rumors that he has a secret, yet very hot and heavy thing with Vivid Girl Sunny Leone?

Photo source: AVN. Shown in this photo are Dave Navarro, Monique Alexander just below him and Briana Banks to the right. Far off in the right corner you can see Vivid’s newest starlet, Meggan Mallone.

Here we have a picture of Sunny Leone with Dave Navarro together at Tommy Gunn’s Birthday Party on May 13, 2008 (from AVN). Although I should point out, the fine folks over at AVN sometimes call her Sierra Leone in some of the pictures. However in reality it is not “Sierra Leone” but instead SUNNY LEONE.

Sunny Leone and Dave Navarro


Dave Navarro before he became lame

Fayner Posts: I saw Jane’s Addiction in 1988 at the Citi Club in Boston. It was probably the best show I’ve ever been to beside the obvious AC/DC in ’84 and Van Halen in ’85. Jane’s was the coolest thing ever at the time, and that show, despite them showing up 3 hours late and Sweet La Tipsy getting a $1,000 speeding ticket on the way home, was pretty much the only place to be at that time. Everywhere else was lame. Even East St. Louis.

Jane’s split in 1992. It was too good to last. They hated each other and loved heroin. Perry was a whining Jew, Perkins was too chipper. We knew it was for the best, that the band and its members had seen their best days already.

I won’t even mention how much music suffered when Dave joined the Chili Peppers, but it was a lot.

Jane’s reuniting in 97 or 98 was pathetic. They loved each other. They were clean. Flea was playing slap bass to Summertime Rolls. Dave craved the spotlight. It was gay.

Dave is one of those guys like Matt Sorum: He’s old and still wants to be cool. It’s not healthy. Sure, he fucks tons of chicks, but not one of those chicks knows who he was once upon a time. They have no idea how cool he once was, before Carmen and Dave do MTV or whatever that gay show was called. He’s just some guy with tattoos who can get them in to a club. He doesn’t care ’cause he needs the attention.

Everything that Jane’s Addiciton stood for in the old days has been long forgotten for fame. It’s a disgrace.

And now Dave is involved in porn? Sad.

Porn is the last resort for almost everyone, its not what most jump into to be “cool.” But not Dave. He’ll even open up his shirt and show some nipple ring. He should be ashamed.

But none of this is as bad as him joining up with Matt Zane. Zane was once maybe considered okay for his porn making talents, has been busy these past years trying to a rock star. It didn’t work. That’s when he probably ran into Dave and they both were like, “hey, I was once important, too! Let’s do something together!”

It’s called Punkd Ur Ass!

Sounds like a gay movie, right? I bet it is.


Cassidy iz hot!!!Cassidy writes: I was watching Beerfest and making tacos on a Sunday night, a little high, which is not far from the norm for me, when I heard a knock on the door.

Knock knock…

Who could it be but my two good friends DCypher and Jessica Jaymes showing up at my house. Turns out they had been at [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR’S] babyshower up in Hollywood and decided to swing by when they heard I was cooking dinner for all the homies.

The last time I had seen [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] she was running amuck with me out in Vegas during the AVN convention. Hmmmm. Wait, I thought outloud, wasn’t that like 7 months ago? My head was spinning. Cuz me and my friend, Dave Navarro, may or may not have played slap the pickle with [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] during that time. I was trying to think clearly back to those crazy January nights.

My homies were like, no, there is no way that he is the father. [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] is like 8 months preggers by now. The dates just don’t match up. Then we got to talking some shit and the idea came up to text Dave and try to trip him out with the story, you know, make him think maybe he was the baby Daddy… hee hee hee. Bet you didn’t know I could be devious huh?

So I pull out the Helio and text Mr. Navarro and I proceed to write sumthing like hey u knocked [A HOT BLONDE PORN STAR] and she is telling everyone that it’s yo baby.

Didn’t even phase him. The convo went into another direction cuz I asked him where the heck he has been lately and we got off on a rant. So not to much att. brought to the comment I had first left. So I sign off and finish watching my movie and sometime after that I guess he hit up Jessica and was like OMG did I do that!!!! Hahahaha. I guess my joke had finally settled in. Suckapunch! Whammy!

I did not know anything until the next day when he hit me up and was like u suck that was funny tho…Thank God Dave is so cool and such a good sport.

That was some funny shit. l8rz…