Playboy’s Never Ending Search for Perfection

Playboy TV is enlisting the help of viewers in pursuit of the perfect girlfriend. Guys, if you think your girl embodies perfection, or girls, if you think your man will agree that there’s no one like you, please contact us. Playing TV is doing a nationwide casting call.

Playboy’s host and camera crew will come to your town and profile their perfect girlfriend candidates. They will see them at home, maybe at work or play, talk to their boyfriend and his and her friends. Playboy wants to know: What makes her the girlfriend everyone wishes they had? If you are chosen to appear on the show, you will get a full Playboy makeover and a nude Playmate test shoot with one of Playboy’s elite photographers.

So if you think you have the perfect girlfriend, or if you think you ARE the perfect girlfriend, please send photos and biographical information (including why you’re perfect) to Casting Director Madison Smith at

Or via snail mail direct to:
Playboy Entertainment Group
Attn: Madison / Perfect Girlfriend
2706 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles CA 90065

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