Lanny Barby Where Art Thou?

On April 1, 2005 inked a two year deal with Vivid. That contract apparently expired in 2007 but nobody seems to have noticed. Is it possible that Lanny Barby has officially retired?

I noticed that her name was removed from her so called “production company” website, which is called (or used to be called) Lanny Barby Productions. Although the website address still works, they changed the name (same logo and design though) to Eromodel Group Casting. Lanny Barby is also no longer listed as a client, however her half sister Kimberly Franklin is.

Next I noticed in the recent AVN article about the new Vivid movie featuring all 6 of the Vivid girls plus Tera Patrick that Lanny Barby isn’t there. They list the six Vivid girls (all of them in one place they say) as Briana Banks, Savanna Samson, Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton, Sunny Leone, Monique Alexander. NO LANNY BARBY??!!

How could it be? Could Lanny Barby really have retired? One of her several so called “official” myspace pages has shown no sign of life for a year now. But who knows which of the some 7 “official” Lanny Barby myspace pages are actually real.

Our sources inside Vivid won’t reveal much just that she is on a temporary hiatus. Another source says that she is in fact on a temporary hiatus without a contract pending. This however could really mean anything from the fact that they didn’t want to re-sign her so she decided to take a break to they wanted to resign her but she said she needed to take a year off. What we can say for sure is that Lanny Barby’s original contract with Vivid was for two years, which began in 2005 and that means it expired in early 2007. Speculation wise, a source said that she signed on for one more year, which is why she was at the AEE show in January of 2008 but that contract would have expired in about March of 2008 and that as of right now she is on break and isn’t going to consider a new contract. Either way, I’ll keep digging until I find out and let you know. In the mean time enjoy Lanny Barby taking it up the ass.

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