Where are my boots?

The bullshit that people spew out of their mouth never ceases to amaze me. What cell phone company doesn’t claim to be #1? What car hasn’t claimed to win the <whatever> award to imply they are the best? And the adult industry is no better. I had a fairly new movie store website, who for their own sake I won’t mention their name to embarrass them but they proudly proclaimed to be the biggest and the best. I went to their website and apparently they are just to stupid to look at the number of titles and products their top 3 competitors offer, or assume that the consumers are to stupid. Either way it’s yet another example of people spewing shit out of their mouth that isn’t remotely true.

Well today is no different my friends. Today I was reading LA Direct News and how some whore is one of the top female stars.  Specifically they said ….

August is one of the top female stars in the adult industry today.

Porn Star August Night

Wait WHAT? Who the fuck is August? And when did she become one of the top female stars in the adult industry? Where the fuck have I been that I missed this? I went digging and sure the fuck enough there is a porn star named August that has in fact done quite a few movies but they’ve all been the low budget trash we’ve come to expect from companies like Sex Line Sinema and Vertigo. In fact, can you claim to have ever even heard of these film studios? Chances are you are like most guys and those names mean nothing to you. Apparently she has been around a while and at one time had brown hair and looked more Hispanic and used to perform under the name August Night. Had it not been for her tatoos I might not have even realized these two were the same girl. Now she’s all blonde and just goes by the name August. Which is really to bad because as far as stage names go, I think August Night is one of the better ones.

I’m not saying this August bitch isn’t hot or anything like that or that she doesn’t have some potential but when the fuck did she become one of the top female stars in the industry today? She is so not famous that she doesn’t even have one feature of her own even by trash movie companies, let alone more than some bit parts in big budget movies from studios like Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground or Vivid.

I’m really not trying to trash this girl. The point I want to make and the person I want to trash is the jack ass that decided to proclaim her one of the top starlets in the industry. Why in the fuck do people in marketing feel the overwhelming need to just fling so much bullshit? It’s an obvious and blatant lie and I want to just fucking punch people like this in the face. Why not just say she’s a hot porn star, why must you be a little punk ass bitch and lie by saying she’s one of the biggest names when clearly she fucking is not you stupid little pecker. I just hate people like that. I really, really fucking do.

2 thoughts on “Where are my boots?

  1. If you don’t know who the fuck August is then you shouldnt be writing anything about porn. Your lost buddy.. you shouldnt even be here.

  2. You are an idiot. I’ve been in this business 12 years and I’ve never heard of this bitch either. Just because some PR firm says she’s famous, doesn’t make it so. There thousands and thousands of porn stars out there that aren’t well known, that like August have done a handful of movies but it doesn’t make them Jenna Jameson or Briana Banks.

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