XxxFastPass Sites Score AVN Nominations and Announce AEExpo Signing with TITS

XxxFastPass Sites Score AVN Nominations and Announce AEExpo Signing with TITS owned by Nina Mercedez and Raymond Balboa are thrilled to have 3 sites operated by the XxxFastPass Network nominated for Best Porn Star Website. Nina Mercedez for her site, Kortney Kane for her site, and Raylene for her site is powerhouse network of 19 sites which include the nominated sites and sites for Adult Stars: Alexis Ford, Nikki Delano, Isis Taylor, Devon Michaels, Sophia Santi, Nyomi Banxxx, Kayla Paige, Alexis Amore, Kiara Mia, Prinzzess, Kayla Carrera, Allison Moore, Kayme Kai, Randi Wright, Karlie Montana and VooDoo. Many of the XxxFastPass contract stars have been nominated for numerous AVN Awards and will be signing with different companies throughout the AEExpo.


Nina Mercedez, Alexis Amore and Nikki Delano will be signing at designated times with Two in the Shirt (TITS) all three days of FanFest. TITS has been nominated for Best Apparel Manufacture and has released shirts this year with several XxxFastPass contract girls. This year TITS released two new Alexis Amore designs "Bottle Service" and "Back Shots". Nikki Delano has continued to delight TITS fans with her latest designs “Dope Girl” nominated for TITS best designs of the year and Nina Mercedez has some brand new collaborations coming out that will be unveiled to the public at AVN.


Fans please remember to vote for your XxxFastPass favorites Alexis Ford, Nina Mercedez, Karlie Montana , Kortney Kane and Nikki Delano all nominated in AVN Awards 2013 - The Fan Voting Categories

Follow Kayla Carrera on Twitter

For this week’s Twitter Follow Friday pick I thought we would add some Latin heat in the mix.  So what hottie did I pick for you to follow this week?  None other than @Kayla_Carrera13. I know today is technically Saturday but I kinda forgot to do it yesterday so this week it will be the Saturday pick. LOL

Kayla Carrera


Every Friday I pick a new porn star to follow and will only make Twitter accounts of stars I know for a fact are legit. The pictures shown in this post are typically from the stated stars profile page at the time the post was made however you should note these change all the time, porn stars tend to change their avatars and twitter backgrounds a lot, so if you want to see their most current Twitter profile background you should check out their twitter page.


Did you know there are rules to using the N word?

I learned something interesting today that apparently Michael Richards, aka Cosmo Kramer didn’t know.  If you blow a black guy or at least let him stick it in your ass, you apparently are okay to use the N word.  So it turns out Michael Richards use of the word was only offensive because he wouldn’t fuck a black guy.

Well all of this wisdom, according to some dumb fucker from Twitter who was informing Kayla Carrera that she can’t use the N word because she won’t fuck a black guy.

What she said was “At apache cafe. Niggas are freestylin rappin. It’s so dope. So so happy to be in the A!!!!! Home sweet home. Love the dirty south!!!

Kayla Carrera from Amateur District’s Twatinas

Then this guy who apparently removed his tweets because now I can’t find them, the fucker.  But anyway what he was saying was that once he tried to book what we will call work with her but they wouldn’t take the booking because he was black.

Kayla Carrera was basically telling the guy that she is a mixture of Spanish and filopina and being ethnic gives her the right to really say what she wants.  She also apparently listens to rap music.  I don’t think she ever said if it was true if she worked with black guys or not but what she said really wasn’t my problem.

My problem is with that ass telling her it was okay to use the N word because of this or that.   I’m so fucking sick of all this political correct bullshit.

A white person calls a black person a N word and people act like he committed treason.  A white girl say she doesn’t want to have sex on camera with a black guy and and she’s the worst kind of racist bitch that ever lived.  Did you stupid fuckers think that maybe she doesn’t want to be with a black guy on camera because they tend to be a) more aggressive and b) have larger cocks and most tiny porn stars don’t want to be fucking ripped open or in pain and have to miss other paying jobs as a result?

The black people I have met have been the racist people in the world.  I know a black chick who won’t let her child play with a white babydoll.  I know countless black men who commonly refer to women as their “bitches”.  That degrading term is apparently more than acceptable.  But if anyone dares says a term they consider degrading then that’s just the ultimate wrong.

But then you have this douche bag on witter.  What the fuck gives him the right to tell some porn star it’s not okay for her to use the N word because she wouldn’t fuck him.  But it is okay otherwise?  What the fuck is wrong with people?


Now just watch.  Some dumb fucker will get all pissed off and call me a racist because I made this post.  But I don’t really give a fuck.  I’m happy to point out stupid fucking people and if that makes me racist then so be it.  I don’t really fucking care anymore.  Stupid people are just getting on my nerves lately and this dumb fucker from Twitter telling Kayla Carrera she can’t use the N word because she won’t fuck black guys is just one of many stupid fuckers.

Oh and as an update Kayla Carrera recently stated “Just so everyone will shut the fuck up!!!!! I love T.I. I think he is fine as fuck. I would def have relations with him!!!”  So I guess it’s not that she wouldn’t fuck a black guy, she just wouldn’t fuck that black guy and that makes it even funnier.  Stupid fucker.  She’s not a racist she just thinks you are a douche.

New boobs for the new year

It seems that pornstars are wanting to start the new year off with something big, as in BIG TITS!

Mackenzee Pierce got herself some new boobs last week!
Saline – 1020 cc’s

Here are the before boobs!

Here is a picture just 5 days after the operation.

Emily Rigby spent her Christmas holiday getting her new boobs as well!  I am told they are a full D cup (around 600 cc’s).   She tweeted about them, which is how we found out about them in the first place.  Her twitter is EmilyRigbyXXX

–on my way to meet the doc and check on the status of my new boobies…

–I hope everyone had a great Xmas… my new boobs r huge!!!

No after pictures yet, but here is a great before pic for you.

And it seems that Kayla Carrera wants new boobs, also. She wants them so bad she is willing to sink so low as to ask YOU to pay for them! She blogged on twitter:

–DONATE on pay pal for my new boobies all money collected after goal will be donated to StJudes THX 2 all that hve x

–I have been recieving donations to my boobie fund. Thank you so MUCH to u ALL XOXOXOXO

–I love all of ur support!!! Xoxoxoxoxo help get my new bouncy boobies for my scenes and also help make a difference for our future with kids

I personally think her fake tits are already pretty big, but apparently she wants to go from a C cup to a DD cup. WOW! Oh, and it appears that her old boobs are over 10 years old, so it’s time for a replacement pair. But hey, it’s for the children!!!

Boobies! Kayla Carrera wants some

Porn Star Kayla Carrera has decided she wants a boob job and has taken to Twitter to get the money together for it. She is currently asking her fans for donations via PayPal fo rher new boobies and any money she collects after reaching her goal (to pay for her boob job) she will donate to St. Judes.

Her message …  DONATE on pay pal for my new boobies all money collected after goal will be donated to StJudes THX 2 all that hve x

Here is a photo I found of an early Kayla Carrera in the Amateur District movie Amateur Neighbors.  You can clearly see by this photo she already has a boob job so she must want the money for a new and improved set of boobs.


This photo is from her LA Direct Models booking page.  Again you can clearly see she has a nice set of knockers in the photos, so we can only assume her request for donations is to get even better boobs and how can you not want to support that?


ahhh yes here we go, way back on her Twitter page she says “I love all of ur support!!! Xoxoxoxoxo help get my new bouncy boobies for my scenes