New boobs for the new year

It seems that pornstars are wanting to start the new year off with something big, as in BIG TITS!

Mackenzee Pierce got herself some new boobs last week!
Saline – 1020 cc’s

Here are the before boobs!

Here is a picture just 5 days after the operation.

Emily Rigby spent her Christmas holiday getting her new boobs as well!  I am told they are a full D cup (around 600 cc’s).   She tweeted about them, which is how we found out about them in the first place.  Her twitter is EmilyRigbyXXX

–on my way to meet the doc and check on the status of my new boobies…

–I hope everyone had a great Xmas… my new boobs r huge!!!

No after pictures yet, but here is a great before pic for you.

And it seems that Kayla Carrera wants new boobs, also. She wants them so bad she is willing to sink so low as to ask YOU to pay for them! She blogged on twitter:

–DONATE on pay pal for my new boobies all money collected after goal will be donated to StJudes THX 2 all that hve x

–I have been recieving donations to my boobie fund. Thank you so MUCH to u ALL XOXOXOXO

–I love all of ur support!!! Xoxoxoxoxo help get my new bouncy boobies for my scenes and also help make a difference for our future with kids

I personally think her fake tits are already pretty big, but apparently she wants to go from a C cup to a DD cup. WOW! Oh, and it appears that her old boobs are over 10 years old, so it’s time for a replacement pair. But hey, it’s for the children!!!

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