Multi-award winning Katja Kassin signs with Plush Talent

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Plush Talent has signed veteran adult performer Katja Kassin to its roster.

Katja Kassin signs with Plush Talent

Katja Kassin shot her first porn scene in Germany in May of 2002 and since then has been nominated and won a slew of industry awards.

“I’m excited to be shooting again. I missed all my friends and family in the adult industry,” says Katja Kassin on her return to industry a yearlong break. “I’m happy that I found Plush Talent to work with for my return.”

Scottie Platinum from Plush Talent commented, “I am looking forward toworking with Katja. I’ve always privately been a huge fan of her work and I’m honored that I get to work with such an industry great.”

You can follow Katija Kassin on twitter @KatjaK4u.

Directors and producers interested in booking Katja Kassin should contact Scottie via email at

Plush Talent is a fully licensed and bonded agency, (LIC #TA-000213308). You can visit their website at or follow them on twitter @PlushTalent.


Katja Kassin at Al’s

Don’t miss Katja Kassin live on-stage for 3 nights only! She will be feature dancing Thursday, January 28th thru Saturday, January 30th. Call or go on-line for more information.

Thursday – 10:00pm and midnight
Friday – 9:00pm, 11:00pm, and 1:00am
Saturday – 9:00pm, 11:00pm, and 1:00am

Al’s Diamond Cabaret
1810 North 5th St.
Reading, PA

Katja Kassin reaches out to fan boi

Porn Star Katja Kassin recently reached out to a fan on her MySpace page and gave a very in depth answer to a question that she no doubt gets 100 times a month. The fan boi wanted to know how you can have sex with a porn star. Her answer is quite insightful and in depth.

Katja Kassin blogs : I just got this question for somebody and since people ask me this all the time over and over again, I want to post it here for all to read:

How do I bang a pornstar?

Look, I’m not even talking about you necessarily, I’ve wanted to fuck a pornstar for years, without paying, just through efforts known as “game” (I hate that term)… I’m a good looking dude, I’m clever as all hell, funny as a muthafucka, I’m not asking for a handout. I just want to know where I need to place myself so that I may be in a position to try my own hand, even if its just to get shut down (sometimes half the fun, HA!)… And not a fucking strip club… I don’t even care if she’s a headliner or not…



Hello K.

I want to answer your question in my blog because I really feel like I want to explain this to you. You don’t understand that most adult actresses are total regular people in their personal lives. Yes, they kind of have a weird little job but when they go home after work they want and need the same things a civilian girl would ask for.

Speaking for myself I am never interested in “hooking up”. If I like somebody I will let them know and I need to find somebody interesting in their personality and their character as well. In the end this is totally random and how could you ever explain why two people fall for each other. because they are attracted to each other? because they just click?

Most guys who end up being with a porn star never planned it. It just happens to be that way because they met her somewhere and they liked her enough to give her the benefit of the doubt that even beyond her kind of work they could see all that she has to offer ( and not just talking about the obvious).

you seem to think that just because somebody is a “porn star” all they are about is of a sexual nature. That’s not true. Most girls want some attention, somebody that asks how their day was or gives them a call just to hear their voice. So if you are ever in a position that you want to go out with a “porn star” just try to treat her like you would treat any other girl. Don’t ask her too many questions about her work. If she wants you to know, she will tell you. give her the feeling that you care for her and trust her and also that you would stand up for her, that you will be there for her if she needs a friend.

if you just want a fuck buddy, I don’t know what to tell you. Just go to bars and clubs and keep trying. It seems to me that you only want to get with her simply cuz she’s a porn star. Most girls in my business will not appreciate that. When they go home from work, they take off their stripper heels and fishnets, throw on a sweater, put their hair in a pony tail and hope that somewhere along the way there will be a genuine guy who really, truly likes them for who they are as a person.

and one more thing: we have too much senseless, brainless and meaningless “banging” at work so all we mostly want is somebody that cares. just think about it.



I’m really sick of people posting shit about me in my wikipedia article. Some things that are said there are simply not true. For example I am not bisexual. I do film scenes with girls but I consider myself 100% hetrosexual. I don’t know where that comes from because I have never said anywhere I was bi…

On the other hand if I try to update the article with correct and true facts about myself they always delete it.

wikipedia sucks! please don’t take that article on me for real. If you want to know something about me this myspace place it where you have to go. Ask me directly and don’t believe crap that other folks write about me. 


She blogs… 

4 more days…

I shot my last scene with my natural boobs today for Belladonna. A girl/girl anal scene with Sandra Romain. I was the school girl and Sandra was my teacher. I hope you don’t miss this one when it comes out because it has some hot anal play and if you have a foot fetish you have to check it out… It’s funny because Sandra will be in my first scene when I come back with my "new" look on June 26th.

Tomorrow I will be flighting to New York where I have my surgery on Friday. Only 4 more days. I want to spent a few days and relax before my big day. I’m nervous but I’m sure everything will go fine. I’m already taking all my vitamins, protein shakes and medications the doctor told me to. Two days before I will have a pre-op appointment where they order the implants and take my blood. I will have the new silicone Memory gel implants – I know it’s the right decision. They will look and fell so good. I’m really excited and can’t wait.

I was at the gym for the last time before surgery today and I lost more on my stomach. I hope I can be back at the gym soon so I can come back looking like a million bucks with "new" boobs and nice abs.



Title: Fucking in the Name of Science

Cast: Nikki Hunter, Katja Kassin, Sandy Simmers, Roxetta, Dillan Lauren, Felix Vicious, Chris Cannon, Van Damage, Evan Stone, Nick Manning

Company: Hustler Video

Director: Caesar Bonoba

            From what I understand, Fucking in the Name of Science is the sequel to Doc MaCock movie starring Evan Stone as a researcher at a medical institute.

            The beautiful Nikki Hunter is our box cover beauty and she begins Fucking in the Name of Science. The top heavy Hunter looked delightful wearing her strap on with clear dong as she put it too good use with Felix Vicious.

            Katja Kassin followed with Chris Cannon as they worked out the kinks of testing a dildo. Katja had a lot of energy masturbating and sucking off Cannon’s large cock. She is the skilled performer which takes over the scene if not the whole movie.

Fucking in the Name of Science wasn’t as strong as Doc MaCock, but it did have its moments. The comedy of the first film carried over in this one too. Overall fucking in the Name of Science was a strong effort but fell short of bettering the inaugural movie in the series.


Title: Katja Kassin’s Fuck Me

Cast: Katja Kassin, Alishka, Angelica, Jane Darling, Lacy Blue, Lea De Mae, Lucy Lee, Lyla Lei, Monique, Mickey Blue, Jazz Duro, Tony De Sergio, Steve Hooper, Lee Stone

Company: Harmony/Evil Angel

Director: Guzzman

Katja Kassin’s Fuck Me is cast with lovely girls getting off with toys, some of them being pretty damn big, as they talk to the camera. In due time, a hired gun comes in and fucks them with great point of view camera work.

The film has just about every sex act in the porn handbook and they give it to you two fold if not more. Like Kassin herself, this film is an action packed keg of dynamite ready to go off, it is up to you, the view, to pull the trigger.


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