As quick as they come, they seem to go

Did you hear the latest about Digital Playground contract girl Janie Summers?  Well, truth is I hadn’t either.  There has been so little fan fair about her, it really makes you wonder if something else is going on.

Anyway, there is an interesting story about her over at Darrah Ford’s site.

Janie Summers leaves Digital Playground. Makes the biggest mistake of her life by joining Porno Dan.


I emailed a few people tonight after first reading the press release and I was told yes it’s true.

The press release out there today states that Heather Starlet will be appearing on a live cam show this week for Private Camz and Immoral Productions. Heather Starlet was Digital Playground’s new contract girl Janie Summers. No where in the press release does it mention Digital Playground or the name Janie Summers. But Dan Leal did say Heather Starlet has just gotten out of her contract and will be making her first live appearance with them this week.

Digital Playground had just signed Heather to a contract six months ago. They had also renamed her Janie Summers. Soon after it was revealed that this was Janie’s return to the industry. After the AEE convention that same year (January 2009), her family staged an intervention and Janie soon found God. Eight months later she signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground.

The reason why it wouldn’t have worked for anyone in the same situation is because Janie already had issues with porn and religion. She’s already left once and might leave again. If she doesn’t leave and stays, she might begin to hate porn and herself even more and blame everyone around her in the industry for all her problems.

Now six months later, she’s mysteriously left Digital Playground. She was nominated for AVN’s Best New Starlet award just last month. The same month, her debut Digital Playground movie “Private Lessons” was released. But I just looked through all the press releases and I never got one promoting her new movie.

She was at the AEE convention & AVN Awards promoting her movie and representing Digital Playground. She was also the official Trophy Girl at the award show. So why after only one movie and an AVN award nomination is she gone? Did the movie not sell well? I can’t imagine they got rid of her so quickly after only one movie and after all the press she was getting after her nomination. Did something horrible happen while at Digital Playground? Or did she leave on her own thinking it was a lot of pressure dealing with the company?

Now after being a short lived contract girl for Digital Playground and being nominated for an AVN award, I would think Janie could have her pick of any company and quickly get another contract. So why ruin any chance of a future in this industry by getting involved with Porno Dan of all people? Does she not know who he is and what kind of a person he is? Has she not heard the stories that are out there about him from others in the industry that know first hand what kind of a person he is?

He’s a predator who preys on the new 18 to 20-year-olds who don’t realize yet the danger they’re getting into by being around him. And if they actually want a career in this industry, the last person to be associated with is Dan. His actions and bad reputation rub off on these women and no one will take them seriously anymore which will cost them work. So I don’t understand how Janie could have made such a major downgrade from Digital Playground to Immoral Productions or why no one around her or at Digital Playground warned her about Dan and who to stay away from while in this industry.

So here she is back as Heather Starlet. A religious girl who already had issues with her profession and her faith. Now she’s worse off than when she first began digging herself into a deeper emotional black hole.

Is This The New Jesse Jane?

Mike South is reporting that Digital Playground recently signed a new starlet of which they have renamed to Janie Summers. This virtual unknown started in the business in 2009 as Heather Starlet doing only girl on girl or solo / masturbation type work then seems to have merged over into the girl / girl stuff recently.  Digital Playground recently lost Stoya and now if the story of Rio Valentine getting pregnant just after signing on with Digital Playground, that makes it a huge problem for DP with the AVN show coming up in just a few months.  They will be short on girls to sign for them.


Mike South says : Got a good tip today that Digital Playground just signed ultra cute Heather Starlet to an exclusive contract. This isn’t surprising everyone knows DP is looking to fill the hole left by Stoya, who was being groomed to be the next Jesse Jane. What surprising is that even though Heather is a relative unknown she does have a pretty large body of work out, but then so did Katsuni. Her DP name will be Janie Summers…You heard it here first though!

So does this cute little blonde have what it takes to be the next Jesse Jane as Mike South suggested? I guess only time will tell. But I will tell you one thing, she can take one hell of a big fucking dildo. Look at that shit in the picture below, which I found on her site