Is Rio Valentine Faking Her Pregnancy?

Digital Playground’s newest contract star Rio Valentine signed with them only a short time ago.  About a month after shooting her first few scenes she heads back home and reports that she is pregnant.   Now a source who claims to know her very well is telling a whole other story.   He asked me not to reveal his name but wanted it to be known that Rio Valentine has a lot of “mental problems” and often makes up medical conditions including a recent cancer scare to get attention.  He said “Just before her so called cancer scare she told several people that she had a medical problem that prevented her from getting pregnant” and another person told me that she told them she was able to get pregnant but if she did, the pregnancy would kill her.

My latest source had this to say —  “I don’t know what scam she is trying to pull on this guy but if he would just do the math I think he would find the days don’t add up.” I tried to probe the guy a little more and find out what he meant and what he was talking about and all he would say is that “this guy is blinded by his lust for her and hears only what he wants to hear that if he wasn’t such a dumb ass he would look into the concept of contraception and see that maybe some things she is saying may not be so true.  Trust me, I’ve been there done that.  I know the power she can have over a man but don’t be a dumb ass.  Don’t fall for her shit like so many before you.

I don’t know if this guy is some fucked up stalker ex boyfriend or maybe he really does know the truth or something we all don’t know but I did want to present you his side of the story and let you decide for yourself.

Rio Valentine June 2009

Rio Valentine has no movies out yet for Digital Playground, she does however have a few our when she was known as Morgan and Morgan Dayne, such as the title MY PERSONAL PANTIES.  In the mean time you can watch her MySpace page to find out when her new stuff for them will be released.

3 thoughts on “Is Rio Valentine Faking Her Pregnancy?

  1. I have to admit it’s entertaining to read about others. So Ryan if you don’t mind I would like to just point out a few areas I have questioned. For starters people lie daily like they eat breakfast. It’s the level of that lie that gets them into trouble. I have experienced personal relationships this very same kind of behavior with people believing their own lies to gain attention. It doesn’t surprise me. As viewing her MySpace she seems a bit confused. For example she states the “gurl who grew strong and learned from her mistakes”. Wow and she is 19, it usually takes most of us a life time to learn or I should say it takes through out our lives to learn from our mistakes.

    A second statement, “What else is better then Great sex, Fun, Traveling,fans,and being able to inspire people sexually while still keeping your grounds and morals” First off Rio there is nothing inspiring about “porn” or morally justified and people will judge you. My advice get yourself together, grow up and figure out who you are as a young woman. You have a long way to go, being at a tender age of 19 in this buisness, you will lose yourself faster than finding yourself:)

    As for a answer for the lies she speaks of go to this webpage. Munchausen’s Syndrome is a disorder that people lie about having illness. This give an idea.

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