It’s a girl … well it will be apparently

Porn Star Rio Valentine, aka Morgan Dayne who reported getting pregnant almost immediately after shooting her first scenes with Digital Playground actually turns out to really be pregnant. I say this because we had a few emails coming in that told us otherwise (see full story here).  They said Rio Valentine is totally insane and that chances are she isn’t pregnant and just faking it for attention.

Rio Valentine Digital Playground

Through her newest myspace page we learned by baby is due in 22 weeks and she plans on naming it Madilyn Aubrey.  There even seems to be an image of Rio Valentine pregnant so if she is faking it like some people are saying then she’s one hell of a faker cause she totally looks pregnant to me in those pics, although to be fair there is one EX of hers that reports Rio Valentine then going by the name Morgan Gonzales, has faked a pregnancy before.

As far as who the baby daddy really is, if this pregnancy is real, Morgan Dayne aka Rio Valentine has yet to say. At the time the story broke she was married to a man named Blake but dating someone named Mat. Then rumor was she was only married to “Blake” for his health insurance but that in reality they are just really good friends. Then soon after the announcement of her pregnancy she broke up with Mat and apparently started back up a relationship with Blake again and now, at least according to her myspace page, both of those men are out and now she seems to be in a relationship with a new guy by the name of Kenneth Anthony.

I have no fucking clue if anything anyone tells me is true or not or if Rio Valentine is really  even pregnant but from the pictures I seen, it does look like she really is.  As far as who she is currently dating, or married to, despite being so extremely young, she just has far to many marriages and breakups for me to keep up with, sorry.  But I will report to you any other gossip that comes my way about her.

3 thoughts on “It’s a girl … well it will be apparently

  1. First off to clear up a few things.. If your going to get info from my EX husband he is my ex for a reason and I married him at 16 so he has NO CLUE about me now or anything to do with me in the industry… As far as the babies daddy and who im dating I really dont find it any of your biz. you act like ive been around the block you know of 3 relationships i have had in over 2 years… And as Far as Kenneth Anthony Goes if you really looked at my myspace pages you would see we are Just friends Been friends for over 4 years and never anything more he is married himself.. and I would appreciate the gossip to at least be true and not base on assumptions and rumors you here from all of my haters…

  2. Ok, “Miss” Rio, you say it’s noone “biz”.

    Let me remind you of something i told you years ago, you go into an industry like this expect your life to be under a microscope.

    First off, anything i say – Is, and always will be the truth, what motive do i have to lie?

    Yes, it IS confusing when I’ve known you for 4 years, married to you for 3 of those years, and i myself can’t count the amount of “Medical” lies, and fake pregnancy you have fabricated for money, and attention. That is who you are.

    I contact Ryan months ago to clear my name, you were accusing me of telling lies, when i had NEVER contacted Ryan, someone else did, yet you jumped directly to me.

    You did fake pregnancies in the past with me, so – There should rightfully be so some doubt when you claim it again, i don’t know, and don’t care.

    I care about you slinging mud to my name.

    Also – You did marry me, 6 months after we divorced you were married again, and while married you were begging for me back, i don’t care why you were married.

    Like Ryan said, you can’t even legally buy beer – Yet you’ve been in more relationships, and marriages then even an Ex-Hubby can count.

    That speaks for itself – I don’t hate you, i laugh at you.

    You are a hypocrite, you hated porn, and now you became a porn star, because you couldn’t find success as a high fashion model so you turned to an easy way up.

    Your sad.

  3. Also as for me not knowing anything about you, and the industry –

    You were blowing up my cell phone, and telling me play-by-plays about what you were doing, even claimed you were in this industry for me.

    Keep throwing those lies!

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