Vivid’s latest celebrity sex tape star now in jail

Vivid’s newest celebrity sex tape star is not having such a great holiday season. And yes, I use the term “celebrity” very loosely here.


Pippi Longstocking star Tami Erin ‘arrested for felony hit-and-run and drunk driving’ after ‘hitting three cars and fleeing the scene’

Pippi Longstocking star Tami Erin has allegedly been arrested for hit-and-run and drunk driving.The 39-year-old actress, who played the beloved children’s book character on the big screen, was taken into custody on Saturday after she reportedly fled the scene after hitting three cars in Los Angeles.According to TMZ, at least one person was taken to hospital following the accident, which raises the charge from misdemeanor to a felony.The former child star, who recently sold a sex tape, allegedly hit one car then fled the scene, then she hit another car and drove away, until finally she was stopped after crashing into a third car.

According to the website, she was given a field sobriety test and arrested for DUI and felony hit-and-run.

A source told TMZ she was ‘totally out of control… just out of it.’

Bail was set at $100,000; the actress was allegedly bailed out of later in the day.

Erin made headlines earlier this year after she allegedly assaulted her male roommate.

She also recently sold a sex tape to adult film company Zero Tolerance Entertainment.

‘My ex-boyfriend is trying to release it with or without me,’ she told TMZ in September. ‘I’m beating him to the punch.’

She is said to have received $10,000 for the footage.

Erin was 11 when she won the coveted part of the red-headed girl in the film The New Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking.

Pippi is a fictional character in a series of children’s books by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren.

The popular stories were adapted into several movies and a television series.

Erin most recent acting work was in the 2010 movie Tim & Eric’s Awesome Christmas Special starring Zach Galifianakis and John C. Reilly.




Tami Erin — the actress who played Pippi Longstocking — was arrested Saturday afternoon for felony hit and run and drunk driving … TMZ has learned.

Erin was driving in L.A. when she allegedly hit 3 cars and took off.   Law enforcement sources say at least one person was taken to the hospital.

And get this … Erin didn’t hit them all at once — we’re told she hit the first car then drove off … then hit another car and drove off … and then she hit the last.

When cops found her they did a field sobriety test and then arrested her for both the felony hit and run and DUI.  One source says she was “totally out of control … just out of it.”

Erin refused to submit a blood alcohol test … and her bail was set at $100K.

As TMZ first reported … Erin’s latest screen credit is a gnarly sex tape.

Brilliant Devon James publicity stunt

I saw a headline today titled Tiger Woods Sex Tape from Adult Industry News. The article states that pornstar Devon James is currently in negotiations with several companies to sell her 62 minute long Tiger Woods sex tape. What makes this such an awesome PR stunt is that there is NO WAY IN HELL Tiger Woods would sign a release for this tape. And we all know that no release equals no sex tape. So it’s not really about there actually being a sex tape (which I doubt there is) but more about getting Miss Devon’s name in the press. What is that saying, “there is NO bad press“? At the end of the article it even says: “She is currently available for booking…” Hmm, you think!

It seems that all we hear about lately is one sex tape after another like Montana Fishburne, Karissa Shannon, Kendra Wilkinson, Danielle Staub (from Housewife of NJ fame) Mindy McCreedy, and the list goes on and on. People seem to think that if it is a scandal or not a “planned” movie (not counting Miss Fishburne) than it is a hot ticket item and the more famous the person, the more tantalizing the movie. So why not use your tryst with Tiger to get your name out there. The 15 minutes of fame for being one of Tiger’s mistresses is over, so a girl has to do what a girl has to do to make that 15 minutes last longer and getting your name in the headlines again for a “sex tape” is a perfect way to get people talking about you again. So all I have to say to Devon James, is YOU GO GIRL!

*UPDATE* RadarOnline reports that Devon is trying to pitch the tape to Vivid. “This sex tape is worth at least $350,000,” James said, exclusively. “If Vivid won’t pay enough, we’re going to self-release the tape… It’s going to be the bomb.”

When asked about the impending meeting, Vivid’s head honcho Steve Hirsch told “We can’t comment at this time.”

I hope that Devon James realizes that what money she could get from self-releasing the tape will all be spent on legal fees with the multimillionaire Tiger Woods takes her to court!

Mindy McCready sex tape update

Controversial Video Will Be in Stores and on May 4th


As promised, here is the latest news reported by Vivid about the Mindy McCready sex tape controversy. To read my previous post CLICK HERE

I find it absolutely hilarious that Mindy has claimed complete innocence in the whole affair, but Vivid is claiming to have a signed release form from her!

LOS ANGELES – (April 28, 2010) – Vivid Entertainment today made public a model release signed by country music star Mindy McCready that confirms she transferred rights to a sex tape she made with her ex-boyfriend to a third party.  Vivid said it intends to move forward with plans to release the steamy video it calls “Mindy McCready, Baseball Mistress” on Tuesday, May 4th to stores across the country and

The notarized model release specifically references “McCready … eating dinner, relaxing and having sex.  Mindy McCready is a country music star. (She was) over 18 when recorded.  Footage is 2 hours, 40 minutes long.”

Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid, said his studio, which obtained the tape from a third party last year, has turned the documentation over to McCready’s attorney, Adam Dread, and is making it public to show “we have nothing to hide and we have all the appropriate documentation.” The signed papers are available to view on

McCready displays her sexual talents in the movie and describes the bedroom performances of Red Sox and Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens and other celebrities she’s been involved with over the years.

“We acquired the video last year for our Vivid-Celeb line, believing that McCready’s fame was on the rise because she was releasing a new album and would be on the Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew show,” Hirsch said. “It was a very appealing package to us because not only is the footage exciting with very hot sex, all of the paperwork was in order and we knew we were getting a completely legal product.”

McCready’s attorney had previously sent a “cease and desist” letter to Vivid asserting that the company had no rights to the tape.

“We do, in fact, have the rights to this material and we fully intend to market it,” said Hirsch.

“Our door will always be open to Mindy and she should feel free to contact me anytime.”

Dread (Mindy’s Lawyer) had sought to get an injunction, but has now changed course. He does say that McCready was not in the appropriate mental state when she signed off on the rights to the tape.

“I talked to Mindy and we decided why spend all the money, energy and time on fighting this when it will be leaked anyway,” Dread told The News Thursday night. “I can tell you this, she certainly didn’t have the mental capacity to enter into an agreement if she signed off on this. But we’re moving on. She’ll devote her time to her new album that is out and to her family.”

McCready was one of the nine cast members in the latest season of VH1 “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.” She plans to promote her new album “Mindy McCready I’m Still Here” across the country this month. It’s her first in eight years and she is best known for her hits “Ten Thousand Angels” and “Guys Do It All The Time.”


Fayner Posts: So yesterday I wrote that the Gene Simmons tape would only be bought by one person and that person is performer Dick Tracy who loves KISS so much he’d probably drink Paul Stanley’s semen if he asked him to.

Not an hour passed and Dick sends me this email announcing his love for Gene Simmons.

Strange? Yes indeed.

Unhealthy? Of course.

Expected? Without a doubt.

Dick Tracy Writes In: dude

I fucking launched diet sprite outta my nose all over my computer screen laughing so fucking hard..yeah gene is one ugly sob but kiss rules dude(yeah so does VAN HALEN too..I cant say they suck,especially now they’ve got dave

back..great show..I went 3 times by the way)…yes I buy everything kiss puts out….but actually not too sure about this one..but yeah I’ll watch it probably….hahahahaha..fuckin faynor…………… – D2thamuthafuckinT


Celebrity sex tapes, once a stigma, becoming big business


David Joseph, pictured in his Chatsworth, California office on Feb. 27, sells sex tapes of celebrities like Paris Hilton, seen on the screen in the background.

Two years ago Red Light District, a little known video company in California, hit the jackpot when it landed distribution rights to the Paris Hilton sex tape, an explicit bedroom video shot by a former boyfriend. The DVD has sold some 600,000 copies, establishing Red Light District as the leading player in a lucrative niche of the pornography industry: A purveyor of explicit videos of famous people, sold to an eager public, often over the vehement objections of the participants.

Hilton tried to stop distribution of the tape, although its notoriety paradoxically catapulted her to an even higher orbit of fame, establishing her as a kind of postmodern celebrity, leading to perfume deals, a memoir and the covers of Vanity Fair and W.

For its part Red Light District is hoping for a follow-up hit with a new celebrity sex tape featuring two rock stars, Kid Rock and Scott Stapp, who is the former front man of a Christian rock group, Creed. David Joseph, the president of Red Light, predicts he could sell 300,000 to 400,000 copies of the tape at US$20 to US$24 wholesale.

"Everybody is going to want to see what these guys’ lives are really like when they’re on the road with the groupies," he said.

But for now he can’t sell it. On Feb. 28 a federal judge, in response to a lawsuit brought by Kid Rock, ordered Red Light to shut down Web sites showing snippets of the film.

"We believe that this tape was a private tape, improperly obtained," said William Horton, Kid Rock’s lawyer, in an interview. "And we intend to keep it private."

He added, "We’re not hankering for a license agreement. We don’t want any money."

After two additional lawsuits were filed against Red Light last week — by Stapp and a woman appearing on the tape, which shows the two stars receiving oral sex in a motor home after a concert in 1999 — Red Light says it will not press its case in the courts, but will try to negotiate with those featured in the tape for the rights to sell it.

Whatever the resolution of this conflict, gone are the days when a sex tape — which might seem the most embarrassing of disclosures — automatically destroys a celebrity’s career. Although the actor Rob Lowe became a pariah in Hollywood in the 1980s when he taped himself having sex with two women, one a minor, amateur sex tapes today seem to juice up careers, at least for celebrities who already have a certain cheese factor.

Besides Hilton, there is Pamela Anderson, whose fame as a B-list actress and tabloid favorite seemed to accelerate when an explicit tape of her having sex with her husband, the rocker Tommy Lee, was shown on the Internet in 1997, despite the couple’s attempts to suppress it in court.

In late 2004 a former pro wrestling star named Chyna Doll and her husband actually approached Red Light District to distribute their amateur sex tape. More than 100,000 copies have sold, the company says, with its stars sharing the profits. Chyna Doll, whose real name is Joanne Laurer, got a career boost after the DVDs release when she was cast on the popular VH1 reality show The Surreal Life.

Joe Levy, the executive editor of Rolling Stone, which covered the brouhaha over the Rob Lowe tape in the `80s, said, "The huge difference between nearly 20 years ago and now is that pornography is more easily available, therefore there is far less of a stigma attached to it."

Levy added: "In this day and age everyone has their own video camera and is free to use it in whatever manner they desire. The more people that make these tapes for their own pleasure, the less they think it horrifying that others have done so too."

Celebrity sex tapes surface with such regularity that cynics question whether the stars themselves may be complicit, despite their efforts to suppress them in court, because of the publicity they bring. Although he is suing Red Light to keep his tape out of public hands, Kid Rock told reporters this month: "What perfect timing. I got a record coming up."

Questions surround the dealings that move a celebrity sex tape from camera to middleman to distributor to the public. How does a tape of the most intimate and private acts end up being sold to hundreds of thousands of viewers, often over the objections of the participants?

Although the US$10 billion-a-year pornography industry is increasingly mainstream, how legitimate is Red Light’s shadowy corner of the business?

Joseph said all his dealings have been on the up and up.

"Of course I ask them how they get it and make sure it’s not stolen," he said, referring to the peddlers of celebrity sex tapes.

For the Paris Hilton tape Joseph said he struck a deal with Rick Salomon, its co-star, who had been selling the tape himself for US$50 on a Web site. Joseph said he agreed to give nearly 50 percent of the distribution profits to Salomon, although he declined to name a figure. (The tape won an award from a porn industry trade group for Top Selling Title of the Year in 2005.)


“X romance” worth $3 million?



Sex sells. If it involves a big boy like Colin Farrell, it booms. And if it involves a glam girl with one-fourth desi genes, the price can simply shoot up to many many millions.

Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain (

 BEIJING, March. 17 (Xinhuanet) — Sex sells. If it involves a big boy like Colin Farrell, it booms. And if it involves a glam girl with one-fourth desi genes, the price can simply shoot up to many many millions.

    The former glamour model Nicole Narain – Playboy’s Miss January 2002 — has been seeking to market a videotaped sex session with the ‘Alexander’ of Hollywood-Colin Farrell and if the buzz is to be believed, the Indian-American model could get a whopping a $3 million as advance payment from an Internet porn outfit for this.

    According to, Nicole Narain is stipulated in an October 2005 option agreement she signed with Internet Commerce Group (ICG), the Arizona firm that would be poised to distribute the 15-minute video if Farrell’s Los Angeles Superior Court legal challenge fails.

    Nicole Narain dated the Hollywood hellraiser three years ago.
   The video reportedly shows the movie hunk engaging in sex acts with the former model during their brief romance.

    Narain has insisted the pair never agreed to keep the tape private, and hoped to have the case dismissed in order to benefit financially by its public release.     

    Leodis Matthews, an attorney for Narain, said: ‘Sales of the videotape could represent significant income for my client.
    “It would rival that of the notorious Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape,” he said.

    There is a rider though. To get to that point, Nicole needs to prevail in her lawsuit against the Hollywood star, who is suing to keep the steamy video under wraps.


Bid Lost to Have Farrell Sex Tape Suit Tossed


LOS ANGELES – Playboy magazine’s Miss January 2002 today lost a motion for dismissal of a lawsuit brought by actor Colin Farrell, who is seeking to prevent the distribution of a sex tape they made three years ago.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle ruled the lawsuit stated sufficient claims to go to trial on grounds of breach of oral contract, invasion of privacy, violation of common law right of publicity, unfair competition and unfair business practices.

Berle rejected defense arguments that Farrell’s lawyers were, in effect, making a copyright infringement claim that could not be supported by the law. He directed Narain’s attorneys to file an answer to the lawsuit.

Paul Berra, the 29-year-old Irish actor’s attorney, declined to comment on the outcome of today’s motion. However, he said in court that the case was never about copyright violations or it would have been brought in federal court.

Narain’s attorney, Leodis Matthews, said outside the courtroom that he was not surprised by the decision.

"The judge took the position we pretty much expected he would take, but we had to narrow down some of the issues," Matthews said.

Narain will not only file an answer to the lawsuit, but also a counterclaim seeking a definition from the judge of her rights in the case, Matthews said.

Matthews said Farrell is avoiding a deposition in the case that would clarify what his intentions were in making the tape with Narain. He said that at the end of the tape Farrell can be heard asking Narain what she wants to do with it.

Matthews said the value of the tape in terms of income to Narain could rival that of the Pamela Anderson-Tommy Lee sex videotape. While on the Internet the Farrell-Narain tape had up to 3,700 hits per hour, he said.

Narain is challenging Farrell’s claim that they had an agreement to keep the tape private. She alleges that, as "co-creator" of the videotape, federal copyright law grants her the rights to reproduce, market and distribute it.

Farrell, the star of such films as "The New World," "Alexander" and the newly released "Ask the Dust," filed suit eight months ago, naming Narain along with Paul Nash, marketing director of the adult Web site company Internet Commerce Group, and celebrity porn broker David Hans Schmidt.

Although a restraining order has been in place since then, temporarily blocking public release of the 15-minute-long video, which shows Farrell and Narain engaged in various sex acts, it surfaced on the Internet for a brief period on Jan. 10.

Since the case was filed, other defendants have been added, including Narain’s friend, Candace Smith, a former model on "The Price Is Right," and several Internet site operators.

At an earlier hearing, the attorneys agreed to enter mediation to try to resolve the lawsuit before a July 17 trial date set by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu M. Berle.

The judge ordered mediation to wrap up by April 20 and set a post-mediation status conference for April 27.


B-list Hollywood celebrities from “it” girl Paris Hilton to actor Tom Sizemore are finding that, far from being a kiss of death, the release of their home-made sex videos can be a big career boost.

While “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson and her rocker husband Tommy Lee fought tooth and nail to keep their sex romps private, they inadvertently launched a new trend that some lesser stars are now happy to feed as celebrity nookie becomes a growing niche in the X-rated movie industry. Blond bombshell Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Lee, who have since divorced, became cult porn stars when a cassette of their raunchy pursuits was stolen from a safe in 1997.

The couple waged a legal battle to block the release of the tape, but ultimately reached a settlement and the video went on to sell more than 100,000 copies. “Pam and Tommy at the time was by far the biggest celebrity tape that has ever been to the marketplace,” said Steven Hirsch, co-founder and joint chief executive of top US pornography studio Vivid Entertainment. Gone are the days when actors feared that photographs in flagrante delicto could ruin their careers, as did screen heartthrob Rob Lowe when he was filmed cavorting with an underage girl in 1988.

Until her taped bedroom escapade with boyfriend Rick Saloman hit the Internet in 2003, platinum-haired hotel heiress Paris Hilton, 24, was known for little else than looking radiant on the red carpet and turning up at all the best parties. While she was mortified that her hard-core exploits, filmed with a green-hued night-vision lens, became among the most watched videos online, her stock in Hollywood rose dramatically as a result of the overexposure. As the film, suggestively-titled “One Night in Paris,” was released on DVD selling tens of thousands of copies, Tinseltown came knocking on Hilton’s door.

Since then, she has had no fewer than five movie acting roles, several other screen appearances as herself and her reality television show “The Simple Life” became a surprise smash hit. “I hate what happened with that sex tape, but it only made her hotter,” commented business mogul Donald Trump in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair.

After Hilton recovered from the embarrassment of having her sexploits viewed to the world, even she now waxes philosophical about the indignity. And actor Sizemore, who had roles in Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan” and Ridley Scott’s “Black Hawk Down,” has also decided that baring all is the way to go when one’s career is sagging. As his career slowed and he narrowly escaped jail-time following convictions for drug offences and beating up his girlfriend, a reportedly near-broke Sizemore gave his blessing to the sale of a recording of his bedroom antics.

In stark contrast with screen A-lister Colin Farrell, who is fighting a legal battle to keep private a film of him in bed with a former girlfriend, Sizemore has endorsed the release of his exploits by Vivid.

One star of the US reality TV show “Survivor” even secretly set up a company to sell her sex video, before going on to complain publicly about the humiliation of such an invasion of privacy, according to reports. The strange new cohabitation between mainstream cinema and porn is symptomatic of a blurring of the lines between pornography and pop culture, said University of Southern California sociology professor Julie Albright. afp


In response to fayner’s review of Tom Sizemore’s sex tape that said


This email came our way

Fat actor+crystal meth+hookers+video camera= sales …. 10k out the door with reorders.

But thanks for your review anyway.

Howard Levine
National Sales Manager
Vivid Club Jenna/Tera Products
818-718-0202 Ext. 3100
818-718-8402 Fax