The Epassporte Drama Never Ends

There is always some sort of cry baby drama going on over at the AVN owned GFY ( and well, today is no fucking different.  Actually that’s not true.  Today is a little different because today someone got banned from the popular industry board for telling the truth.  Only he made the mistake of telling the truth about one of the big boys and we all know how you can’t cross anyone in the fucking lame as “bro club”.

Well I say fuck those fuckers.  Epass was a big time member of the bro club and after fucking over 1000s of people, he apparently still gets to keep his membership. This is going to be one of those long and fucking complicated stories to stick with me. In the end you’ll see how the guy who fucked you all from epass is still in and around the big boys making money off of all of you fuckers still.

So let me connect all the little fucking dots for you people.

Python is an affiliate program who has been around since at least 1996. Back in the day it was headed up by a man who nobody would ever for a moment question his integrity, David Vanderpoel. Nobody has really seen or heard from him in awhile. Although he apparently still holds a financial interest in the company, but he’s moved on to bigger and better things. But the company hasn’t died out. In fact they acquired another affiliate program called Dollar Machine.

The “owner” of Python / Dollar Machine (or so says the industry buzz) is a man named Chad Moldon. He is married to a super hot fucking chick named Shaliza Somani.

She was a part owner of epass and was even heavily involved in the making of Middle Men and given a co-executive producer credit so don’t let her hot looks for a moment fool you.  She helped the owner fuck you all out of a shit ton of money.  Every single dime you lost to the ePass scam you can in part blame her.  Again I don’t care how fucking hot she is, the bitch fucked you out of your money.

This chick is said to still be working with Chris Mallick from ePass.  This is not some drama from her past, this is present day as she is still associating with the fucker from ePassporte.

By the way, the guy who brought this information to light was banned from posting on GFY anymore.  Apparently thou shall not speak ill will against anyone in the bro club.  AVN great job at running your shit man.  Thought you were going to clean up those boards?  Good job you are doing there.

DEA posts on GFY …. Anyone pushing traffic to or DollarMachine is putting food and wine on Shaliza Somani ‘s Table …she is married to the owner Chad Moldon.  Shaliza you personally had atleast %5 in epassporte holdings and if Chris Mallick sharted you were there to clean up the mess…How much time did you spend working on Middle Men Movie BOMB ?.Where is the money honey? Why have you gone MIA from GFY ?

What Gives?


Fuck DollarMachine
Fuck Epassporte


Michael O on GFY writes …. Its pretty clear now that Chris stole a lot of money from a lot of people right?  Shaliza is still associating with him and working with him so I have a hard time seeing what your problem is.

I liked Shaliza a lot and were very happy working for her for almost 5 years but she were Chris’ right hand woman and is still working for/with him! So that make her as guilty in my eyes as Chris is and as Chris have stated on this board his key people had a stake in ePassporte.