Selena Rose …. who?

Digital Playground is notorious for one thing, not for great porn but for how they treat their contract stars.   They fall over themselves to promote their favorite star Jesse Jane while at the same time ignoring pretty much everyone else.  It makes one wonder, why even put anyone else under contract if you are just going to threat them like second class citizens?  I truly never understood this about Digital Playground.

While I admit recently they have been giving some promotion to Riley Steele who I hear is being groomed to take over Jesse Jane’s spot as #1 girl when Jesse retires, what about the other girls?  Did you know that Selena Rose is still under contract with DP?  I sure didn’t.  I didn’t even remember she existed until a friend mentions her today as they came across her twitter page by accident.   And then there is the new girl Bibi Jones.  I quite honestly forgot about her too until I started writing this.  They did the same thing to Morgan Dayne, who they renamed Rio Valentine.

It just seems very strange to me how much attention they put into their favorites and how little everyone else gets.  I don’t understand it and I guess I never will.


One thought on “Selena Rose …. who?

  1. I think that they contract girls for different reasons. Vivid was more democratic in that they used to promote all their girls pretty equally. I think DP contracts girls just to lock in production costs and have an exclusive product on the makret and is not interested in making the girls household names.

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