Who Is The Most Popular Vivid Girl?

Right now Vivid really only has three girls under contract since Briana Banks recently left, as did Monique Alexander and Sunny Leone and Savanna Samson make movies under the umbrella of their own company names, ie: Sunny Leone’s company SunLust Pictures.

So that leaves Vivid with really only the three new girls under contract which is Meggan Mallone, Hanna Hilton and Nikki Jayne.  Despite claims from places like Adult FYI that “juggernauts such as Vivid have no plans to film new content until well into 2010“, Vivid in fact is continuing their production schedule and even most recently discussed their work on a part two of the Hanna Hilton movie called Bounce.  Vivid is paying three girls to be under contract so no way they are going to sit around on their ass and do nothing with those girls for another year.  Why keep them under contract then if they aren’t going to film them doing anything?  Meggan Mallone recently said at a panel in Austin that she is under contract to make at least 10 movies this year, nearly 1 every month.


But even then, things aren’t the same at Vivid as they were before.  Had Vivid ever had so few girls under contract?  But is that really a bad thing?  I don’t think ever in their history have they ever had a batch of contract girls that got along so well.  We all seen or at least heard about the cat fights between Kira Kener and Briana Banks and on the Showtime reality series Debbie Does Dallas we seen the ill will between Stefani Morgan and Monique Alexander play out.  But not this time.  For what I would venture to guess, the first time in the companies history their contract girls all not only really get along but are best friends.  They love and support each other and can’t wait to get together and help each other out.  How shocking is that?

But I’m really getting off track here.  The point of this story is, who is the most famous Vivid girl right now?  We have Meggan Mallone who was signed first but prior to that was a virtual unknown.  She however seems to be getting the most mainstream media attention from the Vivid PR crew.  Then there is Hanna Hilton who prior to coming to Vivid had a decent sized fan based as a popular Internet model and even a former Penthouse Pet.  Then there is Nikki Jayne was is sort of the Indy girl of them all.  She had just gotten started making movies when she signed with Vivid but already her reputation with the fan boys on the message boards and websites went on and on about how totally fucking hot her performances were.  She was getting a swelling fan base just based off of word of mouth, much like indy bands do.

But is that enough to make her top dog over at Vivid?  according to the recent Fame Registry numbers the number one Vivid girl right now is by far Hanna Hilton.  Hanna Hilton comes in at #92 this month while Nikki Jayne and Meggan Mallone don’t quite make the hot 100.   I think what helps Hanna Hilton is that she has an established popular website, whereas the other two don’t.  Nikki Jayne just started hers and Meggan Mallone says hers is in the works. Perhaps when their official websites get more established it will bring them higher up in the numbers.

  • 92 – Hanna Hilton (Last Month # 95)
  • 138 – Nikki Jayne (Last Month # 133)
  • 142 – Meggan Mallone (Last Month # 142)

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