Big Budget gets Beat Out by Low Quality?

There is no denying that Digital Playground spent a shit ton of money on the production and marketing of Pirates II.   I heard rumors about their marketing budget but I don’t know for sure.  Let’s just say if the rumors are true, they spent more money on marketing Pirates II than probably 10 normal movies cost to be made.  Anyway the point is, did all of this hoopla really pay off?  Although the movie remains at the top of the charts but you know what’s selling even better?  A movie thrown together almost overnight and rushed into production.  I’m not saying it’s a low quality piece of shit or anything but let’s be real, as fast as this fucker was made, it couldn’t of exactly had the highest of production values.  Of course I speak of the political spoof, Who’s Nailin’ Paylin from Hustler.  Knowing that your super high budget fuck flick is being outsold by this shit, has to be a sore spot of Digital Playground, who currently has their stars like Jenna Jane traveling the globe promoting the mega hit.  Truth is, by far Pirates II is a better movie.  It’s not just because the girls are hotter, which they are but because it’s clear when watching the movies that the overall production values are better with Pirates II than with Hustler’s Sara Palin political porn.  It’s crap.  They threw it together in 5 minutes and you can see it come through in the scenes of the movie.  I get that the idea was funny.  It really is but I still say Pirates II is a better movie and I hope that is reflected come awards time.

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