Monique Alexander in Long Island

Calling all you Monique Alexander fans who just so happen to live in the Long Island area, she is performing tonight.  In fact here is what she has to say about it ……..

Hey ever one I’m featu​re danci​ng tonig​ht thru fri in Long Islan​d,​NY at The Scene​ come check​ me out!​!​!​ There​ will be two shows​ a night​ with givea​ways & games​ so if your in the area come by its going​ to be a good time 🙂  Xoxo,​ Moniq​ue Alexa​nder

SHOW TIMES​!​!​!​!​!

  • WEDS:​ 11:​30 & 1AM
  • THURS​:​ 11:​30 & 1AM
  • FRIDA​Y:​ 12:​30 & 1:​30AM

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