Nikki Jayne loves her green and yellow dress

Hanna Hilton posted photos today on her MySpace page about her appearance at the Pirates II premier.  She attended the event with Derek from LA Direct Models (aka Ben English the porn star), his girlfriend / fiancée and fellow Vivid girl Nikki Jayne, and Lexxi Tyler.  AVN was there doing the red carpet, and covering the event for their website and that seems to be where Hanna Hilton got the photos.

What stood out the most was Nikki Jayne because she worse this cute little dress that we are becoming all to familiar with, mostly because she wears it all the time.   I think this is the third event I’ve seen her wear it to in about the last two months.  Here is a shot of Nikki Jayne and Derek (aka Ben English) at his birthday party just recently.   You may notice Ben English is wearing a brown shirt that is just like the black one he wore to the premiere.

Here is another shot from the Pirates II premier, which by the way I heard was fucking great.  They throw around the phrase “the best adult movie of all time” all to often but I think from what I am hearing at least this is the one time it may actually have been properly used.  You know what else I notice about this photo?  NIKKI JAYNE IS FUCKING TALL.  HOLY SHIT!  She towers over the others around her.  The LA Direct Models website lists her as 5 foot 9 inches tall but they also say Hanna Hilton is 5 foot 9.  Clearly Nikki Jaye is significantly taller than Hanna Hilton.  Hanna Hilton’s Myspace page also lists her as 5 foot 9 so I would guess that puts Nikki Jayne over 6 foot.  In the previous photo with Derek you can see that she is at least a few inches taller than him and he is at least an inch or two taller than Hanna Hilton.

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