SSsheee’sssssss backkkkkkkk!

And by she I mean Janine or at least what is left of her. The very complicated Janine story started some many years ago. But the long and short of it is

Janine is Back!


Taken directly from from Just Janine :  Around July 25, 2007 Janine logged into her MySpace page and said “screw all of this … I’m leaving for good” and with that she was officially retired from the adult industry from what she says “for good”. She said goodbye to her friends at Vivid, which at the time was her contract company, she took down and then totally deleted her Myspace page shortly after, disassociated herself with her official website , which by this time is being run by the people who run Club Jenna and has yet to be heard from again … at least by those from within the industry. So wherever Janine may be, we truly wish her the best of luck and all the happiness in the world. If anyone deserves it,  Janine does.

On July 17, 2008 it was revealed that Janine Lindemulder had been arrested under her married name, Janine Marie James for failing to pay almost $80,000 in income taxes. In court documents the IRS claims that in 2004 Janine had taxable income of $350,101 and owed $79,136 of that in taxes.   The IRS filed the documents to charge Janine on June 18th in the U.S. District Court in Eugene, Oregon, which is where Janine was living at the time. She has since moved to Huntington Beach, California. Janine was arrested and released without bail on Monday July 14, 2008 after entering a plea of not guilty. They scheduled her for trial on September 16th before a magistrate judge.  Rumors abound it appears this case has very little to do with Janine and everything to do with her now ex husband Jesse James (of Monster Garage fame). Rumors have it that their now infamous, ugly divorce (remember he ditched his 7 moth pregnant wife Janine for the famous actress Sandra Bullock. Yes, the chick who was in Crash, Miss Congeniality and Hope Floats. Forbes magazine also happened to name her as one of the 20 richest women in entertainment. Anyway, as the rumor goes the divorce was getting nasty and reach an all time new low with sources report Jesse James reported her to the IRS for not paying all her taxes and then offered up some sort of “proof” but those same sources say that the proof wasn’t all that great but they were happy to take it from the famous couple (yes that’s right COUPLE meaning Sandra Bullok must have went with him to the IRS offices). There is no way to confirm if any of these rumors are true or just a flat out fabrication but in the end they do make for juicy gossip and I guess that is what the Internet is best for.

Then as many expected Janine returned to work as a porn star.   Here is what a Vivid insider had to say about Janine’s recent work. 

She is coming back, she has 3 Vivid releases in the can. The first one will shock everyone, as it pertains to whom she is having sex with in the new movie.  they won’t let me say what it is.  But they have 3 in the can, each one is more out there than the one before.   Trust me, you heard it here first, it will be a doosie.

Sasha Grey who recently starred in the Paul Thomas remake of Deep Throat had this to say about the secret Janine three on august 16, 2008  …  “I know who he’s talking about – and I am DYING to see it 😉


Photo Source : AVN

But now here is where the story gets a little complicated.  Janine isn’t the Janine we known and loved from many years ago.  She has a VERY different look.  Here are some images of her new body art.  It’s quite shocking to say the least and especially consider her body is how she makes her living so what the fuck was she thinking?

So what do some of the fans out there as well as some industry insiders, say about Janine’s new body art?

conquistador says : Wow, what an original tattoo! Did she come up with the idea for an Asian style dragon herself? I hope so, nobody but her has a tattoo which looks the slightest bit similar. Oh wait, never mind that tattoo is totally unoriginal and generic in every way. Fail.

cubesnake says : Daaaammmmn, i guess there won´t be much left to tatoo next 🙂

XXXFromTexas says : I love Janine’s new tat. Hopefully we can see them all if she decides to do more movies. I really hope she continues to get more tattoos, they really do look fantastic on her! She looks awesome with and without. Another one on her chest would be so cool!!!! Is Janine the Pornstar with the most tats?

Dana DeArmond says : janine is hot.

Tricia Devereaux says : I like Janine’s new tattoo, although I think I’d like it a lot more if the heart one on her shoulder blade wasn’t drawing my eye away from it.

the unknown pervert says : On the plus side, thirty years from now no one will be able to notice the varicose veins amongst all the ink.

Ramsey says : My personal opinion is I don’t like seeing girls ruining their body with too much ink, I mean it’s a body not a paint book!

Milwaukee_Porn_Addict says : Janine USED to be a beautiful woman. Not so much now.

floydvic says :She used to be a pretty woman but not anymore. Yuck!

Dean Wormer says :  Janine is now very close to looking like a komodo dragon or some other such reptile. Very scaly looking.

Bornyo says : If you look up “Capt. Save-a-hoe” in the dictionary it will have your picture subtitled “Howard Levine”. I think that’s funny.

BritneyStares says : Janine DESTROYED her body and her looks with that horrible tattoo crap. She’s indeed OUT of the business (no wait, she’s back in!) no she’s out – she’s like the Brett Favor of porn. Brett now quartberacky with the New York hets – no wait he retired.

3 thoughts on “SSsheee’sssssss backkkkkkkk!

  1. Love them or hate them, it’s Janine’s body and she has every right to have tattoos and as many of them as she wants. She is the one that has to look in the mirror every day and be happy with her decisions. For every person that doesn’t like her new body art there is another one that does. Personally, as someone who has more than a passing interest in tattoo art (I am writing a book on porn stars and their body art), her artist is quite talented and I can’t even begin to imagine how many hours she had to sit in a chair to have that work done.

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  3. Janine is the sanest person in the biz! Her tats give her character and help ensure that the Janine brand will never become outdated. The industry will take her back whenever she wants, and likely do it on her terms. Mark my words yo.

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