Sue Diamond is now Diana Doll

It seems that porn star Sue Diamond has changed her name official to Diana Doll.  Diana Doll is repped by none other than LA Direct Models and you can find her booking details here.

Diana Doll says : Hi everybody. It’s time now that i change my name from Sue Diamond to Diana Doll. Because in the last year there where many problems of confusing with girl who was using similar name Suzie Diamond to my name Sue diamond. Everybody knows her she was the Diamond with the black hairs doing anal. I tried to talk to here many times to change the name bec. i am using sue diamond since ages but she didn’t want for which reason ever. here to remember thats me the new Diana Doll

So who is this Diana Doll?  Well she’s a hot fucking blonde of course!  Her Myspace page has this to say about her biography …

Helloo everybody…. My name is Diana Doll. I’m movie star and I do that what mainstream movie stars doesnt want to do :  I’m from Slovakia.As first I need to say sorry for my english because this is not my owen language and I’m not good to use sometimes right words …. But I think u can understand me.  I’m porn star almost 4 years now.  My name was before SUE DIAMOND but I had to changed of one girl in Czech. republic because she used ”I can say the same name ” Susie Diamond.   Sue is just short name of Susie or Suzie. Well …. she didn’t want to change name and she was shorter time in the business and people was confused who is who and they were thinking that i changed hairs on black. Well I took this in my hands and let to know people who I’m with name DIANA DOLL.  I didn’t use completely new name because name DianaDoll i used on Live Video chat with this name. If u wanna see me on live video chat now u can visit me on or  I’m graphic designer but i’m so busy that I don’t care so much about this job anymore but soon how is possible i want to be back in my old job too.  I’m sorry guys if I will not have time to answer on all message but don’t worry If i will have just little a bit time I will try answer on all message what u wrote. I’m working on my owen official webside… so soon how is possible u can see that too. What else about me??? I do make up for movies and I really like this job .. I like to make girls more beautiful than they are   If u have any questions just ask me and I will answer….Watch my movies and u will know me better and better.  kisses Diana

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