War Machine and Shawna Lenee – a match made in heaven

I’m reading a story today at adultfyi about former mma fighter turned part time male porn star War Machine and his recent legal troubles and how he is about to be sentenced for whatever the fuck he did this time.

It was then I realized what a seriously missed opportunity it was for War Machine not to have met and got into a relationship with Shawna Lenee.  They both seem so much alike is so many ways.  I’m so anyone involved in the Shawna Lenee anal story can tell you that.

So here is my photo tribute to lost loves and missed opportunities and to two people who the industry probably won’t miss.  Well maybe they will, we all need a good story now and then.

By the way, in my entire life I have ever heard anyone be so fucking stupid that the DA no longer wants to honor a plea agreement with you because you opened your big fucking mouth and talked out of your ass.  What the fuck is wrong with people?

Sentencing Date Re-Scheduled for War Machine

–on the web

SAN DIEGO — from www.signonsandiego.com – A San Diego judge postponed a sentencing hearing for a former mixed-martial arts championship fighter, saying his behavior inside and outside the courtroom warranted prison not probation.

Jon Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine, pleaded guilty last month to two counts of assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury. The case stems from altercations at a Point Loma bar in February and a Pacific Beach bar in March. He also admitted he violated probation on a previous case.

War Machine, 28, was expected to be formally sentenced in accordance with a plea bargain last Thursday, but Superior Court Judge David Danielsen said he was “inclined not to honor the plea agreement,” given the statements War Machine had made to the Probation Department, his assertion in court Thursday that he had not read the terms of the plea, and a series of Twitter messages posted online before he was booked into jail last month.

“This really is a state prison case,” Danielsen said.

War Machine pleaded guilty July 1 and agreed to report to county jail to begin serving a yearlong stint as a condition of probation. The judge allowed the mixed-martial artist to report to jail July 16 so he could participate in a professional fight scheduled a week earlier.

Prosecutors agreed not to ask for additional jail or prison time at the sentencing if War Machine complied with the order.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Runyon filed a document last week containing several expletive-laden “tweets” posted on War Machine’s Twitter page in which he apparently rails against the court system, minimizes his role in the bar fights and laments having to serve a jail term.

One of the tweets reads, in part, that it “doesn’t pay to win in a street fight … it doesn’t even pay to defend yourself our county has gone soft. We need a civil war!”

Danielsen acknowledged a defense attorney’s contention that War Machine was asserting his free speech rights online, but the judge noted that speech — much like one’s actions — can come with consequences. As the judge continued, he seemed to focus less on the tweets than on War Machine’s statements to a probation officer, whose report won’t become public until after the sentencing.

“I think his words and his actions show a certain disrespect to anybody other than himself,” the judge said, adding that War Machine often chooses to “fight” his way out of tough situations rather than “think” his way out.

“A year in custody will be the least of his consequences,” the judge said, citing the current plea agreement.

“You won’t be able to fight your way out of a state prison sentence.”

War Machine is due back in court for sentencing Aug. 24.

War Machine will now be a Jail Machine

Adult Performer, MMA Fighter War Machine Headed for Jail

XBiz News Report By Bob Johnson

SAN DIEGO — Adult performer and Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter War Machine, aka Jon Paul Koppenhaver , 28, will serve a year in jail after pleading guilty to two felonies and violating probation.

The sentencing is a result of a bar fight he was involved in last March and a 2007 felony assault case, which was later reduced to a misdemeanor.

War Machine — his legal name — debuted as an adult performer in Digital Playground’s yet-to-be-released “Riley Steele Loves War Machine” feature.

The performer was arrested last March after a brawl with bouncers outside of Thruster’s Lounge in Point Loma.

It was reported that after the altercation with police he ran from the scene, was apprehended and had a “spit bag” put over his head indicating that he was getting aggressive with oral fluids.

He was also involved in a scuffle with a female bartender at Last Day Cocktails in February after she questioned his War Machine I.D.

A report on SignOnSanDiego said because War Machine has a professional fight scheduled for July 9, San Diego Superior Court Judge David Danielsen gave him a July 16 surrender date to be booked and begin his year-long sentence. If he doesn’t show he could be sentenced to five years in jail.

Deputy District Attorney Michael Runyon said War Machine must serve the entire year in jail, as a condition of the plea agreement and he agreed not to ask for additional time in custody at a hearing scheduled for August 12 if War Machine complies with the order, the report said.

War Machine’s attorney Cole Casey commenting on the Thruster’s incident said that the performer is a recognized name in the mixed-martial arts world, which can draw negative attention in certain settings.

“There’s a target on your back because people want a piece of you,” Casey said. “Jon speaks his mind so he’s controversial. He tends to ruffle some feathers.”

War Machine made his name after his appearance on the UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show on Spike TV in 2007.

But wait – there’s more! Back in November Luke Ford ran the story Brooke Haven Birthday Bash Turns Ugly Apparently War Machine slapped his girlfriend around, and ended with Ben English in the hospital, some asian dude with a broken nose and Alec Knight with stitches in his head. I did a search on this asshole and it seems he likes to fight in and out of the the octagon.

On February 22, 2008, Koppenhaver’s San Diego defense attorney arranged a lenient fine and probationary sentence for a prior assault which could have ended his fighting career, if charged as a felony. He was sentenced to three years of probation and 30 days of community service.

On 28th of November 2009, War Machine was reported to what witnesses have said, “gone crazy” at a porn actress’ birthday party. He attacked several people and ran off before the police came.

On December 1st, 2009 Las Vegas Police Department issued a warrant out for his arrest.

On February 28th, 2010 incident at “Last Day Cocktails” bar in Point Loma, California, results in three counts of assault.

On March 31st, 2010, he was again arrested in San Diego, California under suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after a confrontation at a Pacific Beach bar. It was reported that officers had to place a bag over his head to keep him from spitting at them.

So with a history of being a JACKASS, why did that stupid Judge give him a July 16th surrender date I ask? Oh yeah, so he can have one more fight before going to jail. Brilliant!


It’s good to see that War Machine is really taking this so seriously!! He posted on his twitter:

Buzzed…watching Locked Up all night really thinking of how bullshit jail is. It’s not gonna teach me shit. I don’t consider what I did wrong and never will. The only thing I know for sure now is that I can never “go out” again. I don’t get in fights at the super market or the theatre I get in trouble at bars/clubs so That’s that no more of that for me. The law/US has gone soft and I can’t change that. Just need to be more of a hermit so I can avoid breaking the “law”

….not prison just gotta do a year in San Diego County jail…boring!

Brooke Haven Birthday Bash Turns Ugly

Brooke Haven recently had a birthday party.  With the help of her friends over at LA Direct Models, Brooke Haven hosted a party with 50 or so of her industry friends.   It was a night meant for fun and frolic …. but then something went wrong, very wrong and ended with War Machine wanted by the law, Ben English in the hospital, some asian dude with a broken nose and Alec Knight with stitches in his head.   Although it is unclear exactly what injuries Ben English / Derek Hay has, he is said to still be in the hospital “recovering”.  So what the hell happened?  Well …. that’s where it gets a little confusing.

Brooke Haven from Backdoor Desires

I read the original story on Adult FYI.  In short, War Machine – MMA fighter turned porn star hit his girlfriend at the Brooke Haven bash.  War Machine’s girlfriend, at least according to the story at Adult FYI is Alanah Rae.  Alanah Rae is still rather new to the business, having been around only about a year and in that time doing about 2 to 3 movies per month.  So she’s not completely unheard of, but still rather green.

Alanah Rae

Anyway, back to the story.   War Machine smacked his girlfriend in the face.  Then as others tried to find out what was going on and asked him to mellow out, he went after them as well.  Reports state he just went crazy and started going after anyone and everyone but with all of the attention on the fact that he went after his agent, people are glazing over the fact that this dude his his fucking girlfriend.  What kind of man would do something like that?  And even more serious, what kind of company would hire a man who does that?  That’s some fucked up shit.

Who is this War Machine you ask?  Well according to his Wikipedia page War Machine was born Jonathan Koppenhaver on November 30, 1981 and is professional mixed martial artist (MMA fighter).   He was formerly a fighter on The Ultimate Fighter:  Team Hughes vs. Team Serra.

The Ultimate Fighter season six cast member Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver legally changed his name to War Machine after a dispute erupted with TNA Wresting over the use of his nickname (War Machine) as there is also a wrestler who once used to go by the same name.  When he made the legal move he made a blog post about it.  Here is a copy of that post.

Subject: Funny ass shit!

SO in case you didn’t notice in my last fight the UFC did NOT use my nickname when I fought. Turns out some gay ass wrestling federation threatened to sue them because they recently named one of their wrestlers The War Machine Rhino and trademarked the name.

Too fuckin’ bad that I have been using this name for 6 years, have it tatted on my body and it is what my fans yell out when I’m fighting.

If you know my personality then you know damn well I am not gonna let some faggot ass, FAKE wrestler steal MY name..
SO 6 weeks ago I filed a change of name request and today I had court to make my name officially WAR MACHINE.

Fuckin’ funny right? Didn’t really wanna have to do it but I am sure as hell not lose MY nickname.

Time for a nap.


On 31st of October 2009, War Machine announced that he would pursue a career in pornographic films along with fighting mixed martial arts. War Machine, on the internet stated the following:

“So I said fuck it! I signed with LA Direct Models this week and today I did my first porn scene! (laugh out loud) I shot for Digital Playground with their girl Riley Steele, was fucking awesome! I was nervous as shit but I came through. I’m still gonna fight, just gonna do this too because fighting isn’t quite enough money and you all know I ain’t trying to work! In life I have come to learn that all I enjoy is eating, sleeping, fighting and fucking! Fuck it! I’m living the dream, getting PAID to fight and fuck! What more could I ask for?

Here is the full story from Adult FYI about what happened that night.

This is what I posted earlier Sunday: So much for War Machine’s porn career.

The Grand Vizier woke me up out of a sound slumber early Sunday morning and just gave me these highlights with promise of more to follow:

“This looked like something out of a bad Vince McMahon script as this guy War Machine went nuts and began taking everyone on at this party,” The Vizier says. “We’re talking multiple assaults and battery with the cops after him.”

“War Machine’s own agent, Derek Hay, looked to be the primary target with a couple of shots to the head. Mika Tan’s Ex was KO’d as well & sent to hospital.”

“I never saw anything like it,” continued The Vizier. “War Machine was in kill mode. His fists were lethal weapons. Anyone who tried to get between him and Derek got taken down – hard.”

Since then a number of wrestling sites have picked up the story and even War Machine has been twittering about the incident:


War Machine twitters: • to do? Wait and let someone craxk me first? lol..I think not. Fuck all you fucks.

• Ya’ll can say what you want but when you got 5 guys drunk and in your face pissed about some BS that ain’t even true what am I supposed

> Fuck….last night was NOT good…lil’ misunderstanding and then WM was back in effect and the bodies hit the floor. I’m fucked….lol

Alec Knight who was hit and knocked out has this to add in a Twitter post:

“I’m ok. Just have to take it easy for a few days. Got a few staples in my head, but I’m going to be ok.

“I got hit in the noggin. Then my noggin hit he ground.”

I spoke to The Grand Vizier late Sunday afternoon, and he was telling me the War Machine incident occurred at a private birthday party at the Ultimate Porn Studios on Hayvenhurst near the Van Nuys airport. The shindig was for Brooke Haven and Glen, the webmaster for the MeanBitches website.

The fight, according to The Vizier broke out near midnight, but there was already a weird vibe due to the fact that it was reported earlier that David Aaron Clark had died.

“There were maybe 50 to 60 people at the party,” states The Vizier.

“Apparently War Machine wasn’t too happy, claiming that Derek Hay wasn’t getting him enough work as far as he was concerned. What happened next was speculative. Either War Machine socked a girl or was accused of doing it. Either way he snapped and began doing an Octagon dance and waving his fists. One guy was clocked and had three teeth knocked out. Another guy- an Asian- had his nose broken.

“Then War Machine came after Derek and knocked him down. Alec Knight was also hit and went down, his head striking the pavement. It seemed that every time someone tried to advise War Machine to mellow out or tried to talk sense to him, they got hit for their efforts. Maybe six guys in all got punched. War Machine was relentless as the crowd kept a distance.”

“The incident wound up with War Machine and Derek playing hide and seek with one another around a dumpster,” The Vizier continues.

“Then at some point, both War Machine and Derek took off when someone threatened to call the cops.”

> Posted on www.terezowens.com :So here’s the deal..Former UFC fighter Jon Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine a few years ago attended a party last night for Porn Star Brooke Haven. Her Birthday party was being held at Ultimate Porn Studios in Van Nuys California..The craziness started when War Machine smacked up his porn star girlfriend Alanah Rae..He then dragged her outside where several people followed him, trying to stop him from hurting his girlfriend..He then laid out at least 8 people at the party..It was pretty much a massacre..Details are trickling in..The Police are still currently looking for him.. Remember, the guy is a MMA fighter turned Porn star. He has given up his seven-year MMA career to have sex for money…His porn dvd is yet to be released.More details to come.. -TO

Update: I have in fact spoken to War Machine’s Girlfriend Alanah Rae, who confirms that the former MMA star hit her across the face last night at Brook Haven’s Birthday Party..She claims he then went on to pummel almost a dozen dudes including his own porn agent Derek Hay..who still remains in the hospital recovering…more to come. -TO