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Brett Rossi Ditches Manwin

Apparently the rumor that Brett Rossi is leaving her Manwin life behind her has some truth to it. She has begun the process of taking over her brand and has recently announced that her official website will now be a part of the PUBA network.

“There has been a lot of speculation and rumors as to what is next for my career since my contract ended with Twistys back in July,” says Brett. “I am happy to announce that I am joining Puba and will continue to work hard to provide content my fans can enjoy. I am not with an agent nor do I plan to go back to having an agent. Also, as of right now I’m not contracted with any other company. Will that change in the future? I don’t know but right now, my primary focus is to keep myself exclusive. I plan on only shooting for my site and providing my fans with the content they have been asking for. I want to show everyone a different side of me; a side they have never seen. “


PUBA has gotten a lot of heat in the past for their questionable marketing tactics. Some say they are more interested in promoting the PUBA brand, using the girls who are a part of their network, than they are furthering the girls best interest.

Case in point, last year it was revealed that PUBA arranged for all the girls in their network to do content trades with each other. That way each of the sites can have a bunch of new content and it doesn’t cost as much. Sounds fair, right? Each girl got a copy of the content in question and it went up on their site. Only if you read the fine print you also seen that PUBA also got a copy of the content, to release on DVD, of which the girls would never be paid for. How nice is that?

When confronted about the practice they said it was “standard industry practice”.

Rumor has it that in the last year or so they have begun to clean up their act and stop pushing the promotion of PUBA on the girls website and instead just letting the girls brand be the one promoted. I’m not sure if that is true, but I did check out Asa Akira’s website who is in the PUBA network and found not a single mention of the PUBA brand, other than on the BONUS page. Previously that wasn’t the case.  So it does look like they are making an effort to clean up their act in that aspect.

But we can’t say they are totally in the clear.

I got a press release about Christy Mack and talking about a movie she was in for the Porn Star Empire called I Love Christy Mack. And you know the only thing in the “about” section? About PUBA. There was no about Christy Mack. There was no about porn star empire and that was what the whole press release was about. It had -nothing- whatsoever to do with Puba.

They didn’t mention PUBA in the entire press release which had NOTHING to do with them. They did mention Christy Macks official website in the body but again that had nothing to do with the PUBA brand. That was a press release talking about the girl Christy mack who did a movie for another company (not puba). So it looks like they are still using the girls in their network to further their own brand.

That’s just fucked up.

And it’s always why I say if you are a porn star you need to be with one of two networks only – Vicky Vette or Nina Meredez. They are there to promote you and your brand, not themselves. They are porn stars and they know what it’s like.

But that’s another argument for another day. For now let’s just end this shit saying good job whoever is advising Brett Rossi.

Clearly you are doing a bang up job.


What happened to Brett Rossi?

About 24 hours ago Twistys contract girl Brett Rossi deleted her twitter account and Tumblr page. Interestingly enough I noticed when I was looking for something else about her that her contract for Twistys was up for renewal this month. Does that mean she opted not to renew it and instead leave the adult industry all together?



Is she gone forever? Did she retire? Did something happen? Is she okay?

And why didn’t she leave a message to let her fans know why she was leaving?

Brett Rossi

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Hot Chick Weird Tattoo

There are a lot of hot chicks out there and there are a lot of weird tattoos out there but the hot chick, weird tattoo of the day award has to go to Tori Black. She’s hot as fuck, but her stomach tatt just doesn’t fit her look. I don’t know what it is even of, just doesn’t go with her overall look. Watch the video below of her. She is all sweet and innocent looking and then look below that at the photo. Why oh why would she do that to her perfect little body?
[flv:http://www.lukeford.com/trailers/toriblack01-twistys.flv 480 268]

Tori Black

By the way if you didn’t know already Tori Black was selected as the Twistys Treat of the Month for September 2009 so you should click here and go check out some more of her videos and pics.

Sasha Grey’s Pussy

Sasha Grey continues to rise in popularity.  Some say it is her dark, sultry eyes, some say it is her pure soft looking skin that drives the men wild and yet others say it something much simpler, her pussy!  HER PUSSY?  HUH WHAT?  Oh yes, in an age when all girls shave, there is something about her black bush that are driving the boys crazy.

This month Twistys has captured the essence of Sasha Grey in all her bushy glory, in a series of photo galleries and video clips and made her the Twistys Treat of the Month.  For your viewing pleasure Twistys has shared with us a special intro trailer for her Treat of the Month debut.

[flv:http://lukeford.com/totm-sahsa.flv 450 290]

Gemma Massey is Hot as Fuck

I don’t know why I haven’t ever heard of this chick before but damn this chick Gemma Massey is so fucking hot it’s not even funny. I first learned of her when Twistys sent out the notification that she would be their treat of the month this month. You little perverted fucks can click that link to see more.

As far as Gemma Massey goes, it’s hard to find any real data about her. She seems to come from Britain, first came to some fame with modeling from Playboy and is now slowly transitioning into nude Internet model. That’s about all I could find about her. Anyway, guess all we really need to know is that she is one hot looking chick.

Gemma Massey

Bree Olson vs Eva Angelina

As the Twistys Treat of the Year contest comes to a close, with less than a week left in voting it really comes down to only two contestants and that is Eva Angelina and Bree Olson.  Both girls are amazingly hot but only one can truly be named the winner.  To date Bree Olson has maintained a 4,000 to 5,000 vote lead however recently Eva Angelina has closed in on Bree’s lead as she now maintains just over a 3,000 vote lead and with less than a week left, Eva Angelina could still take it.

Both girls have lead creative campaigns to win, with Bree Olson going on the Howard Stern and Opie and Anthony show to promote herself, and Eva Angelina taking to Twitter and teaming up with Adult DVD to offer free autographed DVDs for her fans if she wins.

So who will take the prize?  At this point it is still up in the air but it will no doubt be Bree Olson or Eva Angelina.  You can vote for your favorite girl by clicking here.  And remember you can vote once a day, every day until the end of the contest on May 31st.

Eva Angelina

Bree Olson Twistys