Brittney Skye Cum Whore That We Love

For some reason Brittney Skye crossed my mind today.  I really have no idea why, just for some reason I found myself thinking about her.  I’ve always liked Brittney Skye, who unlike some of the more famous porn stars, has no problem getting down and dirty.  It’s like with Brittney you have no holds bard.  You want to stick your cock up her ass, no problem!


You want her to use her fingers to spread her pussy open while two men found their fists in her pussy, No problem!  You want to slam your cock down her throat until you gag?  No problem!!  She’s a porn star who knows that sometimes being in a porno means things are going to get a little messy and you know what?  That’s the way we fucking like her. I think I also like Britteny Skye because she’s not one of those whiny bitches who get their feelings hurt when you tell her that you love her for being the cum slurping bitch that she is. She knows what it means to be a porn star and she isn’t afraid to show it.


She blogs:

this weekend…. help fuckers!!!!

ive got 3 choices for this weekend im deciding between…… la erotica in la, sign, meet the fans, make some money and hang out with hot chicks all weeknd….2nd, 5 days in maui, chill on the beach with my man, get massages, chilllax and hang out with hot hawaiian chicks all weekend……3rd, go to vegas, catch the season finale of the ultimate fightenr, get a tan, fuck a stranger (kidding dam, i’ll introduce myself and hang out with hot chicks all weekend…… so no matter what im covered in the hot chick department cuz all 3 places will have beautiful women…. but any what should i do???? help please!!!!!

btw… i hope after hearing my options u guys forgive me if i dont make it to la erotica this weekend……

btw again…. i added new pix today for in the mean time till my new page is ready!!!!!

last thing….yes i still run my own page, thats why im so far behind, but im trying to keep it personal so yes this is me fuckers!!!!!!

xoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo thanks for the help in advance xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo





Brittney Skye blogs

hello fuckers!!! im just chilling at home 4 a few before i meet friends 4 dinner, watching the police chase live here in la on fox news…what the fuck??? how do people think they r actually going to get away…ends the same way every time…they leave n cuffs!!! oh well, its entertaining!!! better than married with children which is supposed to be on even though i do love kelly bundy… god i wanted to be her so bad when i was little…guess i didnt go to far off huh??? lol…. anyway i saw fracture this morning.. it was good…if u ever feel the urge to shoot ur wife in the head, check out fracture first…u might change ur mind!!! lol…… hope u all are having a happy fun filled thursday.. i know i am!!! 😉ok reason for my blog, i got several messages about the crocop knock out… fuck what can i say??? i didnt make it to the uk so i wasnt there…. and i actually had another funfilled day, went to a party at the team quest house in the day…pretty cool and i adore dan henderson…he’s so bad ass!!! so that was cool but i had to leave right when the uk fights started and head down to oc to check out the no limits fights so anyway about half way to the fight i get a text from my boy tait…(that fucker) who i havent seen in way too long and im all happy and open my phone and that fucker writes to me “crocop got knocked out”….. i was like FUCK!!!!! first of all i was making a very concious effort not to hear about the fights and that fucker ruined it for me, second of all crocrop is the fucking man!!!! my favorite of all time, unfucking destructable in my eyes….so i of course call bullshit….. i think its some kind of sick joke!!!! right??? so i send a message to my boy evan, the amazing artist that i adore and he says its true!!! so anyway, i instantly feel sick to my stomache, once that passed i was just in shock and disbelief of course!!!! a few hours later after the no limit fight (which had the worst refs ive ever seen) we made it home and walked into a replay of ufc 70 and i finally got to see it 4 myself….. fuck, what can i say??? i have never seen crocop look so bad even before the knock out h was not himself at all, i dont know what the deal was but he was not the man we all love and fear!!! thats all i can say! i mean the knock was amazing, to quote my boy evan he looked like he got shot in the head, it wasnt just a knock out and that fucking ankle!!! damn!!! one of the best knock outs ive seen in a long time,even though it makes me sick to se him like that i def appreciate the power behind it!!! so there u go!!! thats my feelings!!! very sad 4 me!!!! but i feel like we will hear soon that somthing was very off about crocop before he jumped in that cage!!!!! flue?? jetlag??? family shit??? i dont know but he wasnt the killer i expected to see!!!



on another note…. i enjoyed the rest of the fights…happy andrei won, would have loved to see a buenetello type knock out but happy none the less!!!ok, im checking out my first king of the cage tomorrow after i go shoot some girl girl loving for my site!!! hope its good (the fights, not the sex, i know that will be good!!)! better be its in the middle of no where….lol

rampage and chuck…even though it seems to be the era of upset i still say 2nd round knock out by the iceman!!! i love rampage but i dont think he is ready for the new chuck liddell…its been awhile since they fought last and chuck is unstoppable in my eyes and will be 4 awhile!!! the only man i see stopping or even having a chance with chuck is dan henderson!!! thats what i wanna see!!!! im pushing for it fuckers!!!!!

last thing…..delahoya and mayweathr…… floyd all the way but i love em both!!! csnt wait till next weekend for that shit!!!

ok police chase is about over, cops r ramming the car now!!!! im about to be late meeting my friends so i gotta sy by but love you fuckers!!!! hope u like my dick song….lol…. an oldy but a goody!!!! later fuckers!!!!!

sorry aabout my ADD and the typos!!! i dont even have time to reread this…lol…fuck im late!!! xoxoxxoxoxo britt





A Brief Summary

Penthouse Pet of The Year Jamie Lynn’s Birthday Bash
(and you can bet Jamie is going to have many of her Penthouse Pet Friends Joining Her at her VIP Table)

A Live Choreographed Dance Performance Produced by

Rhapsody James
(Pussycat Dolls, Nina Sky,Billboard Mag, US Open & VH1 Save the Music)

DJ Mark Da Spot(Main Room Hip Hop, Rock and Dance)

The Blend(Sexy House on the Patio)

or Call Direct @ 818 515 3760









Title: Beauty and the Bodyguard

Cast: Brittney Skye, Missy Monroe, Jessica Jaymes, Bella Starr, Tiffany Taylor, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Tommy Gunn, Slick Rhodes (non-sex), Mike Horner (non-sex)

Company: Hustler Video

Director: Cash Markman

            Recently inducted to the AVN Hall of Fame, Cash Markman brings us this new film staring a cast of very beautiful ladies. The plot line runs along the lines of a bodyguard (Nick, played by Randy Spears) who is assigned to protect his boss’ step niece. The niece is Tyra played by Jessica Jaymes. The reason for the protection is Spears’ boss doesn’t want his step-niece to have sex with boys. But she is one horny little fuck, so the mission is futile from the get go. Jamyes fucks the pizza guy, has a tryst with another girl and even fucks her bodyguard.

            Although the plot is weak, the acting is very well done with Spears and a non sex role by porn veteran Mike Horner. Horner steals the show as he is dressed as a girl with a slight hormone imbalance.

            This is a really fun feature to take in with many comedic spots which will make you laugh. 


Grub Girl Release Signing and After Party at the Whisky A Go Go Feb 14th

Irvine Ca –  NorthStar Associates in association with Verotik Publishing and Moorehead Productions is pleased to announce a Grub Girl store signing at Tower Video ( 8844 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood (310)-657-3344 on Feb 14th at 7:00pm . Scheduled to sign are Brittney Skye, Eva Angelina, Craven Moorehead and special appearance by Verotik Publisher Glenn Danzig. Everyone that buys the DVD will also receive a Grub Girl t shirt. 

After the signing NorthStar Associates along with Pork Pie Percussion, ICE PIX, Schecter Diamond Series, and Monster Energy Drink invite everyone to come over to the Whisky A Go Go(  for the Grub Girl release party. There will be a VIP section , giveaways , and of course live music from bands on the Grub Girl Sound track including Skumlove , Dead Girl Corp, The Shift and Locke N Load. Doors open at 8:00pm.When you bring your receipt from the Tower signing showing the purchase of Grub Girl you will get $3.00 off the $13.00 ticket price.

“We are thrilled to have a venue such as the legendary Whisky a Go Go to hold this event.” States Michael Atkins, Marketing Director at NorthStar Associates. “This is going to be one hell of a good time.” “What’s a better way to kick off a release than a signing at Tower Records and then a great show to follow it up?” Thanks to Tower Records, the Whiskey a Go Go, all the bands and everyone involved in making this a success.”

Please contact Michael Atkins @  for RSVP information.






BRITTNEY SKYE POSTS ON MYSPACE: Alright Fuckers! Here we go, only a few days left till Chuck and Randy fight again…..FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!! Im gonna be there! Right up front getting fucking bloody!!!!!!! I wont satisfied till I get blood or sweat sprayed on me………Dude and how fucking good was last monday……that dude that got knocked out 11 seconds, or the fucking guy that pulled that triangle out after getting his face cut open, gushing blood, I’ve never seen so much blood in a UFC fight, that was fucking sick! Fucking Bonnar making Irvin tap in round fucking 1, fuck all u fucks that said it was gonna be a war…. I said it would be fucking quick!!!!

So now next Saturday in vegas plus Superfuckingbowl Sunday…..Which I’m going for the Steelers!!!!! I love my life!!!! Dude, its gonna be great!!!!! Prediction time!!!!! I like Jardine, Hinkle( i have a rad pic with him all fucking bloody), Riggs…yes im going for Riggs again, after I lost my ass off againist Matt last time, I still have faith in Joe Riggs pulling through againist Diaz……. Buenitello, Mir…cant decide between Vera and Eilers… and yes of course Chuck the Iceman Liddell is gonna knock Randy Couture out again!!!!! I love Randy but Chuck is the fucking man!!!!! I love watching him, its gonna be sick!!!!

Me and a bunch of other hot chicks are hosting the after party for Chuck!!!! So, I”ll post where as soon as I hear….Were gonna celebrate his victory like rockstars or cockstars….whatever works!!!! Get fucking crazy!!!!!!