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Sonny Nash may no longer work with any model from LA Direct.

LA Direct Models has strived for years to increase the standard level of professionalism in the adult entertainment industry.  Ensuring professional and respectful treatment of our models is of the highest importance to us, and so it is in the interest of doing so that we share with you an alarming, and serious situation that occurred recently involving the performer/director Brandon Freasier, known in the industry by the name “Sonny Nash”.

We share this publicly so that all performers and agents can avoid being taken advantage of in a similar way by this person.

Our female model, Aubrey Sinclair, was scheduled to shoot for Sonny Nash on May 4th.  At the time of booking, Sonny booked the scene as a single BG scene with himself as the male performer, stating that the product would be for Gold Cat Media,  a Canadian Corporation that owns the website VixenX.com (not to be confused with Vixen.com – they are NOT related), for which the aforementioned scene was to be shot.  You can see a screenshot of the communication with LA Direct agent Chris Fleming posted below.

Sonny began the day with having Aubrey shoot an intro to the scene, which was completed.  After this, Sonny informed Aubrey that he planned on shooting two (2) scenes that day,  even though she would only be paid one BG rate.

Aubrey paused shooting and explained to Sonny that she had only been booked for one (1) scene and if he wanted to shoot the second scene, she could not do that without additional compensation and she would need to call Direct Models and have Direct Models speak to Sonny.  Sonny insisted that she didn’t need to call Direct Models, and claimed that he had told Direct Models he would be shooting two scenes for the price of one, and Direct Models was OK with it.

This was a lie.

Sonny had not informed Direct Models, at any time, that he intended to shoot two scenes for the price of one, nor would Direct Models have agreed to that.  Aubrey correctly thought it was unlikely that Direct Models would have agreed to this and not told her, so she insisted that she needed to call the agency.  Aubrey then called Derek, who spoke to Sonny.

Sonny informed Derek he did wish to shoot two scenes but that the scenes were ‘shorter ‘ having only two positions each and that there would only be one ‘pop’ shot. Derek informed Sonny that it was incredible he had never mentioned this until now, and that one could only draw the conclusion that he had deliberately withheld this information from the agency and consequently the model and was only now revealing it on set.

Sonny informed Derek that VixenX wanted to shoot the second scene as a BTS scene – where the male talent is having sex with the female talent offset captured on a BTS camera confirming that he was aware of this requirement from his employer from the outset.

Since this was only now being discussed with Direct Models client already on set and shooting already begun – Derek declined to change the booking at this stage.

It was, therefore, agreed with Sonny that he would shoot just one (1) scene, as was initially agreed to and booked.

After this phone call, everyone took a 10-minute break.  After the break, Aubrey began performing oral sex on Sonny (without camera rolling) in order to prepare him for stills/filming.  Then, without telling Aubrey he was going to do so, Sonny proceeded to cum in her mouth while holding the back of her head, so she was unable to pull away.  After doing this, he informed Aubrey that he was canceling her for the day, mentioning to her that his boss needed to have both scenes shot otherwise he wouldn’t be able to sell it.

So then we were left with a situation in which Sonny first attempted to lie to a model to get her to shoot two scenes for one BG rate.  Then, knowing that he was going to cancel the day because he was required to shoot two scenes, he had her give him a blowjob, on the premise that he was readying himself for the stills, came in her mouth without telling her he was going to do so, and then canceled her.

A deliberate and egregious act.

Direct Models spoke to Sonny Nash after the shoot.  We determined that his actions were deliberate.  He knew he was going to be canceling her, yet he had her blow him off camera under the impression that she was preparing him for the scene they were going to shoot,  came in her mouth unexpectedly, and then canceled her after.  Sonny’s excuse for doing this was that it was “just a performance failure” on his part as if unexpectedly cumming in a models mouth while holding the back of her head and then canceling her is just a mere “performance failure.”

We informed Sonny that we intended to invoice him for an elevated cancellation fee, due to his inappropriate and unacceptable behavior surrounding the cancellation.

Sonny refused to pay the cancellation fee and has not done so at the time of posting this article.

We intend to pay the elevated cancellation fee to Aubrey, out of our pocket, as we always guarantee that our models will be paid.

We have also banned Sonny Nash from performing with, booking or directing any of our models.

Direct Models has a zero-tolerance policy for this type of disrespect and mistreatment.  We hope others also have a similar zero tolerance policy, and we would encourage other models and agents to do the same.  We feel it is important to send a message to anyone who treats models like this that there are consequences for doing so, and that our industry won’t accept this type of abusive behavior towards performers.


Aubrey Sinclair signs with LA Direct Models

LA Direct Models is pleased to have signed teen model Aubrey Sinclair.  Aubrey is all natural with no tattoos.  She lives in Las Vegas but she can be booked in LA and she will travel to LA for shoots.  Las Vegas producers may book her with no flight or hotel costs.

Aubrey Sinclair

She’s available for ….

  • Solo
  • Handjob
  • Blowjob
  • Girl / Girl
  • Boy / Girl
  • Boy / Boy / Girl
  • Group
  • Bondage

Aubrey Sinclair is available exclusively through LA Direct Models and you can view her full profile page here.

You can follow Aubrey Sinclair on twitter @AubreySinxxx.