Funny PR Bull from Will Ryder

I got an interesting press release today.  It always just fascinates me how little we call people out in our industry for the bull that gets said on seriously a daily basis.  The headline of this press release reads “Brady Bunch Creator Dies; Not the Bradys XXX Remains #1 Selling Porn Parody of all Time“.  REALLY?  Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, I found it a little creepy that someone would use the death of a person to promote their porno but that isn’t really what I found off about the email.

I don’t know about you but I would venture to guess that Pirates or Pirates 2 from Digital Playground, a parody of sorts of Pirates of the Caribbean, would probably be “the #1 selling porn parody of all time”.  I can’t say for sure, but then again … can Will Ryder?

Which porno parody really is the best selling “of all time”?  Would it be Pirates?  What about Vivid’s Batman?  I heard that did extremely well.  What about BatFXXX from Bluebird?  It won a ton of awards last year and they spent a crazy amount of money making it.


While we can pretty much guess that Will Ryder pulled his stats out of his ass, I do wonder what porno parody really is the best selling of all time.

I also wonder how many different ways he will find to exploit the sale of his movies.  Of course this is the same man that one time sent out a press release to promote the sale of one of his movies levering the story of a porn star who was raped, so seeing him promote the real death of someone to promote his movie shouldn’t surprise me.

Will Ryder I totally get that you are a PR machine and want to promote your movies but maybe before you rush to write up a press release you should stop and ask yourself, is this really tacky of me?  Should I really be promoting my movie when talking about some girl being raped or someone dying?  Also while I’m at giving advice you should really think about some of the things that come out of your mouth like you invented the porno parody genre or that one of your movies is the best selling porn parody of all time.

Those kind of things diminish any real accomplishments you may have.

You make some good movies, you should be totally proud of that.  You don’t need to just make up stupid stuff that most of us know are just flat out lies to make yourself look better.  You really don’t.  Unlike some people in our industry, you’ve actually paid your dues.  You actually make rather good movies.  So you don’t need all the bullshit hype.


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