Ooops! Someone has been a naughty bird!

I was searching for a video today on YouTube when something caught my attention.  I clicked on the profile page for Bluebird Films and I noticed a nasty message from YouTube.

When I seen this message I thought I would take this opportunity to remind everyone that Google isn’t porn friendly like some people tend to think.  Sure, they may tolerate us with their search engine but that is only because we create them a crazy amount of cash because people love to search for porn but when it comes to other Google owned services they aren’t quite as open minded and that especially includes anything on their YouTube service.

They will ban stuff that isn’t even X rated.  In fact, I can recall several videos that showed not a single naked body but featured porn stars, although not naked so the movies can banned.  Why ban the video when not a single hint of nudity was shown?  Because sexuality was implied which means that basically any and all adult movie trailers are technically a violation of their terms of service and community standards.

But you know what bothers me?  How extremely biased they are.  Why are some videos allowed and yet others are not?  Here is a video on YouTube from PlayboyTV.  The video opens up with a girls bare ass, dancing around in a g-string.  Apparently that’s ok.  But showing a PG rated porno movie trailer, not so much.  I just don’t get it.  I really don’t.

Anywho the point of me making this post is just to remind all of you guys out there that Google isn’t quite as friendly to porn as some people would have you believe.  Yes they tolerate us when they have to but when it comes down to it, they don’t want our kind around.  So beware when using any Google owned service.  If you piss off the powers that be, it may just give you and all sites you are associated with in hot water.




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