Brazzers has already stolen the Tila Tequila sex tape

Nearly 70,000 people have already viewed scenes from the yet to be released Vivid owned Tila Tequila lesbian sex tape … yes, you heard me right … SEVENTY THOUSAND!  I mean, hey why buy the new Tila Tequila sex tape from Vivid when you can just get it for free from Brazzers.  Right?  Well maybe not the FULL thing but just enough of it for free that you probably don’t care to get the rest of it.

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Click here to watch the official Vivid version of the movie trailer for the Tila Tequlia sex tape

Brazzers (aka Manwin) owns a website called Porn Hub.  This website allows their users to upload movies they don’t own or have the rights to (which is illegal – it’s called copyright infringement).  Brazzers then also allows the people who join their membership website to benefit by watching these movies.  Lots of stolen videos are on the site from all kinds of studios.  Vivid spent a lot of money getting their hands on the legal rights to distribute this Tila Tequila movie.  Guess it sucks to be them because some people are profiting off of it long before it even hits the streets.

4 thoughts on “Brazzers has already stolen the Tila Tequila sex tape

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  2. Nobody cares. As long as there is porn (music, programs, movies, etc.) there will be ways to get it for free. It’s never going to stop and in many cases the technology for ripping content is better than it is for protecting it.

    This “sex tape” is about as real as the other ones. I’m pretty sure Charlie Laine is one of her “co-stars” and I’ve heard Kristina Rose is the other although I can’t attest to that. What a coincidence to be hooking up with porn stars…on camera…when you’re already a huge publicity whore. She just happens to know them and they just happen to film themselves. Right.

  3. It’s sad that nobody cares. Actually that’s not true, I care. Stealing is wrong.

  4. Those 2 chicks she is with look familar, porn star familar. Is that Charlie Lane and Kristina Rose or is that Phoenix Marie and Kristina Rose? I’m right though, right? Those are two porn stars she is in that scene with?

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