Is there no going back for ePass?

Today the affiliate program Elite Dollars sent out a letter to all of their clients.  Basically the letter lets them know they are throwing in the towel when it comes to using ePass, that they have tried and tried again with no luck to get webmaster funds released sot hey are no longer using them.  Now this seems like a pretty obvious decision to make by any company but I can’t help but wonder if there a way for ePass to recover from all of this?  Or will far to many other companies follow what Elite Dollars has done and run as fast as they can away from the sinking ship that is ePass.

I don’t know about you but the second I heard they cut all ties with the US and opened up their corp as a foreign based entity that was enough for me.  But after reading some comments by people on GFY apparently some dumb asses just don’t seem to see the writing on the wall.

What are your thoughts?  Think that ePass can or will ever recover?

The letter to affiliates from Elite Dollars ——- Effective Immediately, To all our affiliates, we regret to inform you that we have made the decision of current that moving forward from the 15th onwards, we will be discontinuing payment by Epassporte for all affiliates. We have waited to hear a positive update from the owners and operators, to which none has come. We understand that some people cannot access their funds by card or wire.

It is not our intent to hold any affiliates funds, however we feel that by sending money to Epassporte without explicit permission to do so will not only leave our affiliates in a bad position most of the time, but also put us in a position where our affiliates can not make use of funds we have sent to them, which in turns hurts everyone.

If at any time this situation changes for the better, and it is proven that the entire Epassporte system works without issue, we will immediately reinstate Epassporte as a preferred payment system. Please note , affiliate payouts which wish to remain on Epassporte with a documented request will be sent 5 days after the normal pay date, to allow us time to collect a sufficient file of those that wish to have Epass and load this exact amount and send the payments without fail.

Our staff will continue to be here for you at all times, to arrange alternative payments, such as Wires, Checks etc. We are exploring the setup of Payoneer and other solutions. Please note on the expense of the affiliate, we will do Western Union transactions at any time after the pay date. This will take some work on our end, but we are willing to do so. Please contact us immediately as payouts are due to go out on the 15th

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