Emily Rigby Interview – Holy Fuck She is Hot!

I read a story about Emily Rigby a few months ago and the one thing that stuck out in my mind about her was when she said “I’ll try anything twice”. Well fuck, any chick who lives by that philosophy I have to get to know. There are a lot of hot girls in this business, but Emily Rigby isn’t a porn star.  Emily Rigby is a really down and dirty, hardcore director. So I sat down with the lovely Miss Rigby to talk.

Emily Rigby

Is it Miss Rigby? Mrs? Ms? Are you married?

Funny you ask that, I actually got the final judgment on my divorce today! Haha! I am a new believer in not getting married! Its like doing a double anal, cream pie, gangbang… after you’ve done it, you really have nothing else to look forward to! I have always enjoyed toying with both sexes, and am happy to report that I am now dating this really cool chick who is a total pervert, just like me.

As the story goes, you met Cezar Capone while on an infomercial shoot and you showed a drive and ambition that caught his attention so he agreed to take you on his his protege and learn the business from the ground up. Is that correct?

Yes, that’s how the story goes! He gave me a chance to work with him as his secretary for a bit, and it grew into a 5 year long relationship.. When I met him, I gotta tell you, I was a bit terrified of him because when he is in production mode, he is a Nazi Bastard! So I was a bit intimidated at first, but as time passed, and I grew to know him more, I realized that he was a true artist, and that is why he gets so “out of this world” when he is shooting something.

Howard Levine who has long been associated with the Vivid line of movies, and more top quality productions and porn stars than anyone could care to name speaks very highly of you. Howard Levine is a big shot in this industry and for him to speak to highly of you says a lot. What do you think about that, when you hear of people like him lavishing you with praises?

I am thrilled and truly honored to have someone like Howard speak highly of me. I remember reading industry news throughout the years and seeing his name all over the place and thinking “Wow! That creepy looking guy must be a real big shot.” I find myself flattered and a bit astonished as I find that people, like Howard, in the industry actually know who I am and know of my work. When I was in the 7th grade, I was the yearbook photographer for my school, and since then, I have wanted nothing more than to make my teacher, Mr. Smith, proud of my work… so hopefully, somehow I will become known enough for word of my work to get back to him, then I think I will be satisfied.

Looking back on that infamous meeting now with Cezar Capone, did you ever think years later you would be where you are today, a hot young director in the adult business, getting critical acclaim from industry experts and big whigs?

After a few months of working with Cezar Capone, he finally let me come onto set of one of his shoots. That day, I knew that I had to become a director. For the first couple of years, I did nothing but get oversee paperwork, picking up dirty baby-wipes, and digging out sponges from the vaginas of some of the top industry stars, including Club Jenna Contract girls.  Then gradually, Cezar started showing me lighting techniques, camera functions, and a few of his own special tricks. Throughout the learning process, I knew that I would someday be the director I wanted to be. I didn’t know how long it would take me, but I was determined and knew that I would never accept defeat. So yeah, I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know that it would be happening so quickly!

I see that in one of your scenes for My Personal Panties you shot a scene with Tanner Mayes. Tanner Mayes has recently been in the spotlight for her alleged erratic and unstable behavior on set. Did you have any problems like that with her?

Tanner Mayes … how I love that sweet girl… I have worked with her on many different occasions and on many different sets, and I have to say that I have never had a problem with her. She has always had a great attitude and been willing to go above and beyond the call of porno duty.   As Far as the rumors of her alleged erratic acts, that is not the Tanner I know and love.


Rumor has it, the hot chick, with the long sexy legs on the box cover of the My Personal Panties DVD is really you. Any truth to that?

Rumor is true! That is all me, except for the blonde hair covering my cookie (those are extensions lol) … We originally had the box cover designed with a shot of Tanner Mayes on the front… then I spoke to Mr. Levine who told me, “Em, I really just want a shot of a girl with really long legs, taking the panties off…” And wouldn’t you know, Im 5’9, so I’ve definitely got the legs… Cezar took the shot in the middle of our studio, and Ive got to say that was an interesting day, all of our editors got quite the kick out of seeing me half naked.

Your first movie under your own label is set to be released before long. Are you nervous? Excited?  How does it feel?

I am not nervous at all. I am thrilled beyond words! Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that everyone else likes it as much as I do!

What made you come up with that name Emily Rigby?

Emily Rigby is actually my real name. I chose to stick with it, cause I didn’t want some cheesy porno name, and also because I am so proud of my work, that I want my real name all over it!

What is the name of your first movie?

The first movie is titled “Running a train on Katie Kayne”…

How did you come up with the name for your first movie?

I actually came up with the title “Running a Train on Katie Kayne” all on my own. I was driving back home from set, after shooting the entire movie within a 18 hour day, and in my exhausted mind set, came to realize that Kayne rhymes with Train.. and there you have it!

What is your first movie about?

My first movie is centered around Katie Kayne. I really wanted to do something dirty to a brand new girl.. break her in a bit, and she was the perfect candidate. I have pretty sick personal fantay’s, some of which I could never actually do myself, so I choose to do them to other girls. It’s a very satisfying form of self expression for me.

What’s it like being a female director for a hardcore scene? Do you find the work a little more challenging because of your sex? Do you have problems with the male talent and giving you respect?

Respect? I learned from Cezar Capone early on not to take any shit from male talent, female talent, agent or pimps. He warned me it would be an issue only if I let it become one. Yes male talent hit on me on the regular, but I have to say, most of the sexual advances come from the female talent! Lol Our policy at Cezar Capone is we aren’t allowed to “fraternize” with talent or anyone in our industry. I guess giving a guy a blowjob isn’t considered fraternizing, is it? Just kidding. The advice was harsh but true and you know what? Its probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

I love directing hardcore scenes. I’ve seen so much porn, that I really like to push the limits. I get off on the filthy stuff, like DP and gang bangs … Often, I will find that my panties are sticking to my crotch, that’s when I know that I am doing something right. I do not find it more challenging at all, being a female director as opposed to a male director.. The male talent love to make me proud and the female talent often tell me that they love working with me because they are so comfortable, so it actually works towards my advantage.

Ever thought about going in front of the camera? I mean let’s be real you are fucking amazing looking.

Well, I have shown a nipple or two in the past, you will find a lot of my antics in the bts of many of the Cezar Capone titles and now in the Emily Rigby titles. I also enjoy keeping my fans informed of any pubic hair changes that take place, by giving them a little flash here and there.


Now that you have your own movies under Emily Rigby Prodictions, will you continue doing scenes for Cezar Capone such as the My Personal Panties, 18 with proof and Bad Girls Get Fucked?

Cezar may allow me to continue shooting for a few of his lines for the time being, but has promised me that I can take those titles to my studio eventually. But I believe he is going to keep “18 with proof” to himself, cause he’s such a perv.

I know that right now you are doing most of your filming in Florida but have you ever given any thought to moving out to LA and start filming there, where most studios are located?

I love Florida, and I don’t think I will ever want to move myself to LA. The vibe her is great, and its much more low key. Its smaller, so everyone knows everyone, and if you are a piece of shit, would spreads quickly, so the majority of the people working in the industry down here are of a higher quality.

What can we expect from Emily Rigby in the future?

I am working on my website right now which will be www.EmilyRigby.com.  As far as filming goes, you can expect to see some dirty shit, straight from the mind of one twisted bitch.  I want to push all the limits, penetrate all the holes that are legally open to me, and then push to get the other ones cleared. Recently, I had a guy pop inside a girls ear, that was first for Emily Rigby and Cezar Capone. I plan to become known as the dirty girl on the block. It shouldn’t take me long at all.


Running a Train on Katie Kayne is now available on DVD

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