Tanner Mayes … don’t you know crack is whack?

Tanner Mayes before, early on in her career maybe ’06 or ’07.

How adorable, right?  Now this is Tanner Mayes today

Now it seems she is in jail for stabbing her on again off again boyfriend who at one time she claimed held her hostage and refused to give her even food and water or money to tan.

There full story is here at LukeisBack

Twitter Sandwich

Sometimes it’s good to be the squishy part of a sandwich, especially when the outer layers just so happen to be Kayden Kross and Riley Steele.  That being said, Manuel Ferrara you are one lucky fucking bastard.

Here we have this week’s pick for the Twitter pic of the week, which as you might have guessed comes from Digital Playground’s Riley Steele which features Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara.

In a very close second, there is Tanner Mayes with her newest twitter background picture and her rendition of “Playstation 4”.   Very creative.  Especially the E for everyone.  Gonna have to give you kudos for that little tag line.

Tanner Mayes Oh How We Love You

People say Tanner Mayes is crazy but you know what …. I kinda like her that way.  I don’t even know if half the stories we hear about her are true but one thing we do know for sure is that she is funny as fuck.  Recently on Twitter a fan asked “Is there anyone you wouldn’t fuck?” and in Tanner’s reply?

Yea, your mother.   And if it happens, I’m sorry.

Fuck you just gotta love anyone who answers the question like that!  So you may call her crazy bitch, but here at LukeFord.com we call her one of the best things to hit porn since …. well for awhile now.

Sexy New Cast Members Give Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power!


(Hollywood, CA) America’s favorite porn family is set to return with a third volume of the popular Brady Bunch sex parodies as Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! will be in stores everywhere November 24th from X-Play/LFP Video as producers Scott David & Jeff Mullen are ready to unveil a new look.

Lexi Belle and Dylan Riley have joined the family playing sisters Marcia and Jan and immediately brought a young-girl look and teenage enthusiasm to the most wholesome family in the country.

“Anytime you make changes to something that is ultra-successful you have to be really careful but both of these girls were born for this movie,” stated the movie’s writer and co-producer Jeff Mullen.

A PG-rated trailer is now available on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6k2kfGyaPg

“When I got the call to audition for Marcia I was so excited,” Lexi Belle said. “I mean there really isn’t any series bigger in adult movies than Not the Bradys XXX and I told my agent I wanted this role badly and I was lucky enough to get it.”

“Lexi was the perfect choice because she’s super cute and has that young Marcia appeal,” stated co-producer Scott David of www.sitcums.com and X-Play.

X-Play was pushed into making a number of casting changes when Teagan Presley who previously played Marcia opted to perform only with girls.

“We really love Teagan and she was great in Not the Bradys XXX Marcia Marcia Marcia but we really needed Marcia to get banged by guys so we made the switch,” Mullen said.

Once that decision was made it was imperative that middle sister Jan remained younger than Marcia so a new Jan was brought in. Dylan Riley a newcomer to the adult industry auditioned and won the job.

“Wow, replacing Aurora Snow as Jan was not easy because she’s such a big star but I was thrilled to get the part,” Riley said from her home in Las Vegas.

In this whacky new movie Jan yearns to be popular just like her big sis Marcia. Jan’s sex-crazed classmate Monica shows her other ways to get good grades and become popular with the boys by using the power of her private parts but all hell breaks loose when Carol & Mike try to control their daughters as hardcore sex is everywhere in this wild & hilarious spoof of the 70s classic TV show.

“I end up getting straight As so you do the math,” Riley joked when asked what exactly Jan learns to do in the movie.

Directed by the award-winning Will Ryder who just received a Lifetime Achievement Award from NightMoves, Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! is filled with innocent fun that gets totally out of hand.

The movie is packed with super sexy young girls giving it an adventurous teen-vibe just like the original TV series. Rounding out the new cast members are Nicole Ray, Ashlyn Rae and the much-talked-about sex kitten Tanner Mayes. Eric John plays the perverted school teacher giving an entirely new meaning to the word homework and Seth Gamble plays Ridgedale’s all-state quarterback. The rest of the stellar ensemble cast returns for this new episode including Alana Evans, Kacey Jordan, Lynn LeMay, Mike Horner, Kris Slater, James Deen, Mickey Butders and Ron Jeremy as Sam the Butcher.

“There is not a more wholesome porn series anywhere but you have to see the sex in this new movie because it’s what you missed on TV,” Ryder joked.

Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! will be in stores everywhere on November 24th from X-Play/LFP Video. Check out the PG-rated trailer on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6k2kfGyaPg Ask your favorite store to order Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power!

Many of the cast members from Not the Bradys XXX Pussy Power! will be attending the Super Halloween Porn Bash being thrown by Scott David, Jeff Mullen & Danny B Halloween night Saturday, October 31st at Ecco Ultra Lounge 1640 Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood, CA 90028 from 8PM until 3AM. Enter through the porn entrance at 1634 Cahuenga. The first 150 female porn starlets are free


Now available on DVD and Digital Download


Now available on DVD and Digital Download

Tanner Mayes at “Nightmare on Mainstreet” party


This is our first show of the year and we plan on many more! This is a 18 and older event. Tickets are $8 in advance and $13 at the door. You can purchase tickets starting Friday the 25th of September. Contact us at 520-401-1241 or pick them up at Mainstreet. This is a local rappers event. Come down and show your support. We hope to see everyone down there! Drink specials to be announced! Much love, Kush!


Friday, October 30, 2009 7:00 PM – 2:00 AM


Mainstreet Concert and Event Center
8640 E. Broadway Blvd
Tucson, Az 85710

Emily Rigby Shows Tanner Mayes Some Love

Did you read the interview I did with director Emily Rigby last week?  During the interview she talks about having worked with Tanner Mayes which mind you was around the time the other company claims she was all strung out.  So what was Emily Rigby’s experience working with Tanner Mayes?

Tanner Mayes

Photo Source: Cezar Capone

I see that in one of your scenes for My Personal Panties you shot a scene with Tanner Mayes. Tanner Mayes has recently been in the spotlight for her alleged erratic and unstable behavior on set. Did you have any problems like that with her?

Tanner Mayes … how I love that sweet girl… I have worked with her on many different occasions and on many different sets, and I have to say that I have never had a problem with her. She has always had a great attitude and been willing to go above and beyond the call of porno duty.   As Far as the rumors of her alleged erratic acts, that is not the Tanner I know and love.

Emily Rigby Interview – Holy Fuck She is Hot!

I read a story about Emily Rigby a few months ago and the one thing that stuck out in my mind about her was when she said “I’ll try anything twice”. Well fuck, any chick who lives by that philosophy I have to get to know. There are a lot of hot girls in this business, but Emily Rigby isn’t a porn star.  Emily Rigby is a really down and dirty, hardcore director. So I sat down with the lovely Miss Rigby to talk.

Emily Rigby

Is it Miss Rigby? Mrs? Ms? Are you married?

Funny you ask that, I actually got the final judgment on my divorce today! Haha! I am a new believer in not getting married! Its like doing a double anal, cream pie, gangbang… after you’ve done it, you really have nothing else to look forward to! I have always enjoyed toying with both sexes, and am happy to report that I am now dating this really cool chick who is a total pervert, just like me.

As the story goes, you met Cezar Capone while on an infomercial shoot and you showed a drive and ambition that caught his attention so he agreed to take you on his his protege and learn the business from the ground up. Is that correct?

Yes, that’s how the story goes! He gave me a chance to work with him as his secretary for a bit, and it grew into a 5 year long relationship.. When I met him, I gotta tell you, I was a bit terrified of him because when he is in production mode, he is a Nazi Bastard! So I was a bit intimidated at first, but as time passed, and I grew to know him more, I realized that he was a true artist, and that is why he gets so “out of this world” when he is shooting something.

Howard Levine who has long been associated with the Vivid line of movies, and more top quality productions and porn stars than anyone could care to name speaks very highly of you. Howard Levine is a big shot in this industry and for him to speak to highly of you says a lot. What do you think about that, when you hear of people like him lavishing you with praises?

I am thrilled and truly honored to have someone like Howard speak highly of me. I remember reading industry news throughout the years and seeing his name all over the place and thinking “Wow! That creepy looking guy must be a real big shot.” I find myself flattered and a bit astonished as I find that people, like Howard, in the industry actually know who I am and know of my work. When I was in the 7th grade, I was the yearbook photographer for my school, and since then, I have wanted nothing more than to make my teacher, Mr. Smith, proud of my work… so hopefully, somehow I will become known enough for word of my work to get back to him, then I think I will be satisfied.

Looking back on that infamous meeting now with Cezar Capone, did you ever think years later you would be where you are today, a hot young director in the adult business, getting critical acclaim from industry experts and big whigs?

After a few months of working with Cezar Capone, he finally let me come onto set of one of his shoots. That day, I knew that I had to become a director. For the first couple of years, I did nothing but get oversee paperwork, picking up dirty baby-wipes, and digging out sponges from the vaginas of some of the top industry stars, including Club Jenna Contract girls.  Then gradually, Cezar started showing me lighting techniques, camera functions, and a few of his own special tricks. Throughout the learning process, I knew that I would someday be the director I wanted to be. I didn’t know how long it would take me, but I was determined and knew that I would never accept defeat. So yeah, I knew it would happen, I just didn’t know that it would be happening so quickly!

I see that in one of your scenes for My Personal Panties you shot a scene with Tanner Mayes. Tanner Mayes has recently been in the spotlight for her alleged erratic and unstable behavior on set. Did you have any problems like that with her?

Tanner Mayes … how I love that sweet girl… I have worked with her on many different occasions and on many different sets, and I have to say that I have never had a problem with her. She has always had a great attitude and been willing to go above and beyond the call of porno duty.   As Far as the rumors of her alleged erratic acts, that is not the Tanner I know and love.


Rumor has it, the hot chick, with the long sexy legs on the box cover of the My Personal Panties DVD is really you. Any truth to that?

Rumor is true! That is all me, except for the blonde hair covering my cookie (those are extensions lol) … We originally had the box cover designed with a shot of Tanner Mayes on the front… then I spoke to Mr. Levine who told me, “Em, I really just want a shot of a girl with really long legs, taking the panties off…” And wouldn’t you know, Im 5’9, so I’ve definitely got the legs… Cezar took the shot in the middle of our studio, and Ive got to say that was an interesting day, all of our editors got quite the kick out of seeing me half naked.

Your first movie under your own label is set to be released before long. Are you nervous? Excited?  How does it feel?

I am not nervous at all. I am thrilled beyond words! Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that everyone else likes it as much as I do!

What made you come up with that name Emily Rigby?

Emily Rigby is actually my real name. I chose to stick with it, cause I didn’t want some cheesy porno name, and also because I am so proud of my work, that I want my real name all over it!

What is the name of your first movie?

The first movie is titled “Running a train on Katie Kayne”…

How did you come up with the name for your first movie?

I actually came up with the title “Running a Train on Katie Kayne” all on my own. I was driving back home from set, after shooting the entire movie within a 18 hour day, and in my exhausted mind set, came to realize that Kayne rhymes with Train.. and there you have it!

What is your first movie about?

My first movie is centered around Katie Kayne. I really wanted to do something dirty to a brand new girl.. break her in a bit, and she was the perfect candidate. I have pretty sick personal fantay’s, some of which I could never actually do myself, so I choose to do them to other girls. It’s a very satisfying form of self expression for me.

What’s it like being a female director for a hardcore scene? Do you find the work a little more challenging because of your sex? Do you have problems with the male talent and giving you respect?

Respect? I learned from Cezar Capone early on not to take any shit from male talent, female talent, agent or pimps. He warned me it would be an issue only if I let it become one. Yes male talent hit on me on the regular, but I have to say, most of the sexual advances come from the female talent! Lol Our policy at Cezar Capone is we aren’t allowed to “fraternize” with talent or anyone in our industry. I guess giving a guy a blowjob isn’t considered fraternizing, is it? Just kidding. The advice was harsh but true and you know what? Its probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten.

I love directing hardcore scenes. I’ve seen so much porn, that I really like to push the limits. I get off on the filthy stuff, like DP and gang bangs … Often, I will find that my panties are sticking to my crotch, that’s when I know that I am doing something right. I do not find it more challenging at all, being a female director as opposed to a male director.. The male talent love to make me proud and the female talent often tell me that they love working with me because they are so comfortable, so it actually works towards my advantage.

Ever thought about going in front of the camera? I mean let’s be real you are fucking amazing looking.

Well, I have shown a nipple or two in the past, you will find a lot of my antics in the bts of many of the Cezar Capone titles and now in the Emily Rigby titles. I also enjoy keeping my fans informed of any pubic hair changes that take place, by giving them a little flash here and there.


Now that you have your own movies under Emily Rigby Prodictions, will you continue doing scenes for Cezar Capone such as the My Personal Panties, 18 with proof and Bad Girls Get Fucked?

Cezar may allow me to continue shooting for a few of his lines for the time being, but has promised me that I can take those titles to my studio eventually. But I believe he is going to keep “18 with proof” to himself, cause he’s such a perv.

I know that right now you are doing most of your filming in Florida but have you ever given any thought to moving out to LA and start filming there, where most studios are located?

I love Florida, and I don’t think I will ever want to move myself to LA. The vibe her is great, and its much more low key. Its smaller, so everyone knows everyone, and if you are a piece of shit, would spreads quickly, so the majority of the people working in the industry down here are of a higher quality.

What can we expect from Emily Rigby in the future?

I am working on my website right now which will be www.EmilyRigby.com.  As far as filming goes, you can expect to see some dirty shit, straight from the mind of one twisted bitch.  I want to push all the limits, penetrate all the holes that are legally open to me, and then push to get the other ones cleared. Recently, I had a guy pop inside a girls ear, that was first for Emily Rigby and Cezar Capone. I plan to become known as the dirty girl on the block. It shouldn’t take me long at all.


Running a Train on Katie Kayne is now available on DVD

Tanner Mayes Gives Her Side

Rising Star Tanner Mayes Addresses Her Infamous Blowup

(August 18, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA) Tanner Mayes has decided to finally publicly address her side of her now famous “blowup” video that has made the rounds on each and every gossip site.  As always, there are three sides to every story: their side, her side, and the truth.  This is Tanner’s story:
“I met Jim Lane and Dan Leal (Porno Dan) in Florida, about April of 08. They shot me a few times for my regular rate.

It was my boyfriend who asked me to accept their cheap wages in order for him to get more shoots… Devious? He is now out of the industry, I guess, he rarely shoots.
Everyone knows I drink. Everyone knows Immoral Productions has shoots where alcohol is provided. Granted, you don’t have to drink it.

Upon arrival, I asked ‘Am I okay?? Did I miss anything?’ The girls replied with ‘No’. I made a drink as I announced that I have chafing on my legs from wearing short shorts with no underwear in hot weather. There was no reply.( I later read on a blog that I missed the pretty girls and had some funny rash on my thighs. That’s called chafing). I hurried on set, untold what to do (this is my first bukkake ever, not only for female). I, of course, am funny, so I hop on set and just start masturbating and oohing and ahhing with the rest of them, being cute and funny and playing with my pussy. I was close to being the last one to squirt on the girl upon arrival, so next thing you know  I’m laying with my pussy over this chicks face, chafed legs and all, masturbating. From the distance of the camera-man and us, you wouldn’t have been able to notice any chafing, it was on my the inside of my upper thighs, where short shorts belong.
This continued for about 10 seconds before the girl said ‘Wait’… (I don’t know exactly what she said to the photographers, something along the lines of not working with me because of the chafing, she probably thought I had something. The scene was cut because the female talent didn’t want any crisscrossings of our vaginas (i.e., me touch her pussy and then play with mine). That was alright, everyone has the right to a clean working environment, granted she was laying with her back on a wet, muddy, douched warehouse floor.

However, I was upset, surprised, and was embarrassed because she’d mentioned this and/or was offended when we all had tests and it was clearly chafing, including, I mentioned it when I arrived at the filthy warehouse. If she didn’t check my test results it shouldn’t affect a production I’m in. Either the company makes sure everyone sees everyones tests, or you have the right to ask for it. She obviously didn’t care to ask for mine.

I don’t trust editors because in OnlyTeenBlowjobs.com the editor didn’t edit out my tampon string. I was so embarrassed.

Anyway, I told them I really didn’t want to do this anymore, started to leave, because now I think that my fans will assume I have something, and there were more squirt shots to do, so I told him I was done. Considering I already missed ‘pretty-girls’ I figured they’d manage.
Jim Lane was persistent on me staying.’ I’m a doormat and he’s given me a lot of work and alcohol, so I agreed to finish. He offered for our scenes not to be put together, that we wouldn’t be on the same set. I stood by my refusal. After awhile he kept pleading with me to stay. I finally agreed. I was more offended at the girl and Jim Powers.

Not long after, I have the pride of sitting down and awaiting to be squirted with pussy cum, or douche-water, which was really probably just the douche rinsed out and filled with water, because I could still taste it.

Once the scene started, I played with myself, I touched others around me, I said how hot it was that all this pussy juice would be on me, or whatever I said. I wanted it to be a good scene. I always want it to be a good scene.  And so the line went, and I was told prior you had the choice to pee on, really squirt on, or use the douches and fake it…. Most faked it. Then one girl squirted on me, really, and as dirty and filty as the floor already was, he told me to get down even lower, so that my asshole was literally touching the dirty, wet, douche-y warehouse floor, where all the dirty feet have been walking, just so he could get another shot of it. After Jim asked this, I stood up politely and said I really don’t feel  like doing this. Let’s just stop. There was a commotion of ‘Tanner…..Tanner…’ yadda yadda’.

I have a right to a clean work environment and little patience when it comes to my health. That’s why I get pap smears AND AIM Tests.

BTS ‘reverend Sandy)followed me like my dog, Daisy. I’m sure I used fowl language, like, ‘quit fucking following me!’ If you saw what the guy filming looks like, you’d know why, aside from the fact I was ticked at Jim, the female talent, and the New Sensations shoot the day before. Reverend Sandy tried to make me sound mental by claiming I kept talking about walking off New Sensations set that day when it was the day prior.  I said it once only because I messed it up after the drinks they served us on set, BTS. What surprises me is what BTS DOESN’T catch.
Anyway,  BTS caught me standing up for myself and their disrespect towards me for over a year, and I snapped. I’ve been cheated out of a lot of money from them, at my own fault, it escalated, and now I’m a methwhore? I’ve done nothing but favors for them. Free blowjobs and fuck scenes for Tanner Tuesdays (fuck-a-fan), signed for them at Erotica LA for free, free blowjobs usually every encounter with Porno Dan because  they’re almost forced. Then they edit it to make it seem like it’s not their fault my speech was blurred. Stop buying vodka for minors. Especially college students who enjoy drinking and fucking.

About my phone, while this was all going on, I was in the bathroom peeing and texting, I dropped my phone in the toilet. It’s a 400 phone, the G1. I always lose phones. Follow me on Twitter @TurkeyMayonaise for the previous lost 3.

I came out of the bathroom like, OMG! My phone fell in the toilet. I hear ‘I’ll fix it, just go jump in the scene’.

That’s how that came in.

Johnny Thrust claims that’s his office  but wouldn’t give me any of the footage  from me yelling at the camera guy to get out of my ass. So who’s company was it? I got an envelope from ‘Multimedia’ for a $200 check that I’d rather piss on than deposit into my bank account. I treat my dogs better than they treat female talent.

I’ll be working with Jeff Mullen for Not the Brady’s XXX #3 tomorrow. I’ll bet that $200 check that All Media Play, nor any of their producers or directors even ASK me things that JM Productions/Immoral Productions has made me feel obligated to do.”

Tanner Mayes can be booked for photo and video via Adult Talent Managers (818) 825-1239 and can be reached on MySpace at myspace.com/tannermays and on Twitter at twitter.com/TurkeyMayonaise.  For press inquiries, contact rockstarprm@me.com.


The Porn Star vs The Pornographer

Recently Darrah Ford and Cindi over at Luke is Back have been posting stories and videos about how the young Tanner Mayes has gone “crazy” while on the set of a movie and then another story came out that maybe Tanner Mayes wasn’t crazy, that maybe it was the scum bags she was working for making her look bad and just as this goes back and forth Scott Fayner’s blog posts another story, completely unrelated to the Tanner Mayes story but about the same guys.   In this story they hired Charley Chase to do 1 scene for $X and then when she did the scene, freaked out when she wouldn’t do the scenes for that same price.   Her exact words ….

Charley Chase

from Scott Fayner’s blog – I tell the guy, NO, my job is done….. I have done what I am being payed to do. He tells me that he meant for us to do three of the scenes we just did. The rate he gave me was perfect for the scene that I did, but for it to count for three scenes under those circumstances  is just ridiculous. He continued to yell at me and talk to me like I am a retard, when he is the one who has lost his mind! I told him he needed to change my paperwork for taxes purposes and he said no! I asked him to print me out copies of the paper work and he tells me that his printer is out of ink. So I told him to fax a copy to my agents office by the close of the day and he didn’t!  This guy really is a scum bag and I don’t see how he is able to get by in this industry for so long…. Fuck him and he can go to hell!

In the full post she not only points out they are doing some shady shit with their books, she also says she was witness to them providing minors with alcohol.  This can have very serious implications.  I realize that there are two sides to every story but it seems that every time I turn around I hear another porn star having issues with some scum bag dude on set.  What the fuck is going on?

Has Tanner Mayes Gone Crazy?

I was reading a story over at Luke is Back about young porn starlet Tanner Mayes. The person writing the story starts off negative saying that a young, 20 year old Mayes has “already started to lose her looks” so you immediately know he has a personal interest in making her look bad.

Basically the story goes on about how this girl is a crazed nut job and comes on the set with a really nasty open sore on her inner thigh. My first thought about that is, then why in the fuck would you let her continue to perform with the other girls, putting them at risk? What kind of sick fuck are you for letting this shit get past that in the first place?

Next the guy rambles on about her being crazy and making weird random outbursts. Then he says something else rather interesting and quite insightful “The only reason I can think of why she did this is that – the other girl is very pretty – Tanner felt threatened by her as a result of insecurity and immaturity.”   It was clear at this point, the person writing this post was really into Tanner Mayes and she probably turned him down or dumbed his ass and like most people hurt, they lash out.

So the rest of the story goes on about Tanner Mayes being a full blown nut job and how she walked off a New Sensations set and how she supposedly said some shit about Wicked Pictures.

So is there any truth at all to this story?  I don’t know.  Maybe some.  But here is an image I found of Tanner Mayes.  Tell me how crazy you would be if this is what you did day in and day out and then you had crazy fucking stalker dudes like  writing stories about you on all the blogs?  I mean fuck, the guy has not only posted his story at LIB but also at Adult GFY and who the fuck knows how many other places.  I’m sorry but I’m calling bullshit on his little story that he is pimping around all over the place.