Problems on the set of a Hustler movie

I got an interesting little email today from one of the female performers hired recently for making a movie for Hustler.  I thought Hustler said they were not going to make movies anymore?  Anyway here is the email I got.  Don’t know how much of it is true, but girls, you may want to think twice before accepting a gig for Hustler if it is.

A couple weeks ago I was talent on a Hustler set, and I was sooooo happy because its always been a dream to be a Hustler girl. Well, OMG I was so appalled at the way we were treated. We were shooting some Internet scenes for Ric Davis at there studio, and it’s already kinda embarrassing because there’s a bunch of office people walking around and shit, and then these guys who look n act like total gangbangers from the warehouse ask us to sign a bunch of DVD’s (LOL which I’m sure they sell on eBay for lots of $$$ behind the companys back). Then the shower is all wide open and there’s like no privacy. I mean, I get paid to have sex, I get it, but is it too much to ask to take a shower in private after my scene??? Then, like, we’re already running super late and the director is trying to work and this Hustler “executive” Jennifer some white trash chick covered in jail tats keeps throwing her weight around like she’s tight with Larry Flint’s wife (LOL yea right), and wasting everybody’s time, all while (check this out) she’s cutting the receptionist’s hair LOL (while nobody’s covering for her at the reception so my driver comes to get me and can’t get in and he’s sitting outside in 100 degree weather). And her lez “wife” is hanging on set and she doesn’t even work for the company and they’re being so fucking annoying….just so disappointing to see a company like Hustler represented by trashy unprofessional people. Guess the recession has bit them in the ass and they gotta hire ex-cons.

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