Emily Rigby Shows Tanner Mayes Some Love

Did you read the interview I did with director Emily Rigby last week?  During the interview she talks about having worked with Tanner Mayes which mind you was around the time the other company claims she was all strung out.  So what was Emily Rigby’s experience working with Tanner Mayes?

Tanner Mayes

Photo Source: Cezar Capone

I see that in one of your scenes for My Personal Panties you shot a scene with Tanner Mayes. Tanner Mayes has recently been in the spotlight for her alleged erratic and unstable behavior on set. Did you have any problems like that with her?

Tanner Mayes … how I love that sweet girl… I have worked with her on many different occasions and on many different sets, and I have to say that I have never had a problem with her. She has always had a great attitude and been willing to go above and beyond the call of porno duty.   As Far as the rumors of her alleged erratic acts, that is not the Tanner I know and love.

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  1. Tanner rocks… I love crazy porn whores…. I just want her to start getting that hot little ass cracked.

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