Vivid puts the FUCK back into Fuck Films

A story ran in the NY times yesterday about how the industry has changed. And truth is, it really has changed, not to be distracted from this story but these two stories relate. I noticed in last months issue of AVN online that Hot Movies had this story that really stuck in my mind, because it had such a negative and desperate tone to it. Instead of telling how great they are, they instead attack their competitors. It just makes you wonder how desperate one has to be to attack each other like that, so openly. Are they hurting THAT bad? Are secretly things so bad for them that instead of telling the world how great they are, they have to instead sling mud at other companies? I couldn’t believe it when I read that they had to “beg” for companies to do business with them. As an affiliate, I sure as fuck would have to think twice about doing business with them.  Talk about signs of disaster looming.  I’ve seen to many Internet business go out of business to trust just anyone anymore with my fucking money.

But you know, this kind of thing is really just a sign of the times. It is the state of our industry and the economy as a whole. You hear about even the biggest of companies bouncing checks. I don’t want to mention any names but when I heard one of the biggest studios in the industry (no not Vivid but yes as big as them) bounced several webmaster checks, on more than one occasion, it really had me worried. And now this story about Hot Movies comes out, just makes me wonder what the future is going to be like for our industry. You REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need to think twice about who you do business with because if you are sending all your hard earned traffic to some VOD company that goes belly up, that means you won’t be getting paid and then you can’t pay your bills. Their inability to pay their bills, in every way shape and form could have a huge impact on your life.

Which brings me back to my story in the NY times yesterday. In this story it basically covers how times have changed. It tells us that DVD sales are out and that consumers now want to view their content online and instead of movies with stories they just want short, to the point themed clips without a story line. Like blondes with big tits or girls who like to have anal sex while wearing socks.  Vivid who has for years focused on just the feature films with stories has now started to have to consider a new strategy and now they are going to focus on more fuck me, fuck me hard type movies. So basically they are going to focus less on Vivid “features” it seems and more on the Vivid RAW type movies they used to do. Sounds interesting.

Savanna Samson New York

In lieu of plot, there are themes. Among the new releases from New Sensations, a studio that makes 24 movies a month, is “Girls ’n Glasses,” made up of scenes of women having sex while wearing glasses.

“It’s almost like we’re back to the late ’70s or early ’80s when the average movie was eight minutes and just a sex scene,” Mr. Hirsch said, sounding wistful.

Some in the industry would prefer their sex with a little more character development.

Ms. Samson, for example, said she took her acting seriously and used to prepare studiously for her roles, like the character she played in the 2006 movie “Flasher.”

She said she played a psychotic who, because of the way her mother treated her, “had an obsession with flashing and doing things in public.”

“I used to have dialogue,” said Ms. Samson, whose given name is Natalie Oliveros, and who is one of the industry’s biggest stars.

“Getting it on in one hardcore scene after another just isn’t as much fun,” she added.

5 thoughts on “Vivid puts the FUCK back into Fuck Films

  1. Honestly I have been watching porn ever since I was a young teenager and even then I was never interested in the plot, sometimes there were some funny moments (john morgan had me laughing sometimes in his scenes) but other than that I was only interested in the hardcore fucking and the same is true today, I’d rather get my moneys worth with straight fucking scenes instead of having too many minutes of the film wasted on pointless dialogue when all us perverts know how the scene is going to end, this is why I never understood why porn stars would appear in non hardcore scenes, it just makes no sense, I want to see them fuck, plain and simple, I don’t care about their serious acting skills or their personal lives, no offense Savanna but I don’t care how much you prepare for your “role” in a hardcore film, as long as you can suck a mean cock that’s all that matters to me, the only real care I have for these men and women is that they are “healthy” when fucking, I hate to see porn stars who are drugged out years later aka Chasey Lain, that is a sad state to see them in. So before I start going off on a wild tangent I will end by saying, “Enough Talk” just fuck 😉

  2. You are right. That’s why the genre of Gonzo went so crazy with the sales. I think it was Briana Banks who said it, men don’t care if porn stars can talk they just want to see you fuck!

  3. Dude did you not read the story your company did last month in the AVN online magazine? You probably should read that in detail before coming here to talk shit to me man.

    And I didn’t slander shit. I just said after reading your own words I wouldn’t personally want to do business with you. The story made you sound desperate and shady and I personally can chose not to want to do business with a company that makes me feel that way about them if I chose to. Maybe if you didn’t say the stuff you did, I wouldn’t feel that way about your company. So before you come getting up my ass you need to look at yourself.

  4. borderline libel


    I think the point was you libeled yourself you dumb fuckers

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