Dumb ass of the day award goes to Nerd Pass

So I get a lot of really stupid ass emails.  No seriously, I do.  I got some stupid shit today about voting in something called the Ed Awards, just after I posted about being annoyed by all the rash of “vote for me” fucking fake ass awards.  I mean for fuck sakes, at least Twistys gave the girls huge cash and pink fucking Rolex.  Now THAT is an award worth fighting for votes over.  Not some fake ass title at some made up awards.  Anyway back to my fucking point, I get a bunch of dumb ass emails all the time.  Mostly I just delete them but sometimes I write the people back and taunt them for being so fucking stupid.  Today however we reach a new pinnacle of stupidity.

There is a company, who I heard of in the past on the Go Fuck Yourself boards, and not in a positive light mind you.  Apparently they were going around talking shit about Bang Bros or something.  Fuck I don’t know but apparently the guys who run their operation aren’t really well liked over at GFY because all the posts I found on them were pretty negative.

Now with such a shitty reputation, you would think these guys would go out of their way not to cause more legal trouble for themselves, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. They recently got a legal notice for unauthorized and illegal display of someone else’s trademark.

Instead of dealing with the situation at hand, in a professional manner these jokers copy the letter, take a picture of what they did wrong and send it out around the world in the form of a press release, as if they could somehow bolster sales for their movie by stirring up some sort of fake ass drama.

What they did was wrong, but even worse, when they got caught, instead of owning up to their mistakes like a man, they instead acted immaturely and unprofessionally by bragging about their potential looming lawsuit. Of course legal troubles seem to be nothing new to these guys since they just today were involved in depositions for some other shit they pulled.

These NerdPass fuckers seem to have some sort of web deal with Cezar Capone, but his stuff is much better. Although their products are similar, in that they are all reality type porn, Cezar Capone’s is a class by itself. These guys aren’t even in the same realm. Not sure what kind of website deal Cezar Capone has with these jokers but let us hope he quickly finds his way out of it.

So ya, dumb ass of the day award totally goes to the dumb fuckers over there at Nerd Pass. They seriously need to be smacked up side the fucking head with my dick.

Nerdpass busted by Sunbelt Rentals over SeeMeInPublic.com. Miami based porn company NerdPass.com owned by famous from another controversial project: Bang Bus (currently vivalabus.com) D Sanchez, got busted by Sunbelt Rentals for featuring their rental equipment on amateur series “See Me In Public”. Ours later pictures featuring porn stud “JT” banging a dark hair beauty somewhere at public Miami streets dissapeared from seemeinpublic.com. JT reached for comment said only “yeah, it was a crazy day!”



13 thoughts on “Dumb ass of the day award goes to Nerd Pass

  1. I don’t think they did anything wrong. They took the episode down, and now they are trying to milk the situation. When life hands you lemons….. The depositions you mentioned sound a lot more interesting. What’s the story with that? If they are such dumb asses, why haven’t they exploited that story? BTW, I noticed that you write a lot about Cezar’s interests. Is that you praise his work so much?

  2. That’s what makes them dumb asses though. You don’t entice more legal action by bragging about current pending legal action. Not only did they do that, but they also provided the world proof of what they did wrong, via the photo they sent out. They all but flipped the middle finger to the other sides lawyer. I can promise you their lawyer is all over this and for the sole reason of the public insult, associating that company even more with porn.

  3. So what’s up with the story on the depositions, and how do you know about it? I searched all over web and couldn’t find anything.

  4. Apparently you didn’t search all to hard because you would have found several references to legal action again these guys on one message board alone.

  5. Come on, man. You said that nerdpass was in depositions yesterday. If you were referring to the thread on GFY in your reply above, it doesn’t say anything about yesterday. If you really have the inside scoop, how about you dish it out?

  6. who cares about the lawsuit, all I want to know is who is the hottie getting fucked on a trailer 🙂

  7. Why does this guy Ryan have such a hard on for Nerd? Good guys over at Nerd and I hope they continue what they are doing. All of his posts on Nerd are negative. Don’t make me choke the fuck out of you for giving these guys a hard time.

  8. Don’t make me laugh at you for trying to pretend you are a real person and not from Nerd Pass. Dumb ass. Do you really think people are so stupid they can’t see through this? No wonder people make fun of your dumb asses.

  9. I assure you I am not from nerdpass. I work in finance, but I do know several of the people there. I assure you that I will still choke you out and piss on you. You are a gossipy little bitch and need an ass whooping. I will ask the guys at Nerd who you are and where I can find you. I will also assure you one thing… you will not be the tough guy you think you are.

  10. is slickvic the guy ugly who just got put in jail that works for nerdpass? If So I would worry about him coming and beating your ass. Once he’s out of jail ofcourse… lol

  11. Ya not real worried about anyone who names their company “nerd” anything, or sends out press releases proud of people suing them, or anyone who makes up fake names to reply to their own posts or anyone who makes real life threats over the Internet. If someone has to revert to cyberstalking to try and make their point then what kind of person are they really?

  12. culogrande, If I were in prison I do not believe access to the internet would be one one of the benefits they allow.. I assume, you would probably know better.
    See you guys in January at the awards show.. I will be sure to introduce myself to you!!

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