AVN Gossip

Got an interesting email today about some AVN gossip that I thought you guys might want to hear about.  Who knows if any or all of it is true but if it is, does put quite an interesting slant on the future of the AVN awards.  Here is the anonymous email I got today ….

The folks over at AVN are getting a bit sloppy with keeping their mouths shut and papers put away, so here you go. An ex-employee (to remain nameless) just informed me that the industries, once mega-machine, will soon announce plans to roll out a series of advertisements designed to promote their new digital product offerings. As part of this new, multi-million dollar consumer rollout plan, these ads will be just the beginning of a global consumer outreach program designed to consolidate and deliver, what they call “a new kind” of relevant adult content. Ads will run in hi-profile consumer magazines as well as on network television. More importantly, it sounds as if now AVN will be in direct competition with those companies that have supported them for all these years. This new business plan is being spearheaded and personally funded by AVN’s CEO, Darren Roberts. Roberts also has recently bought out his two partners, Fishbein and Franks (still not yet announced). And if the U.S. isn’t enough, Roberts has already struck partnership deals in Asia, Europe, Australia, and South America. They had originally planned to announce this this strategy sometime this summer. Oh and I think that this may be the new logo that they will be using….not sure


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