Janine is now free but not really

I was going to put up one of those little countdown clocks to mark the days until Janine Lindemulder was released from the pokey but fuck if I never got around to it and now she is free.  Well really not so much “free” but she is out of prison and on her way to I guess life in a half way house for the next few months. In honor of Janine’s release from prison today I have found a great video clip of her doing a naughty little dance for you.   Maybe soon enough those secret Vivid scenes she did sometime last year before will be released soon.  You know to this day we still don’t know what the big secret is about this.  I mean sure we all guessed it’s her doing Vaniity that tranny chick but Vivid would neither confirm nor deny the rumor.  Hopefully Vivid will release the footage soon so we can finally find out.

Janine Lindemulder

Oh and for the record, the site these videos promote is the *ONLY* official site of Janine Lindemulder.  The other one (real Janine or some shit like that) claims to be her official site but it’s not.  Janine MIGHT have had something to do with it some odd 10 years ago but I assure you, she’s not involved in any way shape or form with it, nor do they give her any money from it.  It was some deal she made with Jenna Jameson years ago and when Jenna Jameson sold Club Jenna to Playboy, Janine and Briana Banks were two, among a handful of girls that got screwed in the process.  Anyway, I don’t know all the details, just that Janine has nothing to do with that site, despite the fact that they have been claiming it as her “official” site for many years.  Janine has only one real OFFICIAL site and that is Free Janine.

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