Morgan Dayne signs with Digital Playground and has a new name

Cezar Capone’s first ever contract girl Morgan Dayne recently signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground and changed her name to Rio Valentine.  Digital Playground has yet to release the news about this but we expect the announcement to come early need week.

Morgan Dayne who is now going by the name Rio Valentine also relaunched a new MySpace page and is working on a new official website.  When asked why Morgan Dayne changed her name we found that apparently she had to because Cezar Capone owns the name Morgan Dayne and she would have to sue to claim rights to it.  Although there is a lot of precedence now of porn stars suing to get the rights to their name back, such as the case with Tera Patrick and Kira Kener, Morgan Dayne seems to just wants to move on with her life.  Or should I say Rio Valentine.   Where did she come up with the name Rio of all things?  It seems it comes from the Duran Duran song of the same name.

Rio Valentine

As far as learning her lesson when it comes to her name, apparently Morgan Dayne didn’t learn to much because a quick search of WHOIS shows that and is owned by Digital Playground.


Morgan Dayne’s newest movie for Cezar Capone was Johnny Loves Morgan and was quite a hit with the fans.  While with Digital Playground Morgan Dayne who is now Rio Valentine will stray away from the amateur / gonzo genre that has made her a fan favorite and will now work on more feature plot driven films that Digital Playground is known for.  The good news is these films typically have a larger budget and higher production values.

Morgan Dayne is rumored to have gotten engaged on March 10, 2009 to her long time boyfriend who has been away in the military, I think fighting in Iraq. On his MySpace page it says “~~Our Love was Tested.. AND WE PASSED!~” along side a picture of the two of them and a status update that reads “~~Our Love was Tested.. AND WE PASSED!~ Proudly Engaged.. March 10th 2009 I Cant Wait to Spend the rest of my life WITH HIM!!!”

6 thoughts on “Morgan Dayne signs with Digital Playground and has a new name

  1. Digital Playground is not Vivid and you said she was talking. Also this deal didn’t go down until late February / early March so it has nothing to do with anything that may or may not have taken place in Vegas and everything to do with her boyfriend, now her fiancée coming home.

  2. You know first hand she was discussing a deal with them? Because I have sources that says she AND Cezar Capone were talking to them about a join movie deal.

  3. But hey if I’m wrong then why didn’t you break the story about Morgan Dayne and her new identity? If you know she was talking a couple of hours discussing a possible deal then why not report on it in more detail? I mean coming out after the fact and say you knew everything about this deal just makes you look like a dumb ass. Truth is, I don’t even know all the details. I have heard 37 different versions of the stories from now 6 different people but you seem to know so much so why don’t you enlighten us about their hours of conversation and their possible deal.

  4. OK… First off if your going to write about me TALK To me first if your that CONFUSED!. And Ryan YOu have heard from 6 People But not me. so reevaluate your sources. ill Clearify everything for the Damn media who cant get there facts straight. I was Talking With Digital Playground AT AVN IN VeGas That last signing Day of the convention.And Maybe Cezar talked with Digital But Cezar and I DID NOT. Also Im Going out to La In June To Work for Digital, a Contract is in discussion But i HAVE NOT signed anything, and it also DIDNT SAY I SIGNED WITH THEM on my myspace.Cezar and I Are no longer working together and havent worked together for a few Months.

    Now that all the DRAMA is OVER… Much Love Rio Valentine

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