Is Eva Angelina finally back?

After the birth of her child, die hard fans have waited patiently for Eva Angelina to return to work and start making some new movies.  Although her official LA Direct Models page still says “returning soon” but just yesterday on Twitter she was talking about setting up content shoots for her official website probably with James Deen and Teagan Presley.  This is no doubt going to be great news for her fans who can’t wait to see her return to full time work in the jizz biz.

Eva Angelina

So this week Eva Angelina is the porn star of the week

You can click on the photo of her for some sexy free pics of her.

Oh by the way, despite what you may see or hear in other places, her only “official” website is Any other site claiming to be her official site is not telling the truth, nor does she have anything to do with any other site other than her site which is again

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