Nikki Jayne signs with Rising Star PR

If you read the 400 zillion press releases about it today then you probably already know that Vivid girl Nikki Jayne inked a deal with a new PR firm called Rising Star PR which is a joint venture between Devan Cypher and Acme Andersson, both of which have had long standing ties to the adult industry.  Their main goal is “cost effective talent management“.

Nikki Jayne

Whether a girl is has been in the industry six minutes or six years, we have a reasonable plan to get them the attention they need to help boost their career during these tough times,” explained publicist, journalist and award-winning director Cypher.   “With piracy up and the worst economy in my lifetime, people are in desperate need of relief,” Cypher continued. “Now more than ever girls need to stand out if they are going to get noticed and survive in this industry.

Truth is the girls are suffering right now.  I heard just this week two different girls discussing their dire financial situation.  One girl told her twitter followers just yesterday that she has barely enough money to make it two more months and a few hours later it was revealed that really she doesn’t even have enough to make it that long because she can’t afford to pay the photographer who had been shooting content for her official website.  Prices to shoot scenes for girls who aren’t big named has dropped dramatically.  In some cases by even half of what they were just two years ago.  So maybe this new company will be a good thing for the girls.  Maybe it will help them better market themselves.  Guess for now all we can do is watch and see.

Here is the XBIZ version of the Nikki Jayne story, which is essentially the same version as the other 237 sites.

Public relations agency Rising Star PR has added Miss XBIZ Summer 2008 Nikki Jayne to its growing list of clients.

“We are thrilled to be involved with a star of her caliber,” Rising Star founder Devan Cypher said. “Clearly her career is only going to continue to explode. We appreciate her trust in our abilities and expect amazing things in the coming months and years.”

Since its relaunch by Cypher and industry veteran Acme Andersson last week, Rising Star has already signed Lisa Ann and Kayden Kross as clients.

“I met Nikki when she first came to the U.S., and we really hit it off,” Andersson said. “When we decided to restart the company last week, Nikki was on the shortlist of clients we hoped to represent. She is gorgeous, a fantastic performer and carries herself with tremendous class.”

2 thoughts on “Nikki Jayne signs with Rising Star PR

  1. Is that PR firm working on percentage?I guess they don’t work for peanuts.My thought always been that when a girl is smart(not a lazy ass) and not “SUPER” busy,she doesn’t need an agent nor a PR firm.She can do all this herself.

  2. In todays market place I think any girl that is worth marketing or has long term goals needs a PR company. Really it comes down to long range goals and marketability. I would say there are few girls that this really applies to. Really it mostly depends on cross over ability.

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